Tips For Buying A New Sofa

When it came time to look for a new couch for this house, I went back to the lessons I learned the first go-round.

There are literally thousands of sofas available in all different styles and price ranges.

My focus is on buying the best quality for our price range, whatever it is.

Know what you are buying, buy what you can afford and buy it because you love it .

Measure, measure, measure!

Make sure you measure your room so you know exactly what size couch you need and how it will work with your existing furniture.

I usually walk around and do a quick inventory of sofas. I like to feel the fabrics, sit on sofas with shapes that appeal to me and narrow down my choices.

What you should look for when buying a new couch.

The sofa should be heavy, as in, it feels heavy when you lift it.

The sofa frame should be made from a hard wood, like oak, birch or maple (that's what makes it so heavy). Soft woods, like pine, can warp.

Built-in legs tend to be stronger. Removable legs may be necessary if you need to get your sofa in a tight space but built-in legs are best.

Once you've decided on shape, size and cushions, it's time to pick fabrics and finishes.