Chocolate Creek Cottage

The new house, which we named after Chocolate Creek, which runs behind our property, is around 1700 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 very small bathrooms.


This room is typical of the time period. It's open to the dining area and kitchen (complete with railing) and is a step down (typically called a sunken living room).


The kitchen itself is a nice, large space but it's poorly laid out and the cabinets need to be replaced.

DEN This space is in the front of the house, next to the entryway. I'm not sure how the previous owner used this space, but we will be using it as a den.

MASTER BEDROOM At the end of the hallway is our master bedroom. I was hoping to get a bigger space this go-around but it wasn't meant to be.

GUEST ROOM The guest bedroom is in the front of the house. Like the master it is similar in size to our last guest bedroom.

SUNROOM This space seems like it was a carport at one time. It now has screened-in windows all around and a propane heater for the colder months.