An Easy Fix For An Off Center Ceiling Light

How many times have you moved into a new house or rental and wondered why a hanging ceiling light was so far off center?

Instead of going through the expense and mess of moving a hanging ceiling light, I've found an easy solution and it costs less than $6.

Supplies for centering a ceiling light – tape measure – drill – swag hook kit – screwdriver – spray paint

How to center a hanging light fixture Find the center of the room. The first thing you want to do is to find the center of the room, which is very simple to do with a tape measure.

Installing the swag hook Now that you have your center it's time to drill a hole for the hook.

To install the toggle bolt you need to drill a hole that is just big enough to fit the toggle through.

To pre-drill a hole for the swag hook without the toggle bolt, just grab a drill bit that's a little bit smaller in diameter than the screw attached to the hook.

Hanging the light fixture After the hook is in and secure, it's time to hang your light. In our case it's this textured hanging light.