I have to tell you that I had only visited IKEA once or twice when my girls were going to college in Boston, and they were always quick trips to pick up supplies for their dorms, but once we moved to Illinois and I was able to really look around, I found out that IKEA was so much more than a college dorm superstore.

10 favorite IKEA finds

Now, 4 1/2 years later, I have a pretty good handle on the different departments and the items I’ll go back for. I don’t visit our local store as often as I did when we first moved here, it’s usually too crowded, but when I do I always come out with something I love. So what’s the best things at IKEA? I’m sure everyone has their favorites but these are my top 10 favorite finds.

Pillow Covers – $4 and up

10 favorite IKEA finds from frames to pillow covers to food storage. | chatfieldcourt.comActually, I recently took a trip there trying to find pillow covers for my winter decor and, once again IKEA didn’t disappoint. They always have a great selection and the prices can’t be beat. For someone like me, who changes pillow covers with the wind, it’s a no-brainer.

Tea Lights – $3.49 for 100

10 favorite IKEA


I burn candles and tea lights all the time, especially in the winter, so finding these has been a real money saver, a pack of 100 is only $3.49.

Ribba Frames – $4.99 and up

10 favorite IKEA finds


10 favorite IKEA finds

I love a simple black frame and the Ribba is just that. I have them sprinkled all around my house hanging with more expensive frames and you can’t tell which is which.

Utility Cart – $29.99

10 favorite IKEA finds


Ok, I don’t have one of these, but I look at it every time I go and imagine all the goodies I could put in it. We have a small house and I really don’t have anywhere to put it so this one will have to live in my dreams…for now.

Storage Jars – $4.49 (2 qt.)

10 favorite IKEA finds


Actually, my daughter turned me on to these, she uses them for all of her kitchen storage. I bought several to help organize our stash of nuts in the kitchen (ummm, we’re nuts for nuts 😉 ). They have several different sizes, a tight seal and the prices are awesome.

Rast Dresser – $34.99

10 favorite IKEA finds


I bought one of these a few months ago to use in the bedroom, once I give it a makeover of course. I love that it’s made of solid wood, it’s inexpensive and it’s a blank slate. You could do so much with it (or leave it as is).

I’ve since completed my Rast hack. You can check out what I did to it and how I’m using it, here

Kitchen Sink – $185.99

10 favorite IKEA finds


10 favorite IKEA finds

I literally looked everywhere for a kitchen sink that fit our small space and didn’t break the bank and IKEA had exactly what I wanted. I love it!

Throw – $29.99

10 favorite IKEA finds

I love my throw from IKEA and it’s gets a lot of use in our house. Not only is it 100% cotton but it has some weight to it and washes well.

Pendant Lamp – $59.99

10 favorite IKEA finds


This is something else I’ve admired but not gotten. When we were looking at lighting for our kitchen, IKEA was the first place we looked. I loved this pendant but, sadly, it’s too big for our space. It’s a great looking light, though.

Great kitchen inspiration – FREE

Before we started our kitchen reno we would brave the crowds and browse around all of the beautiful kitchen spaces looking for inspiration and ideas. It really helps to look at different spaces to get an idea of what you like and don’t like and this was just the place. If you’re thinking about a kitchen reno, or just want something to do on a Sunday afternoon, I highly recommend a trip to IKEA’s kitchen area.

What are you favorite finds at IKEA? Are any of my favorites yours?

I have not been compensated for this post. I just wanted to share some awesome finds with you.

Another favorite place that’s filled with awesomeness is HomeGoods, and I’ve shared some tips for shopping there.


Tips and tricks for shopping at HomeGoods. www.chatfieldcourt.com

Tips for Shopping at HomeGoods

Tips for Buying a Bathroom Vanity Online

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Hey there and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. I’m out of town right now visiting my youngest daughter in San Francisco and enjoying some time away from the computer (and enjoying the beautiful weather because winter is coming to Illinois ya’ll). I don’t have any new projects completed but I have been wanting to share this and, since the holidays are fast approaching, along with holiday decorating, I thought this would be the perfect time.

Tricks and tips for shopping at HomeGoods | chatfieldcourt.com

HomeGoods…who doesn’t love them? I haven’t always lived by one and, in fact, I had never even been to one until we moved to Illinois 4 years ago. Now I am lucky to be able to choose from 3 stores in my area to shop in whenever I want. I visit at least one store every week and I’ve learned a thing or two about getting the most from my shopping experience, so I wanted to share my tips for shopping at HomeGoods.

HomeGoods App

This may be the best, if not the most exciting tip. HomeGoods now has an app that allows you to view new items that have come in to a store. So, if you have a favorite store, or stores, you can look it up to see what’s new. Very cool!

HomeGoods app | chatfieldcourt.com

Don’t wait!

If you see something that you love, pick it up. Don’t walk away to think about it because it may be gone when you decide that you do actually want it. Pick it up and put it in your cart. You can always put it back if you change your mind.

I leave empty handed plenty of times but sometimes, I hit the jackpot.I found this lamp and table on a spur-of-the-moment stop at my favorite HomeGoods.

Tips for shopping at HomeGoods. A turquoise table and brass lamp are great finds from HomeGoods. | www.chatfieldcourt.com

Find the best HomeGoods in your area

Like I said, I’m lucky that I have several HG stores in my area. Not all of them have had the inventory, or pleasing layout, that have left me wanting to go back though, so I skip them and go to the stores that I’ve had the most success at and enjoy visiting. 

Take your time

We’re all busy these days but when you go into a HomeGoods store you really need to slow down and take your time looking around. If you’ve been in a HG before, then you know that they always have a lot of different things and, if you take your time and go aisle by aisle, you may just find that special piece you’ve been looking for. Also, it’s ok to move things around and out of the way, you never know what you’ll find buried underneath.

Tips for shopping at HomeGoods. Turquoise table used as a nightstand. | chatfieldcourt.com

Check back often

HomeGoods is always getting new stuff in so check back often. If you get to know your store well, you may be able to find out when their new merchandise arrives. You may also find that one thing you loved the last time, but had to leave behind because it was too expensive, is marked way down.

Pillows are a great buy

If you’ve shopped for pretty pillows lately, then you know how expensive they can be, especially if they’re down filled. HomeGoods not only has a great selection, but most of them are down filled and reasonably priced. Score! I’m finding that the stores in my area have really upped their game in this area lately and the selection has been abundantly awesome!

Tips for shopping at HomeGoods. Favorite bedside lamp found at HomeGoods. | chatfieldcourt.com

Take it home to try and return if it doesn’t work

It seems like people don’t like to return things but when you’re buying something for your home it’s sometimes hard to tell if the colors will be right or if it will fit in the space. Instead of keeping it and hoping it will grow on you, return it for something that fits with your decor and that you’ll always love.

The last little tip I have is to enjoy the experience. It really is a fun store to shop, even if you walk out empty-handed. Oh, and I have not been compensated in any way for this post and all of the opinions expressed are my own. Happy shopping!

What about you, any tips for shopping at HomeGoods you care to share?

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Love shopping at IKEA? I'm sharing 10 of my favorite IKEA finds. | chatfieldcourt.com

10 Favorite IKEA Finds





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I have to confess that I’m not much of a shopper. Actually I’m, what I like to call, a quick peruser. If I have to go to a store for something, I’ll walk in and quickly head right to my intended target. Sure I do a quick perusal of my surroundings as I’m headed to my destination, but I rarely slow down to stop and look. If I’m looking for more than one thing, I usually make a list and have a good idea of how to get in and get out quickly with what I need.

Take Target, for instance. Whether I’m going for a birthday card or some makeup, I always head right to home decor and the Smith & Hawken aisle first and do a quick check. That’s what I did last week when I found the cutest rustic natural pumpkins. They actually only had 2 on a shelf that was pretty bare, so I quickly scooped them up and headed to my next target (no pun intended).

Rustic Natural Pumpkins from Target | www.chatfieldcourt.comAren’t they the cutest? If you read my post about adding fall to an old window last Friday, then you may have seen these beauties, but I wanted to share where I got them with you.

Every year, when I decorate for fall, I usually like to use things from nature and make a few easy-to-do decorations, but these were too cute to pass up (and sometimes it’s nice to take the easy way out and buy ready-made).


This post is sponsored by Floor & Decor but all opinions are 100% my own.

Besides sweat equity, we haven’t really spent a lot of money on our kitchen reno. Yeah, we’ve bought some paint and wood for the ceiling and cabinet, but we haven’t broken the bank. The money-spending phase is about to begin though. On the list…pick out and purchase countertops, backsplash tile, a kitchen sink, and recessed lights, and the first item to get checked off that buy list was the tile. Yes, we got tile!

A couple of weeks ago, we took a little shopping trip to finally pick out and purchase some tile for the backsplash. I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time and the day finally arrived. We’ve been looking at tile all over town for several months now, but when Floor & Decor contacted me about partnering with them, I was excited to check them out to see what they offered and get this tiling show on the road.

Kitchen Reno: Backsplash Tile Shopping | chatfieldcourt.com

I thought I knew what I wanted, but when we walked in and saw all that tile, I wavered for just a minute. All I can say is wow…the store was massive…over 100,000 square feet massive. Tile displays, wood flooring displays and even countertop options are all offered. They say you need to “see it to believe it” and I totally agree. After a quick look at some displays, we were greeted by Nicole, the store’s assistant manager of operations, and our shopping began. Even though this shopping trip was planned, we have been to other stores since and there were always employees walking around the store ready to help if you need it, plus they offer free design services.

My plan all along was to get white subway tile, something I’ve always wanted but have never had in any of the 10 homes I’ve lived in. After a brief moment of doubt, I knew that I needed to stick to the plan, so we figured out how much we needed and picked out our subway tile. Quick, easy and done.

We found that Floor & Decor’s tile was comparatively priced to other stores and they carry a huge selection in stock, so we had no trouble taking home everything we needed for the backsplash, including gray colored grout and a few other necessities.

Kitchen Reno: Backsplash Tile Shopping | chatfieldcourt.comAfter we picked out our tile and supplies, we moved over to the countertop options to see if we could make a decision on what we wanted. We brought one of our painted cabinet doors with us and used a sample tile to see how some of the countertops looked with our colors. Nicole walked us through all of the options that they offered and helped us narrow it down to a couple of countertops that would work well in our kitchen.

Kitchen Reno: Backsplash Tile Shopping | chatfieldcourt.com

Floor & Decor has pre-cut countertops already in stock, offering marble, granite, quartz and even some beautiful butcher block countertops in several different sizes. Just pick out what you want and take it home. You will need to get it cut and installed by a professional if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself but, if you do decide to do it all on your own, like we’re going to do, then the total cost is much lower.

Kitchen Reno: Backsplash Tile Shopping | chatfieldcourt.comThere were a few options that we both liked, at a great price, so I’m hoping that we can go back for countertops. I may even be able to get the marble I’ve been wanting.

Kitchen Reno: Backsplash Tile Shopping | chatfieldcourt.comWe had a very productive shopping trip and now we can cross at least one item off the list. Once we finish painting the new cabinet, we can get countertops and then install our new tile. I can’t wait, I think I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’d love to know, which countertop do you like best with the cabinet door and tile…(A) the granite, or (B) the walnut butcher block?



Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. We slept in, spent a whole day going to estate sales, enjoyed the spring weather and did a little bit of work on the kitchen. It was a great weekend!

Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.com

Things are moving along on the kitchen reno and the past few weekends we’ve had some fun shopping for some goodies that I thought I’d share. With this kitchen reno, our goal is to redo our kitchen into a beautiful and functional space doing all the work ourselves and not spending a lot of money. Of course we’ve had to buy supplies like wood for the ceiling and lighting from stores like Home Depot, but when it comes to, say, barn wood shelves or extra cabinet doors, we’ve been scouting our local ReStores and some other local businesses.

Let’s start with our loot from ReStore. We are building kitchen cabinets to add to our existing ones so we thought that instead of making doors by hand, we would try to find something similar in style, made of solid wood and in a certain size at ReStore.  We found exactly what we needed…similar style, solid wood and sizes that would work. After a couple of trips, we ended up getting 6 doors. They all need a little work and they’ll get a coat of white paint like my existing cabinets, but hopefully you’ll never be able to tell that they don’t all belong together. The best part is that we spent only $2 for each door…$2. That’s $12 total.

Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.comThe next item on my wish list was a new back door. Last year I tried to paint the door (twice) and it was a total fail. The white, plastic grid in the window wouldn’t accept the paint (even after 2 attempts including primer and sanding) and the bottom was rusted out. Armed with our doorway measurements, I took a chance that we could find an old wooden door in great shape and checked our ReStore. On our second visit there, this is what I found…

Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.comA beautiful, old solid wood door for $40. It even came with a door knob that looked brand new (we had to remove it at the store to get the door in our car). Like the cabinet doors, it needs some work, like a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, but it was a great find and it will look awesome in my new kitchen.

The next treasure was found at a local barn wood shop. The owners of the shop literally go into old barns and take them apart, piece by piece. They have a huge warehouse where they sell barn wood and all things rusty and old.

Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.comIt was so much fun to look around but I was searching for two specific things, some barn wood to make into shelves, and an old window to use for a project I have in mind for the big wall in the kitchen, and I found both.

Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.comKitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.comThe small wooden window you see with the barn wood and large window was picked up at ReStore for $1.50. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it but I couldn’t pass it up.

We had to go through a lot of wood to get two pieces that were similar in thickness so I’m hoping they work out like I planned. The barn wood and old window cost more than anything I got at ReStore but I feel like the money that I saved on the door and cabinet doors makes up for it. 😉

Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.comWe are trying to finish the ceiling and I hope to share the details with you next time. What to you think of my haul? Have you ever visited a ReStore?

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Kitchen Reno: Shopping for Goodies | chatfieldcourt.com






We moved into our house in the middle of the summer last year and I started projects inside right away so I never really got around to fixing up the deck. This year I’ve been a little better. Besides building a new deck, there’s still a few little things that I would like to do, like hanging cafe lights and adding some fun color, but it’s a much more comfortable space to hang out on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Our Back Deck and a Goodwill Find | Chatfield Court.comLike the inside of our house, our deck is small on space but all of the furniture that we had in Florida fits. It’s a little snug but it’s enough room for Mr. C², Finn and me.

Our Back Deck and a Goodwill Find | Chatfield Court.com I tried to make this a comfortable space for us and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so everything out here we brought with us. I know it’s a little brown out there with that rug but it’s good for this summer. The one thing I did buy was this beverage(?)/plant(?) cart that I found at Goodwill for $4.99. Score!!

Our Back Deck and a Goodwill Find | Chatfield Court.comIt was a little dirty but in great shape and it’s made of solid oak. I also like that it folds up flat so I can store it in the garage in the winter. When I was cleaning it up I mentioned to my husband that I was thinking about painting it…you know, because of all of the brown tones already on the deck. He ’bout had a fit right there in the back yard. “You aren’t painting that”, he said, “it’s solid oak!” Why do all men think that it’s a sin to paint wood? 😉 Well, as you can see, I didn’t paint it. It wasn’t because of him though. I didn’t want to be hasty and paint it and then be sorry so I’m going to keep it like this for the rest of the summer and see how I feel next year.

Our Back Deck and a Goodwill Find | Chatfield Court.com If you’ve been following along this past year, then you already know that we have lived in the South for the past 20 years. I didn’t plant a lot of annuals when we lived down there because of my back issues and the weather, so this is the first year I’ve ever had a fern and I have to say that I’m a huge fan.

Our Back Deck and a Goodwill Find | Chatfield Court.comMine is a Kimberly Queen fern and it’s doing really well with minimal effort. I love that it doesn’t shed and it always looks great. I will definitely have another one next year, maybe two. Do you think it’s just plain wrong to paint a wood like oak? Do you think I should paint my cart? What color would you pick?

Our Back Deck and a Goodwill Find | Chatfield Court.com Thanks so much for stopping by!

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