DIY Storage Ottoman

How to build a DIY storage ottoman for a small space that can be used for storage and organization, for sitting and as a step stool.


– 4 pieces of 24 x 48 x ¾" pine – foam for cushions – quilt batting – French vintage grain sack – 4 rubber feet – wood glue


To start I ripped each piece of pine on the table saw to 20" wide, the length of the whole board and ended up with 8 pieces that measured 16 x 20.

Eight pieces will make the sides for both of these upholstered ottomans. While you're cutting up the pine for the sides you can also cut both the bottom and top pieces.

The bottom pieces measured 14 5/16 x 14 5/16 and the top pieces measured 15¾ x 15¾.

Once all my wood was cut, I set the table saw blade at a 45 degree angle and cut each edge on the long side of the each board.

After all of the panels were cut with a 45 degree angle, they were ready for assembly.

We needed 8 supports total for both boxes, 4 for each box. For our ottomans, each support measured 1" x ¾" x 18".

To install the supports, I started 1" from the top of the box and alongside the miter cut (45 degree angle). I glued and stapled each support on the four corners.

Next, we assembled the storage boxes by applying glue on the seams of two of the boards.

I cut 4 strips that were 1" x ¾" x 13 and 4 strips that were 1" x ¾" x 12 ⅜", using leftover wood. Then I installed the strips on the inside, 1" up from the bottom edge.

Next I assembled the ottoman box and used 2 ratchet straps to hold it together until the glue dried.