5 Tips For Small Space Living: Living Room

We've lived in 10 different homes during our marriage but this home, at just under 1200 square feet, is the smallest.

I thought I would share some of the things I've learned this past year starting with the living room.

1. Dressing your windows simply: Our living room may look large in photos but it's combined with the dining and entryway.

2. Be choosy with what you buy for your small living room: Because there isn't a lot of surface area for decor, I have to be very particular about what I buy and display.

3. Use double duty furniture: The cabinet that the tv sits on also houses my camera equipment, our cable box, wii, dvds, cds and lots of other stuff that I like to keep out of view.

4. Paint your walls a light color: Painting it a lighter color, BM Gray Owl at 50%, was the right move. It helped to brighten up our dark space.

5. Use mirrors to open up your small space: I have found that using mirrors in my small space definitely helps to open it up and adds extra light.