My First Year of Blogging

Hello and welcome.

Today is a special day on the blog. It’s special because it marks the first anniversary of Chatfield Court (to celebrate I am going to host a giveaway so keep reading for details). It was one year ago today that I posted for the first time and I remember it very well because it’s the same day that we closed on our little house.

My First Year of Blogging | Chatfield

The day we moved in…

Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I made it through and lived to tell the tale. So much has happened this past year with this little blog and I’ve learned so much about myself and about blogging, and I have loved every minute of it. Sure, there have been some bad days here and there and some projects that didn’t turn out like I hoped but I’ve enjoyed it all from painting walls and miles of trim to learning about seo and html. I think the best part of all of this is reading the comments and emails I get after I’ve shared a post. All of those thoughtful and supportive emails and comments are what keep me going. I truly appreciate it when someone takes time out of their day to stop by to read or to read and comment. 🙂 Thank you!! I also want to give a shout out to Mr. C²- my main squeeze, my helper, my model, my idea-bouncer-offer, thanks for all of your support (and for not calling me crazy when I know you really wanted to).

My First Year of Blogging | Chatfield

My model for photos…Mr. C.

I’ve never shared with you the reason why I started Chatfield Court and I thought that today would be a good day to do that. I have loved reading blogs for many years (I started out reading makeup blogs…my guilty pleasure) and I always felt that, being a lover and doer of diy, decorating and home improvement, I had something I could contribute.  I also felt that blogging would be good for me because it allows me to be at home and work on something that I love at my own pace. Fifteen years ago I suffered a pretty bad back injury and ended up having 13 back surgeries. Unfortunately none of the surgeries relieved my pain, although my back is stable for now. I’m in a lot of pain all the time and it prevents me from being able to work outside the home and to do a lot of other things I love to do. My activities are limited but finding the blogging world has given me a purpose again. Something I’ve been looking to find for 15 years. So, I can’t do every project myself, Mr. C² helps me with some stuff, and I may take a really long time to paint a room, because I can only work for an hour at a time, but I am busy again, mind and body. This isn’t something that I share often (sometimes people treat me differently after I told them because they don’t understand chronic pain) and I’ve struggled over the past year whether or not I should share it on here. After all, this is a blog about diy and home improvement and not about health, but I really feel like it’s part of who I am and why I do this and it’s time to be open about it and to move on.

Phew…that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 😉

So, to thank you all for supporting me and Chatfield Court this past year, I thought I would do a little giveaway tomorrow. This comes from my heart (and my own pocket ;)) so I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to enter and to see how far the house has come this past year. I’ve got so many plans and plenty of projects to share this next year, including a whole kitchen redo to tackle. So much to do and so much to look forward to. Here’s to another great year!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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  1. Susan M.
    Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 8:12 am

    Happy Anniversary! I started following a few months ago and have so enjoyed “watching” as you work on your house. First time commenter — here’s to another year!

    • Kristi
      Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 11:31 am

      Thanks so much Susan! So glad you are enjoying CC. I appreciate your commenting and introducing yourself (and for reading). Cheers!

  2. Carisa
    Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 11:57 am

    Congrats on making it through your first year! And thank you for sharing bravely with all of us. I look forward to another great year of Chatfield Court!

    • Kristi
      Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 1:09 pm

      Thanks Carisa for your support! Sometimes hitting the publish button is not easy.;) Here’s to another year. Cheers!

  3. Ruth
    Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 12:22 pm

    Life gave you lemons (back surgery) and you’ve made lemonade (your blog) Congrats! and thank you for being a blogger with small home decorating. I find so many of the decor bloggers have very large homes, with large design style. My spouse and I have already down sized and find your tips, decor makovers, designs can be used in our space. Thanks again.

    • Kristi
      Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 1:07 pm

      Awww, thanks Ruth! What a lovely comment. It can be challenging decorating a small space so I’m glad that I can help. Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  4. Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 2:17 pm

    Congratulations on your anniversary and also on getting your story off your chest. It is freeing to just let people know what drives you. Every time I’m in your town, I’m always looking to see if I can recognize your house. We really do have to get together soon!

    • Kristi
      Thursday,June 26, 2014 / 5:50 pm

      Thanks Jennie. It is freeing but it was more nerve-wracking than pushing the post button for the very first time. You never know what people will say and I’ve heard a lot the past 15 years. If you find my house on your travels, stop in and say hi. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  5. MaryJean
    Friday,June 27, 2014 / 12:50 pm

    I could say I feel your pain because I, too have back and neck pain, but I know it doesn’t compare to what you must be going through. In 1994 I was involved in a MVA with a drunk driver. I was stopped and he slammed into the back of my truck with his truck. All I can say is thank goodness I had a truck because my son, who was 16 at the time, was with me and if we had a car the other driver would have drove up over the top of the side where my son was sitting. I don’t have to tell you the rest of what could have been, but my son was not hurt at all.
    I’m sure you have your good days and bad days. Luckily my injuries were something that I have been able to live with and although it does take me longer to do things, but I can do them.
    I’m glad that you found blogging for two reasons, to give you an outlet and that I was able to find your blog and connect with you!
    Although you might not think so you are an inspiration to others and it is great fun to see what you have planned next for us to see!
    I can tell by your personality you will get through this and anything else that comes your way and if you ever need an ear to bend, I’m always there!
    Warm wishes, MJ

    • Kristi
      Sunday,June 29, 2014 / 12:37 am

      Wow. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident but so glad to hear that your son was ok. Dealing with your neck and back pain for so long must be hard for you. Chronic back pain a terrible disease.
      Thank you so much for your beautifully thoughtful comment. It made my weekend!! I am so grateful that I got into blogging and that I am able to connect with wonderful people like you.
      Thanks again for your continued support.

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