Spring has definitely sprung here at the cottage (inside anyway) and it all starts at the front door with this pretty tulip wreath. I usually hang a basket on the front door and add some flowers to it but I wanted something different this spring. You can’t get any different than a big bunch of pink tulips.

Pink…lots of pink. It’s not my usual color palette, that’s for sure, but there’s no denying that it screams spring. Plus I love it with my new front door.

pink tulip wreath hanging on a blue farmhouse front door

Supplies for Tulip Wreath

  • wreath form
  • ribbon
  • faux tulips
  • wire cutters

Cost is a factor in every project I do and this one was no different. I knew that I would need a fair amount of tulips to make the wreath look full so I waited for a sale before I pulled the trigger. It ended up taking 13 bunches and I was able to snag them for $2 a bunch. The burlap ribbon was another steal at just $1 a piece.

For the wreath form I chose a wrapped straw, thinking it would be the easiest to work with, and easiest to stick my flowers in.

Supplies to make tulip wreath. Tulips, ribbon, wreath form and wire cutters.

I knew what I wanted my finished wreath to look like but I had no idea if it was going to work. The idea was to wrap the wreath with the ribbon so I could stick the stems in the seams and have them stay in place.

Through a bit of trial and error I learned that the ribbon should be wrapped on the loose side. Not loose enough that it will move around, but loose enough to allow you to stick the stems in the seams.

wrapping straw wreath with pink burlap ribbon

Next, I cut off each stem from the main one using my cutters. I tried to keep each stem fairly long in the hopes that they would stay in place better.

clipping stems of pink tulips with wire cutters

As far as placing the flowers, my plan was to use the dark pink and add the light pink in a few spots here and there. I ran out of dark flowers pretty quickly so I resorted to Plan B.

Plan B…not a real plan…I just ended up eyeballing it, spreading the light and dark around until it looked good.

creating a DIY pink tulip wreath

Adding the stems was so simple.

I just worked my way around, pushing each stem into the seams. Some of the stems ended up going through the plastic wrapping of the wreath form, which was added security. I didn’t worry about each one going all the way through, though. As long as they were all the way in the seam, they were good.

adding pink tulips to a DIY tulip wreath

That’s it…easy peasy.

A little fluffing and she was ready to hang on our new front door.

I asked the hubs what he though about it my cute tulip wreath. His answer?…”well, it’s pink!”

Thanks Captain Obvious. 😉

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Pink tulip wreath hanging on blue painted farmhouse door.

pink tulip wreath hanging on a blue farmhouse front door




pin this for later graphicpink tulip wreath hanging on a blue front door


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