DIY Water Feature Using A Crock

From the get-go I knew I wanted a disappearing water fountain, meaning that the water looks like it's just disappearing into the ground, so I finally made up my mind to do it.

What is a disappearing fountain? It's just a fountain with water that recirculates out of the fountain liner, up into the crock (or vessel) and back into the liner.


– plastic pond liner – fountain pump – large pot or crock – ½" pvc pipe – black spray paint – bucket (to fill in crock) – ½" clear vinyl tubing

making of a WATER FEATURE

With the flowerbed prepped I placed the liner in the bed to make sure it fit. The liner was a perfect fit so I dug a hole around it.

Once the hole was deep enough I used a heavy board to tamp down the dirt to give the liner a good, solid foundation.

As I was tamping the dirt I kept checking the liner to make it level. This is a pretty important step to do so that your fountain will flow evenly on all sides.

Once I had the liner as level as I could I filled in the sides and tamped down the dirt. With the liner ready to go I started working on the crock.

I used an old crock that didn't have a drainage hole so I had to make one. The hole in the bottom was for the clear tubing that I connected to the pump to carry the water up into the crock.