A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later

Yay…it’s Friday and it’s my first giveaway! I’m still celebrating my one year blogiversary and to follow-up my post yesterday, I wanted to thank you all for your support this past year by having a giveaway and to share the progress we’ve made in our home since we moved in last June.

I started the blog the same day we closed on our house so I really hit the ground running and started my first room redo days after we moved in. I thought our tiny, dark and only bathroom wouldn’t be too difficult to do. Umm…yeah. It wasn’t difficult but it took a lot longer than I thought and moving around in such a small space was not fun. Here’s where we started…

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comYou can read more about this room redo here, about the vanity redo here and about some space-saving tricks I used here. It’s amazing how lots caulk and a little bit of paint can change a room.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.com

Next up was the living room/dining room/entryway (the first round). This is the biggest room in our house so it was where a lot of our stuff was dumped on move-in day.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comBesides painting the walls, I reupholstered my favorite chair (first time I did a project like that) and I did a little something to my plain front door. You can check out all of the details of this room redo here.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comA Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comBecause they are connected, I ended up painting the little hallway that goes to all the bedrooms and bathroom the same color as the living/dining/entry. There is no room for any kind of furniture so I filled up the walls with some of my favorite family photos and mementos and changed the lighting.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.com

The master bedroom was the next on the room redo list.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comThe walls and ceiling were painted and crown molding was installed. I also switched out the knobs on our furniture and closet, along with the door knob and hinges.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comOur small master closet also got a makeover with an inexpensive built-in closet system to maximize our storage space.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comMoving onto one of the guest bedrooms. This room already had a beautiful built-in bookcase and crown molding to begin with.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comPaint was used to freshen them up along with the ceiling and a teal blue color on the walls. We had to do some electrical work in here and I did a fun project with paint sticks, glue and a nightstand.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comA Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comA Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comThis is probably my favorite space in the house right now. I’m not a bold color kind of girl, but I love it in this room. You can find more details about this room redo here and here.

I was supposed to move onto the 2nd guest bedroom but I got sidetracked and ended up repainting the living/dining/entry a lighter color.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comAnd because the media cabinet didn’t look right with the new wall color, I had to paint it (of course).

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comI also did a few little updates in the entryway. You do one project in a room and 10 other little things pop up.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comI am currently working on the redo of the 2nd guest bedroom. It’s been slow going, because there’s a lot of projects to do outside that have been keeping me busy too, but next on the list is crown molding and the plank wall. You can read about my plans for this room here.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.comSpeaking of my outside to do list, it’s long…really long. We’ve done a few things but we still have a lot left to do.

A Giveaway and Our Home One Year Later | Chatfield Court.com

So that’s everything for this first year. Thanks for hanging in there through this photo-tastic post. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I am so grateful for all of your support, emails and comments this past year so I wanted to have a little giveaway to show my appreciation. I want to give two of you a chance to win a $25 gift certificate for HomeGoods. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: This giveaway will close on July 7, 2014 at 11:59 pm ET. Two separate winners will be chosen by rafflecopter.com and will each receive a $25 gift card for HomeGoods.  I will notify the winners by email on July 8, 2014. You will need to respond within 48 hours to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen.

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  1. Sandy A
    Friday,June 27, 2014 / 5:43 am

    I would buy something I just wanted–not something needed–something just for fun…

  2. Friday,June 27, 2014 / 10:54 am

    Awesome giveaway and congrats! I LOVE Homegoods so much and would love to spruce up my decor with something special for my living room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Friday,June 27, 2014 / 11:08 am

    There are so many things to choose from at Home goods it’s hard to narrow down my choice! I think I would probably put it towards a rug. We desperately need one! Congrats on your anniversary !

  4. Friday,June 27, 2014 / 12:20 pm

    Man, there are so many great things to buy at HomeGoods. I’m thinking I would go for some cute pillows though. They have such beautiful ones and I never buy them because I figure I could make them cheaper…but never do!

  5. Friday,June 27, 2014 / 12:30 pm

    I’d buy some new accessories for one of our bedrooms.

  6. MaryJean
    Friday,June 27, 2014 / 1:18 pm

    oooh, I would love a gift card from HomeGoods! My favorite store! Great redo of your rooms and love your ideas!


  7. Friday,June 27, 2014 / 3:10 pm

    Awesome giveaway! Happy 1 Year Blogiversary!!

  8. Danielle K
    Friday,June 27, 2014 / 3:40 pm

    I need some new spatulas. Simple, but so important! 🙂

  9. Friday,June 27, 2014 / 7:39 pm

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary in your home and blogging!

  10. Charity L.
    Friday,June 27, 2014 / 9:00 pm

    Wow! I just love the pictures. You can’t see that much floor space in our house:) I personally have never visited a HomeGoods before but I would love to get some new salad tools.

  11. Susan M.
    Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 7:57 am

    I’d buy something that just “tickled my fancy” rather than something out of necessity which is generally what happens. Thanks so much for the opportunity — my fingers are crossed!

  12. Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 9:31 am

    Your home is GORGEOUS! You have done a beautiful job!!
    What would I buy from Home Goods?! I would buy a rug for the dining area or family room, some boxwoods and a seagrass vase I have my eye on, hopefully a lamp for the girls’ room…the list is endless! 😉 Thank you for this opportunity, so glad I came over and found your blog. 😉

  13. Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 1:42 pm

    I have never been to Home Goods, so I know I’d find many things I would love to have! What comes to mind first is a good wooden cutting board, lamps, and I’m always up for new towels and bedding. Many thanks for the chance to win! Congrats on your one year too!!! I’m a newby with my blog and hope to do as well as you have one day.

  14. Jamie Martin
    Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 3:24 pm

    Decor of some sort, my apartment is so plain.

  15. Ruth
    Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    A gift card to Home Goods would be great! I can think of many things that I could buy.

  16. HS
    Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 7:38 pm

    I will get some new socks.

  17. Nicole Dz
    Saturday,June 28, 2014 / 10:19 pm

    I would buy a few candles to spruce up my bathroom around the tub.

  18. Aimee @ Captivating Corner Blog
    Sunday,June 29, 2014 / 10:12 am

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I think I would buy bedroom accessories.

  19. Kerri
    Sunday,June 29, 2014 / 1:47 pm

    I could use new towels and Home Goods is the perfect place to find them!

  20. Laurie
    Sunday,June 29, 2014 / 10:17 pm

    I would love to update our living room with some brighter colors and new accessories.

  21. Monday,June 30, 2014 / 7:04 pm

    Congrats on your one year anniversary and thanks for showing your home improvements over the year too! So fun to see.

  22. Monday,June 30, 2014 / 7:57 pm

    I would put it towards a new set of sheets – our master bedroom needs to get a refresh!

  23. Monday,June 30, 2014 / 8:02 pm

    Congratulations! Wishing you many more blogging years! Love Homegoods, would probably use the gift card to stock up of living room accessories.

  24. Meena R
    Monday,June 30, 2014 / 8:50 pm

    I would buy some art for my walls, they look a little bare.

  25. Michelle
    Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 11:15 am

    I’m not sure how I started following your blog but I’m glad I did. Your house is lovely and really have done a lot in a year. I hear you about when you start one project in a room then several others seem to appear. We have lived in our house for eight years now and I’m still working on projects. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I look forward to following you as you transform your house into a home filled with your style. Love it.

    Oh and if I won the Home Goods giveaway(my favorite store) I would probably buy a new lamp for a buffet I’m refinishing.

  26. Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 3:53 pm

    I would buy some new pillows for my apartment! Or a floor lamp! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  27. Juls
    Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 4:04 pm

    Love the blog and pictures of your redo! I wish I would have done that when I moved in with my now husband. Everything has been a project & many items come from HomeGoods! I love that I can go there and get something for every room in my home – indoors & outdoors. Or if my husband deserves a special treat from working so hard on all my ideas, they have that for him too!

  28. Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 4:05 pm

    Happy One Year Blogiversary! Your home is just beautiful. Great job with the updates! My outside to-do list is long, too! You’re not alone! 😉

  29. Erin Ellis
    Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 6:14 pm

    I would buy some new cake pans. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  30. Jiamin
    Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 9:19 pm

    I would probably buy a gift for my mom and dads anniversary coming up or my sisters birthday or a grad gift for my friend who just graduated from Stanford!

  31. Tuesday,July 1, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    Congrats! You home is beautiful. I love HomeGoods. I find so many great things there.

  32. Wednesday,July 2, 2014 / 8:33 am

    Oh my gosh, I could buy so many things at HomeGoods! I love their hand soaps, they are so nice. Also, I can always find great tablecloths and napkins there for a reasonable price.

  33. Wednesday,July 2, 2014 / 9:30 am

    Happy 1st blogiversary! I would browse the entire store and finally pick out the one item that calls to me – probably something beach related.

  34. Wednesday,July 2, 2014 / 9:51 am

    Congrats on your 1st year and on making your home so beautiful! I haven’t been to Home Goods in so long I’d be like a kid in a candy store if I won!!

  35. Isa
    Wednesday,July 2, 2014 / 8:03 pm

    I’d buy some frames. Can never have enough! Thanks for the great read 🙂

  36. Emily
    Thursday,July 3, 2014 / 7:41 pm

    I’m working on redecorating my master bedroom so I would definitely find a use for the gift card! Congrats on your first year and accomplishing so much. I’m in my house 11 years now and I’m just now getting to my bedroom, but 3 kids have derailed me tons.

  37. Iris
    Thursday,July 3, 2014 / 10:47 pm

    You are incredibly ambitious. Just one year and so many changes.

  38. Bonnie
    Friday,July 4, 2014 / 5:53 pm

    I would buy something for my master bedroom.

  39. Iliana R
    Sunday,July 6, 2014 / 4:05 am

    I would buy a nice table lamp!

  40. Ginger
    Sunday,July 6, 2014 / 7:44 am

    Love your blue bedroom! I would buy pillows for my bed, something with grey, white and blue. Thank you!

  41. Claire
    Sunday,July 6, 2014 / 4:54 pm

    id buy some art for my walls

  42. Sunday,July 6, 2014 / 6:48 pm

    Oh I enjoyed your tour of the then and now! What a great idea to document your first year changes! I am entering your give away. I am going to follow so I can come back and see all your how to’s . I love what you did to the mirror! I linked my Patriotic bar/counter scape with you at A Stroll Thru Life. Thanks for sharing there so I could visit you!
    Have a great week.

  43. Jana Wilcox
    Monday,July 7, 2014 / 2:33 pm

    I always have about 3-5 projects going at once so the Home Depot giftcard would be put to good use!

  44. Dana Nichols
    Monday,July 7, 2014 / 2:53 pm

    I would buy something fun and colorful. I’m stuck in a neutral rut and I’m ready for some COLOR! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

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