Hi, I’m Kristi and I’d like to welcome you to Chatfield Court!  I began this blog as a DIY journal to document the projects and decorating my husband and I will do on our newly purchased 1950’s ranch. This is our home (which was a foreclosure) on the day we moved in and, while we’ve got our work cut out for us, we are excited to start this new chapter.

About Me | chatfieldcourt.com

Our little brick ranch on closing day.

Taking a small brick 1956 ranch from dowdy to spectacular. | chatfieldcourt.com

After 2 years and a lot of hard work!

My Passion

I have always loved getting lost in a DIY project and painting and decorating a room to give it a new look. Along with my husband, we will build, paint, repair and decorate our way to a home that we both can love, doing all the work ourselves, without spending a lot of money. We have done everything from putting a metal roof on our house in Florida, to building and installing a complete bedroom set in our townhouse in Pennsylvania, and installing hardwood flooring in our dream house in Georgia. There’s no job that we aren’t willing to try to tackle ourselves.

DIY platform bed with tons of storage and wheels | chatfieldcourt.com

our DIY platform bed

 DIY nightstand makeover using paint sticks | chatfieldcourt.com

My Family

I am a mother to two daughters, the wife of a “Jack of all trades” and the owner of an energetic Peekapoo named Finn. My oldest daughter lives in Denver and my youngest is living in San Francisco. We have lived in 5 different states and in 9 different homes during our marriage, so I have a lot of experience in renovating and decorating my home on a budget.  In 2010, after my youngest moved away to college, I began reading home decor blogs and became instantly hooked.  After we moved to Illinois, I felt inspired to start one of my own, documenting our first home together as an empty nest couple.

About Me | chatfieldcourt.comMy husband and I approach diy, home improvement and even painting a room differently so it’s always interesting to see who will win how our projects will actually turn out. I hope you’ll come back often to see our progress and what we’re working on.

Living room gallery wall | chatfieldcourt.comThanks so much for stopping by.