If you’ve been following along the last several weeks, then you know I’ve been working on my combination kitchen and dining area. I recently finished the dining area and shared it, here, but the kitchen still isn’t done. We didn’t do a lot of work in here besides adding the reclaimed wood shelves and painting the walls, but the kitchen lighting definitely needed to be addressed.

No room for pendant lighting in your small kitchen? Here are 8 flush mount kitchen lighting fixture ideas that will add that farmhouse style to your space. | Chatfield Court

We have 3 can lights and one ceiling light in this space. The can lights are fine but the ugly florescent ceiling light definitely need an upgrade. This was a project we were going to tackle during the kitchen remodel, but the dislike of the light was too great. It had to go.  We weren’t sure what we would find underneath but, once it was down, there was no way it was going back up.

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting | Chatfield CourtI cleaned the ceiling where the old light was and, after checking all of the wiring, we filled in the holes and patched them up. It’s hard to patch a ceiling, especially this big of an area, but it looks so much better than it did. I’m probably the only person who would notice that it’s been patched so I’m trying to release my perfectionist tendencies and let it go.

Oooommmmm…deep breath…

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting | Chatfield Court

So, the ceiling is fixed and ready for a new, more modern light. Trouble is, I can’t find anything that I like in the perfect size (that’s in the budget). Our ceilings are pretty low so we need a flush mount that is no more than 12 inches high. Not ideal but you can’t change the ceiling height (yes…I have put some thought into doing that 😉 ). 3 light fixtures have been ordered, delivered and returned over the past several weeks…all failures.   

I’ve looked at tons of light fixtures so I thought I’d share some that I considered.

Farmhouse Flush Mount Kitchen Lighting Ideas

(Affiliate links used. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Please see my Privacy Policy for more info.)

8 flush mount kitchen lighting fixtures ideas that will add that farmhouse style to your space. | Chatfield Court

8 flush mount kitchen lighting fixture ideas that will add farmhouse style to your space. | Chatfield Court

I’m waiting on my fourth light fixture to be delivered. Let’s hope it’s “the one” so I can move show you the ceiling without a gaping hole in it. 😉 Fingers crossed. 

What do you think about flush mount kitchen lighting? Do you have a favorite out of the 8 fixtures I shared?

As always, thanks for stopping in. Happy weekend!


In case you missed it, here is the finished dining area that is part of the unfinished kitchen.

How we turned our small dining area into a welcoming dining room with paint and rustic farmhouse touches. | Chatfield Court

 Our Small Dining Area is Done and Ready for Guests


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Since we installed tongue and groove planks on the kitchen ceiling during our remodel, I have been getting so many comments and emails asking about the source for the planks, so I thought I would update the post a bit and share the info on where we got ours.

Where we found pre-primed tongue and groove pine planks for our kitchen ceiling. And they didn't break the bank! chatfieldcourt.comBefore we started working on the ceiling I did a lot of research, as per usual for me, on what would be best to use for the kitchen ceiling. The biggest takeaway I got from all that research was to use primed planks and I’m so glad that we followed that advice because, not only did it save our necks and backs, but it also saved us a ton of time.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks installed on the ceiling during a recent kitchen remodel, and where we found them. chatfieldcourt.com

Getting the info online proved to be the easy part because finding it in a store was almost impossible. We went to every store in our area that sold lumber until we walked into our local Home Depot (*affiliate link) and hit the jackpot.

They had primed tongue and groove pine planks in 8 and 12-foot lengths…exactly what we were hoping to find. For all of you that have been asking, here is what the display looked like in the store.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks. Why we used them for our kitchen ceiling and where to find them. chatfieldcourt.com

I’ve heard from several people that the planks that they have been able to find have been very expensive. I thought the ones that we got were very reasonable. We spent about $275 just for the planks for our 13’x 8′ kitchen.

Where to find pre-primed tongue and groove pine planks for a kitchen ceiling. And they won't break the bank! chatfieldcourt.com

Painting it was literally a pain in the neck, but it wasn’t the worst job ever. The whole time we painted, though, we kept saying that we were so happy that we spent the extra money on the pre-primed, and we’re both cheap frugal when it comes to buying stuff like wood or other building supplies that will get painted.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks installed on the kitchen ceiling. chatfieldcourt.com

A little extra tidbit…I did find a few spots where a small amount of sap seeped through but I just added an extra coat of paint over it and it looked fine. It may seep through again but, honestly, you can’t tell. I just noticed because…well, I’m weird like that. I would stand there and practically stand on my head to look at spots on the ceiling at different angles and in certain light but a normal person walking in there probably wouldn’t notice. The mister didn’t, but I could shave my eyebrows off and he probably wouldn’t notice. Ok, bad example. Seriously, it wasn’t really an issue, I just wanted to let you know that it could happen.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks installed on the ceiling during a recent kitchen remodel. chatfieldcourt.com

The ceiling turned out so much better than we thought. I would love to do another one in our new house in North Carolina….fingers crossed.

I hope that this little bit of info helps you out. Let me know if you’re able to find any pre-primed tongue and groove planks in your area. I’d love to pass the info on.

You can find the tutorial on the plank ceiling here…

Tutorial for installing a tongue and groove plank ceiling in the kitchen. chatfieldcourt.com

Tongue and Groove Plank Ceiling Tutorial

Or see the whole remodel reveal here…

From dark to light and bright, a small kitchen remodel reveal. chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen Remodel Reveal


Before I share all of the kitchen remodel details, I want to take a moment to thank you for all of the sweet comments and emails from the reveal. I’ve always known that I had the best readers and you all proved it again and again during this whole process, by sharing words of encouragement and cheering us on when we felt like we would never get done. I am truly grateful.

Turning a small, dark galley kitchen into a light, bright space. Get all of the kitchen remodel details from paint colors to tile and countertops.| chatfieldcourt.com

This is a long one so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. If you make it through to the end you’ll find all of my sources and projects with links, along with an announcement.

Small kitchen remodel details with sources with after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

I shared the reveal a few days ago and only showed a few before shots and a lot of afters, so today I wanted to give you a quick summary of the projects that we did and try to answer some of the questions I’ve gotten.

Small kitchen remodel details and sources with after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

When we started the remodel on our small galley kitchen in January 2015, we had 3 main goals we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to lighten up the space, add more storage and do it all on a budget. Our plan was to complete everything in 6 months but…yeah, that didn’t happen.

Small kitchen remodel details and before photos | chatfieldcourt.com

The project that started it all off was the removal of the two soffits. A messy and dirty job but it really opened the space up.

Kitchen remodel details about soffit removal | chatfieldcourt.com

After we patched the ceiling and walls, we installed a plank ceiling. A couple of coats of paint later and our first big project was complete. Wow, talk about changing a room. I love it!

Kitchen remodel details and adding a diy plank ceiling | chatfieldcourt.com

The next project to get tackled was the custom cabinet we built around the refrigerator. It added a ton of extra storage and toned down the look of the fridge (if that’s even possible when you have a large gray box in a small room).

Kitchen remodel details and adding a custom cabinet around a refrigertor | chatfieldcourt.com

Once the fridge was done we worked on the DIY range hood. I wanted to change the small stainless steel one that was there, so we took it apart and used the insides to make our own custom hood. I think the one that we built is a much better fit in our new kitchen.

Kitchen remodel details and adding a custom range hood before and after | chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a custom range hood| chatfieldcourt.com

The other side of the kitchen got some attention when we raised the window sill and built a custom cabinet that would give us more countertop space and more storage, which is what we needed most in here.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding more storage with a custom cabinet| chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding more storage and counterspace| chatfieldcourt.comI had a few items on my “wish” list for the kitchen and built-in garbage/recycle bins was at the top. Now they are hidden away and I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding more storage | chatfieldcourt.comWhile all of the cabinet building was going on, I was working on the one thing that made the biggest difference in this small space, painting all of the kitchen cabinets. If you’ve ever done this then you know that it’s a monumental task. I will admit that, because of my back injury, it took me almost a year to finish, but I did it.

kitchen reno painted cabinets

The kitchen sink was the next project. We had a double stainless steel sink before and I wanted a change so we went with the DOMSJÖ from IKEA. It’s just a single bowl but it’s nice and big to work in and I love it!

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a farmhouse sink and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Once the sink was installed and all of the cabinets were built, it was time to choose tile and countertops. I always knew that we would have a subway backsplash but choosing the countertops was a more difficult decision. We finally decided on granite and began the most difficult project of the whole remodel, cutting and installing the granite. We were on a budget with this whole remodel so we chose to do it all on our own, a job we’ve never done before…ever. It took us two weekends to finish and it was nerve-wracking until the end. All we kept thinking about was all the money that would be wasted if we cut wrong or cracked it while working on it. Thankfully it all worked out and we got beautiful countertops on a budget.

Kitchen remodel details and info on granite countertops and photos | chatfieldcourt.comThe subway tile backsplash with gray grout was next and, once it was all done, we knew that the end was in sight.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a subway tile backsplash | chatfieldcourt.com

One thing that we did that really opened the space was to remove a cabinet between the two windows on the sink wall. We added a barn wood shelf, for a little texture and to break up the white, subway tiled wall, and I think it may be my favorite thing in the kitchen.

Kitchen remodel details and info on adding a barn wood shelf and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Because this is a small space there are only 2 walls that we can paint to add a little bit of color. After much debate, and a lot of swatches, I went with the same color I used in the adjoining living/dining area, BM Gray Owl at 50% strength. I also painted the back door a pretty dark gray, BM Wrought Iron. There’s a little gray in the countertops that I loved and the wall and door colors really bring it out.

Kitchen remodel details and info on paint colors and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

We still had a couple of big projects to finish though and one of them was lighting. The only working light in the room before the remodel was a center ceiling light. It took me 3 tries to find the perfect one  but, in the end, I found a beautiful pendant light.

Kitchen remodel details and info on lighting and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

One pendant light was not enough for this space so we added recessed lighting. This project was the one that the hubs dreaded most, and kept putting off, but they really look great and made a huge difference, especially when we’re working in the kitchen at night.

Kitchen remodel details and after details on recessed lighting and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

The final project was to add new cabinet doors to the custom cabinet we built on the sink side of the kitchen. Months ago we were lucky enough to find 2 similar cabinet doors, at the right size at a local ReStore, but we needed 3 more. We discussed making them but, by the time we bought the correct tools and wood to make them, we could order 3 already made and ready to paint. So we went the least expensive route and ordered them. Once they arrived I did a quick sanding, a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint and they were ready to hang.

Kitchen remodel details and after details and photos | chatfieldcourt.com

After 418 days and a ton of projects, our remodel is complete and I truly love it all!

One more before and after, because this post isn’t long enough already. 😉

Kitchen remodel details and before and after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Small kitchen remodel details and reveal photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Small kitchen remodel details and before and after photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen remodel details and reveal photos | chatfieldcourt.com

Phew, that took almost as long as the remodel did (almost). Thanks for sticking with me through this long post and the last 418 days of our remodel. If you have any questions about anything we did, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Now go take a nap, you earned it. 😉

Projects (with links to the posts)


  • ceiling paint – BM White Dove, pearl finish
  • cabinet paint – BM White Dove Advance, satin finish
  • wall paint – BM Gray Owl, 50% strength
  • back door paint – BM Wrought Iron
  • pendant light – West Elm; love this one too! (affiliate link)*
  • recessed lights – Lowes
  • subway tile – Floor & Decor
  • granite countertops – Floor & Decor
  • kitchen sink – IKEA DOMSJÖ
  • cabinet hardware – Pottery Barn; similar (affiliate link)*
  • chalkboard w/ calendar – a DIY project by me
  • Mason jar lamp – a DIY project by me
  • wall brackets for shelf – Signature Hardware
  • barn wood for shelf – local flea market
  • cutting boards on shelf – HomeGoods

In case you missed it, here is the reveal…

kitchen reveal pinterest 2

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Two days after we finished the remodel we put the house on the market and sold it to move to  North Carolina (totally unexpected). You can see our new house, with a video tour, here.

new house reveal 18

New House Reveal (with a video)


*You can find my disclosure here.


It’s an exciting day at Chatfield Court. We’re only one project away from finishing the kitchen renovation…woohoo! Lately, I’ve been feeling like it would never be done but we finally got our act together and tackled the last of the big jobs, the recessed lighting.

Adding recessed lighting to a formerly small and dark galley kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

We’ve been living without proper lighting in the kitchen for over a year so finally having it all in, and working, is a huge deal. There was only one, lonely hanging light in this space when we started the renovation and it always seemed dark, especially with the dark wood cabinets.

Adding recessed lighting to a dark galley kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

When we put the plank ceiling up (you can read about that here), I thought about covering the light hole and only using recessed lighting but, at the last minute, we decided to keep it.

Adding recessed lighting to a small, dark galley kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

If you’ve been following along on our renovation journey, then you know that I tried several lights here before I found a winner.

Adding recessed lighting to a small, dark kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com


How we added recessed lighting to a small, dark kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

No quite right…

Adding a pendant and recessed lighting to a small, dark kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

The winner!!!

With the ceiling done, the pendant light up and everything else nearing completion, it was time to think about the recessed lighting, the project that the hubs has been dreading most. It wasn’t the messy install he was dreading but the trip up in the attic to make all the connections. It had to be done though and, since he’s the electrical genius of the family, this was all him.

How we added LED recessed lighting to a small, dark kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

The one very important step we took when we planked the ceiling was to document where all the beams were so that, when it came time to install the lights, we would know where we could put them. This really saved us a lot of aggravation.

Another thing we did, before we cut one hole in the ceiling, was to put copied pictures of the lights up on the ceiling to see where we wanted the final placement. Strange? Maybe, but it was a huge help.

Adding LED recessed lighting to a small, dark kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

Don’t they look real? The hubs wanted to keep these but we needed real light and, well…paper lights don’t actually light up (believe it or not).

kitchen recessed lights 4aAdding a pendant and LED recessed lighting to a formerly small, dark kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.comAdding a pendant and LED recessed lighting to a formerly small and dark galley kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

We installed 5 LED lights, 4 in the stove/sink area and 1 by the back door.

Do you see that beautiful cabinet door? We needed to have 3 custom-made and they just arrived. Guess who will be priming and painting this weekend?

Adding LED recessed lighting to a formerly small and dark galley kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

The hubs also installed a dimmer switch for the recessed lights, the pendant light has a separate switch on another wall. He wasn’t thrilled about chiseling the wall but you know what they say? “Happy wife…” . We are both loving the dimmer though.

Adding LED recessed lighting and a dimmer switch to a formerly small and dark galley kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

Three more cabinet doors to paint and install and we are done! The big reveal is almost here. Can you tell I’m excited?


Some of our other kitchen renovation projects…

Getting rid of the stainless steel sink and installing a beautiful white farmhouse sink in our new kitchen. | chatfieldcourt.com

New Kitchen Sink

Tutorial on how we installed new granite kitchen countertops all on our own and saved thousands. | chatfieldcourt.com

DIY Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation