DIY Tomato Trellis With Conduit

How to make a DIY tomato trellis for your garden with EMT conduit that will last years.


– 5, ¾"x10' pieces EMT conduit – tape measure – Sharpie – pipe cutter – stainless steel screws – drill

making of a simple tomato trellis

I decided that the end poles could be cut down a bit. Not too short because I wanted some height for the tomatoes, but just enough so I could reach.

To cut down the conduit I measured 2' from the end on each and marked it with a Sharpie. I actually cut all the ends off with the stickers on them (which are nearly impossible to remove).

Next I used my pipe cutter to cut each pipe where I marked it. In no time my end poles were cut and ready to install.

To install the conduit I pushed each pipe into the ground just a little at an angle and used a 2 hole pipe strap to attach each piece to the outside of the raised garden.

After the first pipe was attached I set up the second pipe so it criss-crossed with the first pipe at the top.