How To Install Vinyl Flooring

Over the last few months we've had to make a lot of design decisions during our RV renovation. One of the biggest ones, so far, has been the flooring.

Once we started researching though, it didn't take us long to decide that vinyl flooring was the right decision for our project.


– Life Proof Vinyl Plank Flooring – rubber mallet – hammer – tape measure


The first thing you need to measure your room and figure out which corner you will start laying your planks.

After you measure it all out, you may end up needing to cut the width of the planks on both sides of your room so the placement looks symmetrical.

Once you figure out the width and the long seams, you need to figure out the short side seams.

You want to make sure that the last piece of the first row doesn't have a seam less than 6 inches from the end.

The reason why is because, if the seam is too close to the end, the planks may not snap together correctly.

To interlock them we just had to put the tongue from one plank into the groove of another plank and snap them together.

We used a scrap piece of flooring and a hammer to gently tap the planks together.