How To Hang Prepasted Wallpaper In A Closet

How to hang prepasted wallpaper in a guest bedroom closet. An easy project to do in less than 2 hours.

Is it hard to put wallpaper up?

Not really but it's much easier to hang if there's two people. In my case I had to do a bit of groveling to get the hubs to help me out.

Wallpapering tips

We just read the instructions that came with the wallpaper and did it, with a few modifications.

The very first thing we did was to work with a small sample piece of our pre-pasted paper.

The instructions said to use a roller or sponge but we didn't like how it spread out so I used a squirt bottle.

I sprayed down our small sample piece and booked it for the time instructed. It came out perfectly.

After I thoroughly wet the sheet of wallpaper, we booked it for 10 minutes and then hung it on the wall.

Also, if you paint your walls first, make sure you've given them plenty of time to dry.

We used 4 strips of wallpaper and it took us 90 minutes from start to finish.