DIY Mason Jar Lamp

I searched high and low for the perfect small lamp but couldn't find what I wanted. One trip to the thrift store gave me my answer.


– ½ gallon Mason jar – mirror effect spray paint – vinegar/water mixture in a squirt bottle – clear enamel spray paint – lamp lighting kit


First I worked on creating the mercury glass look by giving the jar a thorough wash and dry.

Then I sprayed the first coat of  mirror effect spray. I immediately followed that with a light spritzing of a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water all over the outside of the jar (you want the water to bead up and not run down the sides).

I set the jar on cardboard to dry a few minutes and then took a wet but well-wrung out paper towel and lightly blotted the beaded water up.

I had to spray, spritz and blot 3 times before I was satisfied with the coverage. It's a really quick process but you need to be sure the jar is dry before adding more coats.

With my jar finished, it was time to add my lamp kit. I've posted the steps to working with a lamp kit before so, to keep this post from going too long, I won't go through the step by step again.