Welcome 2014

Hope you had a great New Year’s. It was very cold and snowy here (9 inches and counting), so we just rented some movies, made some soup, and relaxed all night. We spent a lot of time New Year’s day doing this…Welcome 2014 | chatfieldcourt.comWelcome 2014 | chatfieldcourt.com…and putting away our Christmas decorations. It’s kinda funny (and sad) how it doesn’t seem like there was even a holiday after everything is away, but I do have lots of pictures and some great memories to remind me that there was a holiday.

If you look around at all the blogs, you may notice that there are tons of “year in review” posts and goals and word of the year posts. I’ve already posted my year in review post, and I’m not one for resolutions (I can never seem to keep them anyway) but I am going to keep doing what I’ve always done…live in the moment…appreciate all I’ve got…keep it simple…and to remember that I AM good enough. I know, I know, cheesy, but all true and it’s a good day to remember this.

What about you? Do you make resolutions or have a Word? I’d love to know.

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