DIY Custom Curtain Rods for the Living Room

pipe hanging on wall with curtain rings and curtain

There’s been a lot of changes in the living room the past few months. Some projects are complete, like the basement doorthe mantel and the fireplace, but there’s still some work to be done. The last project I recently completed was new curtains, which included DIY custom curtain rods out of black steel pipe.

If you’ve followed me for awhile then you may have noticed that I’m not really a curtain kind of girl. I love to look at them in other people’s homes, I’m just not a fan of them in my own. Part of the reason is that I like to keep things pretty simple, including the windows. Another reason I don’t like them, if I’m being totally honest, is because they get dusty and it ends up being something else I have to clean.

Nope..curtains are just not my thing.

Empty living room before furniture was added and the DIY custom curtain rods and curtains were installed.

This isn’t only about the curtains though, it’s about the DIY custom curtain rods. So let’s get to it.

The picture above is the room right before we moved in. The previous owners had blinds in the window that didn’t fit properly and blocked a lot of light. So, down they came and up went a lined, woven shade in their place.

Here’s the living room after the new shade was hung. It’s certainly simple but a little too simple for me.

The window, and room, needed something soft, like curtains. I tried to live with the simple look for months but I just couldn’t deny it any longer…this space needed curtains.

Living room window before the DIY custom curtain rods and curtains were hung.

I still wanted to keep it simple, and not block any precious sunlight, so I decided to try sheer linen panels. Once I found panels, I had to decide on a curtain rod. This room is tiny, but the window is pretty large, so I knew that I didn’t want the distraction of big, long rod. We would never close the curtains anyway, so there was no reason to put up a full rod. DIY custom curtain rods (half rods) were the solution.

I knew what I wanted, and I knew that I could easily make them, so I went for it.

 Supplies to make your own DIY custom curtain rods

  • 2, 1/2″  floor flanges ($4.96 each)
  • 2, 1/2″ elbows ($1.87 each)
  • 2, 1/2″ x 12″ black pipe ($4.98 each)
  • 2, 1/2″ iron caps ($1.87)
  • 2, 1/2″ x 2″ nipple ($1.84)
  • 4 wood screws
  • 2 packages curtain clips ($7.47 each)

The supplies needed to make DIY custom curtain rods, black pipe and curtain clips

Once I got all of my supplies home, hanging them was pretty easy. Just remember…when you work with this kind of pipe, you need to wipe it all down really well. It’s pretty greasy and will turn anything it touches black, including your walls and your curtains.

When I hung the rod I made sure I hit a beam with both of my screws to keep everything sturdy and secure.

I’m still not finished painting the room but here’s a sneak peak of the color and the new rods.

The completed DIY custom curtain rods hung over the living room window in less than 15 minutes.

It literally took me less than 15 minutes to hang the rods on each end of the window, as well as the curtain panels.

Simple DIY custom curtain rods and curtains hung over the living room window.


It took me a while to get used to the look but I like it so much better. It softens this area without blocking the sunlight. And I love that there isn’t a black rod going across the whole window.

How to customize your room by making DIY custom curtain rods for the living room using black pipe and fittings.

I’m still having one issue in this room (besides the fact that it’s too small and has an awkward layout). The sofa isn’t centered on the window. We’ve tried removing the hubs’ favorite chair and moving the couch down but we really need the extra seating. Remember, this is a small room and the window wall is the only space for furniture. It’s not perfect design-wise but it is comfortable for the two of us. Comfort is more important than design aesthetic.

How to customize a living room by making DIY custom curtain rods using black pipe and fittings.

So, in the end, I’m loving the new curtains and my DIY rods. Will I hang curtains in more windows around the house? Probably not.

But I guess I should say…”never say never”.

How to easily customize a living room by making DIY custom curtain rods using black pipe and fittings.

Are you a curtain person, or do you like to keep your windows simple?


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  • All black pipe and curtain rings – The Home Depot (affiliate link)
  • Linen sheers – Crate and Barrel (affiliate link)
  • Coffee Table – West Elm (affiliate link)
  • Wooden stool with dipped legs – Serena and Lily (affiliate link)
  • Blue Washed Velvet Pillow Cover – Pottery Barn (affiliate link)
  • Floor lamp – Pottery Barn (affiliate link)
  • Striped Pillows – Etsy
  • Round woven tray – Target
  • Woven Shade –
  • Sunburst mirror – Target (from a few years ago)


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Easy DIY custom curtain rods for the living room using black pipe and curtain clips.



Recently I shared the story of a window shutter that I built to cover an unsightly basement window.

New and Improved Window Shutter |

This is the first attempt. Wow…a great big fail!

old wood attached to a brick house to create a shutter

Here it is after our 2nd attempt.

New and Improved Window Shutter |

It wasn’t done but I still had doubts as to whether it was working. I wanted opinions so I posted and asked for your thoughts. Some were for and some were against but I was still not sure. If you’ve been reading Chatfield Court for a while then you know that I don’t give up easily, so I decided to work on it a little bit before taking it down and calling it quits. The first thing I tried was a quick coat of walnut stain. Next I tried some faux hinges to make it look more authentic, even though it doesn’t open and close.

New and Improved Window Shutter |

I bought hinges at Home Depot but they weren’t the right size. I knew we would have to DIY our own so I drew out what I wanted and the hubs made some out of sheet metal. Once we knew they would fit I sprayed them, and some wood screws, with black paint.

New and Improved Window Shutter |

All that was left to do was to screw the fake hinges on. I also attached a latch to give it a real shutter feel.

New and Improved Window Shutter |

New and Improved Window Shutter |  New and Improved Window Shutter |

What do you think…does it look like a shutter or am I fighting a losing battle?

Please excuse the mold on the fence and the bald grass, ripped up by neighborhood skunks, our yard is a huge work in progress. 😉 You can look at my beautifully large fern though. I can’t believe how much it has grown this summer.

New and Improved Window Shutter |

Thanks so much for stopping by!


I cleaned up that dirty, moldy fence. You can check out how easy it was and how good it looked, here

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Happy Friday!

I am in the homestretch of my living room redo and ready to be done. I have been working on the house non stop since we moved in the first week of July and I also published my first blog post the very day we closed (not one of my better ideas), so needless to say, I am exhausted. I have had a real blast though, doing two things that I love to do. What more can you ask for?

Anywho, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as far as this room goes, and I just have a few odds and ends before I can say it is done (for now anyway). This room, although much bigger, has been much easier to do than the bathroom, but I am struggling with one thing…my humongous picture window. Now, I am not a curtain kinda girl, I like clean and simple when it comes to my window treatments, and I just thought I would get some bamboo blinds and call it a day but it just seems like something is missing. It probably doesn’t help that I have had to get these blinds made 3 times, and I’m still not completely happy with them.

I really wanted to put one long blind up but the window is too long and a single blind would be too heavy and not lift correctly. I have also thought about putting a curtain panel on each end to make it look a little more finished but I’m not sure because we need as much light as we can get, it is a north facing window and we don’t get much natural light, and I just don’t like curtains.

Here is a picture of my picture window and my “made 3 times” bamboo blinds. Keep in mind that I am in the middle of redoing this room so it isn’t styled, and it is dark in this room (even during the day).

Curtains or No Curtains? |

As I worked on this post and looked at my pictures, I realized that I like the blinds when they are up during the day. It is actually at night when it really bothers me.

I have been looking at Pinterest a lot lately and have found some great inspiration.

cotedetexasbambooblindsCote de Texas


Young House Love

bamboo blinds phoebe howardPhoebe Howard Design

bamboo blinds houzz


I would love to hear what you think? Curtains, no curtains, something completely different? I’m open to any and all suggestions. Please keep in mind that we need something for privacy as we are on a busy street and we use this room all the time.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I will be sharing a few more projects next week from my living room redo before the big reveal.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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