For me, fall always means changing out my t-shirts for sweaters, pulling out my throw blankets and getting the master bedroom ready for cooler weather. It’s nice to sleep on cool, crisp sheets and have minimal bedding during the summer months, but I always look forward to the change of seasons. Not only am I ready for a change in decor, but it also allows me to create a cozy bedroom for us to enjoy during the fall months.

Whether your space is large or small, turning your bedroom from summer fresh to fall cozy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are my 5 tips to creating a comfortable and cozy bedroom for fall.

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boll & Branch.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Create a cozy bedroom for fall

5 tips for creating a comfortable and cozy bedroom for fall.

Texture –  Introducing texture to your room instantly adds style and dimension. A couple of ways to do this with a rug, a small knitted ottoman or a pretty cable knit throw.

5 tips and ideas to help you create a comfortable and cozy bedroom for fall using textures.

Dressing your bed with beautiful linens – I admit it, I am one picky customer when it comes to the feel and quality of my sheets. After all, you sleep on them every night, and you’ll use them for years, so you should love everything about them. My favorite is crisp white sheets, not only in the summer but even in the fall and winter. I love that they keep the room light and bright, even on those dark and cold days that always come.

I usually keep the bed dressed very lightly for summer but I’ll go all out for the fall/winter months. Besides sheets, I always add a light blanket (for cool nights) and duvet (for when it’s really chilly, which is every night for the hubs 😉 ).

5 tips and ideas to help you create a cozy bedroom for fall using beautiful linens.

5 tips and ideas to help you create a cozy bedroom for fall using beautiful crisp white linens.

Adding candlelight and fresh flowers – Changing your bedroom over from summer to fall doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. A softly scented vanilla candle (my favorite) and a beautiful sunflower is a quick and inexpensive way to add a touch of fall.

5 tips to create a comfortable and cozy bedroom for fall using candlelight and fresh flowers.

Layer, layer, layer – Adding different layers to a space is the perfect way to create coziness in a bedroom. Whether it’s with a waffle blanket in a contrasting color on the bed or a soft rug on the floor, layering is an easy way to add dimension. Not only that but it also allows you to have fun with your decor.

5 tips and ideas to help you create a cozy bedroom for fall, including adding layers for interest.

Pillows! – Who doesn’t love pillows? One or two, or twelve.

Ok, twelve is a little much, but piling on a few pillows is sure-fire way to create a cozy bedroom. I added 3 euro shams, 2 standard shams and a lumbar sham to our bed. I also chose the banded shams and an embroidered lumbar sham to add some contrast with all the white.

Here’s my quick tip for using euro shams. If you like to use them but don’t want to buy, and ultimately store, a euro pillow, you can use two standard pillows. Used together they are the right size for the euro sham. It’s what I used in 2 of the 3 on my bed.

5 tips to create a cozy bedroom for fall, including using lots of pillows.

Bonus tip (the half in 5 1/2)…

Snuggling up to a cute pup while relaxing in your comfortable and cozy fall oasis may just be the best way to enjoy your space.

Just sayin’…

5 tips to help you create a comfortable and cozy bedroom for fall.

We’ve been sleeping on our new sheets for a few weeks now and they are truly the most comfortable sheets we’ve ever had. They even meet my picky standards.

Opening the package was a treat, too. All the linens were beautifully packaged and wrapped in pretty boxes, that you can reuse.

Decor ideas to create a cozy bedroom for fall.


Now that the master bedroom is ready for fall, I can work on the rest of the house.

What do you do to get your bedroom ready for the cool nights of fall?

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5 tips and ideas to help you create the most comfortable and cozy bedroom for fall by adding beautiful linens, layers, pillows and texture.


Rustic Wood Shutters in the Master Bedroom

small master bedroom with woven shades and white blanket on bed

I’m not sure what’s happening but it seems that I’m developing a theme windows lately. It started with a thrifted old screen, then it was custom curtain rods and sheers in the living room, and now it’s old wooden shutters.

Hey there and welcome to another Thrifty Style Team day, where a few of my talented blogging friends and I share how we style or makeover our favorite thrifted finds.

Today is all about a pair of old, rustic wood shutters that I found for a steal.

I actually bought these shutters for $10 from an estate sale when we lived in Illinois. I found them hidden in the back of a garage, all full of cobwebs and filthy dirty. They weren’t pretty but they were intact and without any rot, so I knew that a little TLC would fix them right up.

We’d been searching garage sales for months for shutters for our dining area window with no luck. Because we had looked at so many, for so long, I knew the ones I found were a great deal.

Taking old wooden shutters and adding then to a master bedroom window.

I took my prize home and was trying to figure out how I was going to hang them when the hubs took the new job in NC. I wasn’t about to get rid of them so we packed them up and moved them with us.

Fast forward to decorating our current master bedroom. We have a small master bedroom, as in teeny tiny, and decorating it has been a challenge. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we have 2 large windows, which is great for light but makes decorating a bit tricky.

Most people would put curtains on the windows to soften the room but that’s just not my style (although I did make one exception here). Besides the fact that I don’t care for them, curtains would have closed in the room, which is already small. I felt that simple was best, so I hung my trusted lined, woven wood shades and called it a day.

Once I added a new nightstand and lamp on the hubs’ side of the bed, I felt like something was missing on the window. Then I remembered my old wooden shutters hanging out in the basement. They would be the perfect touch.

Adding a small DIY nightstand to a small master bedroom.

All they needed was a good cleaning, a trim to cut them to size and a few screws to secure the sides. I like the idea of adding a touch of black so I kept them as is.

Trimming an old wood shutter to size to hang in a master bedroom.

We hung the shutters up and they fit perfectly, like they were meant to be in this space. I think the hubs even likes them. 😉

After old wooden shutters were hung on the master bedroom wall.

Genius old wood shutter Idea! Add them to the windows in a master bedroom window.

Now I just need to finish the rest of the room.

Have you found any new ways to use a thrifty find?

Remember to stop back tomorrow. I’ll be sharing an update on the powder room addition.

The thrifty goodness has just begun. See what the rest of the team has done with they’re thrifty finds.





DIY Thrifted Industrial Nightstand

Metal and industrial style furniture are so popular right now. Here's a quick and easy DIY industrial nightstand on a budget.

In my last post I shared the story of our mismatched lamps in the master bedroom and gave you a peek at my DIY industrial nightstand. Today I thought I’d share the transformation. It’s nothing dramatic, just a quick, easy and inexpensive upcycle.

We only had one lamp and nightstand in our new master bedroom, and really needed to add more light, so we decided that a new nightstand and lamp would be an easy fix.

We’ve always been a “one lamp in the bedroom” kind of couple. Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know, but for one reason or another I’ve always had a nightstand and a lamp and the hubs has always had a small pedestal and his clock. We don’t have overhead lighting in this room so this arrangement wasn’t working for us. To remedy that, I began the search for a new nightstand and lamp.

master nightstand

I was able to find a lamp but had a bit more trouble with the nightstand. I looked online and scoured estate sales and thrift stores but couldn’t find anything I liked in the size I needed. Then I spotted this vintage typewriter cart under a bunch of heavy boxes at a thrift store.

master nightstand 2

It was rusty, old and dirty, but for $5 I figured I could find a use for it, not even thinking about using it as a nightstand. I brought it home, gave it a good cleaning and sanded the rust off when it hit me…

We could use it for a nightstand (until I could find a proper one that fit our space). I took some measurements and it was just the right size, a bit on the short side, but otherwise a perfect fit.

A quick and easy DIY industrial nightstand on a budget.

I have no clue what I’m going to do in the master, so I decided that I would paint the “new” nightstand gloss white to keep things easy. A couple of quick coats and it was ready for it’s new life as a bedroom nightstand (for now anyway).

Turning a vintage typewriter cart into a stylish industrial looking nighstand. A quick and easy DIY on a budget.

It’s different and quirky and a nice change from all of the wood. The hubs is happy with the change too.

Turning a vintage typewriter cart into a stylish industrial looking nighstand. A quick, cheap and easy DIY.

I mean…I think he is, but you never know.

Now we are a “2 lamps in the bedroom” kind of couple.

Turning a vintage typewriter cart into a stylish industrial looking nightstand. A quick, easy and inexpensive DIY.

Change is good. 😉


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5 tips and tricks for creating a cozy and comfortable master bedroom for fall.5 Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom for Fall