I’m not sure if I’m more excited about spending less than $50 for our hallway redo or the fact that I’ve completed the first space in our new house, but it’s definitely a happy day here. I didn’t think I would be able to do anything until my feet were completely healed but this little hallway redo was easy and it was enough of a change that it satisfied my need to redo a room…for the moment anyway. Throw in the fact that it didn’t break the bank and you have the perfect project (and one happy hubs, because he’s always thrilled when a project doesn’t cost a lot).

A small hallway redo using gray paint, some farmhouse decor and lots of family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

Here is where we started…

This is looking toward the master bedroom, with the bathroom on the right and the living room and dining room to the left. Most of the house was painted with SW Navajo White and it looks yellow in almost every room, which isn’t bad but it’s really not my style.

new house reveal 12

Looking from the master to the guest bedroom.

new house reveal 2There were a couple of huge holes in the walls from a smoke detector that was mounted in the middle of the wall (who does that?) and an old alarm system that didn’t work, so they were removed and the walls were patched. We, and when I say “we” I mean me, also wanted to change the vintage ceiling light for something bigger that would light up this dim space.

The ceiling and trim were painted by the previous owners right before they put the house on the market in May, so I didn’t need to touch them. Once the walls were prepped, it was time for the good stuff…paint. I stuck with a light gray for this space and chose Benjamin Moore Horizon, a beautiful gray/blue. It was my first time using this color and I love how it turned out.

Looking toward the master.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, a bit of farmhouse decor and family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

I hung family photos in the hallway in our last house in Illinois and knew that I would probably do it here as well. This is really the only space in the house where I can put all of my favorites together. It’s my happy space filled with great memories of our girls.

Looking from the master to the very messy guest bedroom.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, some farmhouse decor and family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

We removed the old light and put up the brass fixture that I had in my entryway in our last house. It was a great find from ReStore and I snagged it for $20. I’m adding some brass touches to the bathroom so I thought that repeating it in the hallway would tie the two spaces together.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, some farmhouse decor and lots of family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

I was slightly nervous about hanging so much in this small space but I really love it.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, a bit of farmhouse decor and some family photos. chatfieldcourt.comI switched some of the photos and frames around but everything I used I already had. The only purchase was the paint, and I have half of it left to do another space.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, a bit of farmhouse decor and lots of family photos. chatfieldcourt.comJust finishing this space, and having family photos out so that we can see them every day, has really made our new house feel like home. I’m excited to start the next project.

What’s new with you? Have you finished any projects lately?


Looking for hallway decorating ideas and inspiration? Check out this post.

small hallway decorating ideas 2

Small Hallway Decorating Ideas



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Before I share all of the kitchen remodel details, I want to take a moment to thank you for all of the sweet comments and emails from the reveal. I’ve always known that I had the best readers and you all proved it again and again during this whole process, by sharing words of encouragement and cheering us on when we felt like we would never get done. I am truly grateful.

Turning a small, dark galley kitchen into a light, bright space. Get all of the kitchen remodel details from paint colors to tile and countertops.| chatfieldcourt.com

This is a long one so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. If you make it through to the end you’ll find all of my sources and projects with links, along with an announcement.

Small kitchen remodel details with sources with after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

I shared the reveal a few days ago and only showed a few before shots and a lot of afters, so today I wanted to give you a quick summary of the projects that we did and try to answer some of the questions I’ve gotten.

Small kitchen remodel details and sources with after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

When we started the remodel on our small galley kitchen in January 2015, we had 3 main goals we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to lighten up the space, add more storage and do it all on a budget. Our plan was to complete everything in 6 months but…yeah, that didn’t happen.

Small kitchen remodel details and before photos | chatfieldcourt.com

The project that started it all off was the removal of the two soffits. A messy and dirty job but it really opened the space up.

Kitchen remodel details about soffit removal | chatfieldcourt.com

After we patched the ceiling and walls, we installed a plank ceiling. A couple of coats of paint later and our first big project was complete. Wow, talk about changing a room. I love it!

Kitchen remodel details and adding a diy plank ceiling | chatfieldcourt.com

The next project to get tackled was the custom cabinet we built around the refrigerator. It added a ton of extra storage and toned down the look of the fridge (if that’s even possible when you have a large gray box in a small room).

Kitchen remodel details and adding a custom cabinet around a refrigertor | chatfieldcourt.com

Once the fridge was done we worked on the DIY range hood. I wanted to change the small stainless steel one that was there, so we took it apart and used the insides to make our own custom hood. I think the one that we built is a much better fit in our new kitchen.

Kitchen remodel details and adding a custom range hood before and after | chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a custom range hood| chatfieldcourt.com

The other side of the kitchen got some attention when we raised the window sill and built a custom cabinet that would give us more countertop space and more storage, which is what we needed most in here.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding more storage with a custom cabinet| chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding more storage and counterspace| chatfieldcourt.comI had a few items on my “wish” list for the kitchen and built-in garbage/recycle bins was at the top. Now they are hidden away and I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding more storage | chatfieldcourt.comWhile all of the cabinet building was going on, I was working on the one thing that made the biggest difference in this small space, painting all of the kitchen cabinets. If you’ve ever done this then you know that it’s a monumental task. I will admit that, because of my back injury, it took me almost a year to finish, but I did it.

kitchen reno painted cabinets

The kitchen sink was the next project. We had a double stainless steel sink before and I wanted a change so we went with the DOMSJ√Ė from IKEA. It’s just a single bowl but it’s nice and big to work in and I love it!

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a farmhouse sink and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Once the sink was installed and all of the cabinets were built, it was time to choose tile and countertops. I always knew that we would have a subway backsplash but choosing the countertops was a more difficult decision. We finally decided on granite and began the most difficult project of the whole remodel, cutting and installing the granite. We were on a budget with this whole remodel so we chose to do it all on our own, a job we’ve never done before…ever. It took us two weekends to finish and it was nerve-wracking until the end. All we kept thinking about was all the money that would be wasted if we cut wrong or cracked it while working on it. Thankfully it all worked out and we got beautiful countertops on a budget.

Kitchen remodel details and info on granite countertops and photos | chatfieldcourt.comThe subway tile backsplash with gray grout was next and, once it was all done, we knew that the end was in sight.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a subway tile backsplash | chatfieldcourt.com

One thing that we did that really opened the space was to remove a cabinet between the two windows on the sink wall. We added a barn wood shelf, for a little texture and to break up the white, subway tiled wall, and I think it may be my favorite thing in the kitchen.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a barn wood shelf and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Because this is a small space there are only 2 walls that we can paint to add a little bit of color. After much debate, and a lot of swatches, I went with the same color I used in the adjoining living/dining area, BM Gray Owl at 50% strength. I also painted the back door a pretty dark gray, BM Wrought Iron. There’s a little gray in the countertops that I loved and the wall and door colors really bring it out.

Kitchen remodel details and info on paint colors and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

We still had a couple of big projects to finish though and one of them was lighting. The only working light in the room before the remodel was a center ceiling light. It took me 3 tries to find the perfect one  but, in the end, I found a beautiful pendant light.

Kitchen remodel details and info on lighting and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

One pendant light was not enough for this space so we added recessed lighting. This project was the one that the hubs dreaded most, and kept putting off, but they really look great and made a huge difference, especially when we’re working in the kitchen at night.

Kitchen remodel details and after details on recessed lighting and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

The final project was to add new cabinet doors to the custom cabinet we built on the sink side of the kitchen. Months ago we were lucky enough to find 2 similar cabinet doors, at the right size at a local ReStore, but we needed 3 more. We discussed making them but, by the time we bought the correct tools and wood to make them, we could order 3 already made and ready to paint. So we went the least expensive route and ordered them. Once they arrived I did a quick sanding, a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint and they were ready to hang.

Kitchen remodel details and after details and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

After 418 days and a ton of projects, our remodel is complete and I truly love it all!

One more before and after, because this post isn’t long enough already. ūüėČ

Kitchen remodel details and before and after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Small kitchen remodel details and reveal photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Small kitchen remodel details and before and after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen remodel details and reveal photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Phew, that took almost as long as the remodel did (almost). Thanks for sticking with me through this long post and the last 418 days of our remodel. If you have any questions about anything we did, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Now go take a nap, you earned it. ūüėČ

Projects (with links to the posts)


  • ceiling paint – BM White Dove, pearl finish
  • cabinet paint – BM White Dove Advance, satin finish
  • wall paint – BM Gray Owl, 50% strength
  • back door paint – BM Wrought Iron
  • pendant light – West Elm; love this one too! (affiliate link)*
  • recessed lights – Lowes
  • subway tile – Floor & Decor
  • granite countertops – Floor & Decor
  • kitchen sink – IKEA DOMSJ√Ė
  • cabinet hardware – Pottery Barn; similar (affiliate link)*
  • chalkboard w/ calendar – a DIY project by me
  • Mason jar lamp – a DIY project by me
  • wall brackets for shelf – Signature Hardware
  • barn wood for shelf – local flea market
  • cutting boards on shelf – HomeGoods

In case you missed it, here is the reveal…

kitchen reveal pinterest 2

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Two days after we finished the remodel we put the house on the market and sold it to move to  North Carolina (totally unexpected). You can see our new house, with a video tour, here.

new house reveal 18

New House Reveal (with a video)


*You can find my disclosure here.


Yes, yes we still have projects to do in the kitchen but a girl’s gotta have some fun once in a while…right? Well, I wouldn’t say that doing a front door refresh is a fun time but I do enjoy painting and the door was in need of a little love, so I grabbed my supplies and had a little painting party over the weekend.

front door refreshI know that I just showed you the same paint on the¬†back door but I’ve been on a painting frenzy lately¬†(wait until you see what else I painted…again), and the front door has a different painting technique from the back, so you’re getting two for the price of one. Actually, you’re getting this for free so you’re welcome. ūüėČ

front door refreshOk, on to the front door refresh.

I painted both the outside and the inside of the front door when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago, with BM Blue Lake. I still love the color but wanted a bit of a change for the inside of the door, and something that matched better with the back door, so I painted it the same color, BM Wrought Iron.

front door refresh

When I painted it¬†the first time I used white paint and FrogTape to add¬†“faux molding” to an otherwise plain, flat door. For this refresh I wanted to keep the¬†“molding” and just paint over the blue, so I decided to tape over the¬†white. I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out, actually I¬†thought that I would totally mess it up, so I did a test and¬†taped off the top box first to see what happened.

front door refreshFirst I taped the white of the box using FrogTape. Then I ran the smooth handle of a screwdriver over all of the edges, making sure they were flat, so that no paint would slip under and onto the white. After I gave the door a good sanding and wipe down, I took my paint brush, starting on the tape, and painted out away from the tape, both inside and outside the box. You never want to paint in towards the tape.

front door refreshTwo quick coats and I removed the tape. The¬†“molding” made it through, crisp lines and all, so I taped off the bottom box and finished painting. The boxes actually took longer to tape than the door took to paint, but they looked as good as they did when I painted them the first time.

front door refreshfront door refreshI was a little¬†nervous about using such a dark color in this corner of the room but I love it. Isn’t¬†it¬†amazing how¬†a little paint can make such a huge change in a room?

front door refreshWe also made a few updates and changed¬†the light above the door. It’s a tough spot for a light because, with the door clearance and that funky ledge,¬†it has to be a certain size.¬†I love this one I¬†found¬†this one at a thrift store for $20. It’s a really heavy light and I thought that it could be solid brass.¬†After¬†a little research, using the tag on the back of the light, I¬†found out that¬†it¬†is¬†solid brass and usually sells for $950. Woohoo,¬†I got the deal of the century!

front door refresh

Thankfully we only have 2 doors in the house so this will be my last door refresh…until we hang the thrifted one on the back of the house. My paintbrush is on standby. ūüėČ

Do you ever start painting things and find it difficult to stop or am I in a class all by myself?


See how I created the “faux molding” when I painted the door the first time.

front door molding

Add “Faux Molding” to a Plain Front Door