Tie Dye Pillow Cover Tutorial 

I haven't tie dyed anything since I was a kid so I wanted to give it a try with a pillow I was making.

There's so many tutorials and examples online but I really liked the shibori techniques so I ended up studying different ones and just started experimenting with my fabric.

The first thing I did was to read the instructions on the kit I bought. Number one on the list was to wash and dry the fabric, without using fabric softener or dryer sheets.


Once my fabric was dry, I was ready to begin. First I set up an area to work using plastic bags and a really old towel.

Now I'm ready to fold the fabric to make my design. All I did was to fold the fabric accordion style, ending up with a long strip.

Next you want to start at one end of the strip and fold that accordion style. I wanted to have some resistance against the dye, so I used a thin piece of wood on each side and made a sandwich with my fabric.

Next I used rubber bands to hold my sandwich together (making them as tight as I could).

My kit had a squeeze bottle with powder so I just added water, shook it well, and saturated my "sandwich" with dye.

Once I was sure my fabric was covered, I put my bundle into a plastic baggie and closed it tight, as per the kit instructions.