Our sunroom has really been a work in progress since we moved in in 2016. Last summer I painted the room, rearranged the furniture and hung a new light fixture. That was Phase 1 of the makeover. It’s taken a while but I’m finally ready to reveal Phase 2, and it includes a few thrifty ideas for decorating. 

We started with yellow walls and a ceiling fan that didn’t work.

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using thrifted artwork and paint for a plain door.

A gallon of paint and a little furniture rearranging did wonders for this small space. 

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using thrifted artwork and paint for a plain white door.

With all the big projects done, it was time to work on decor. The plain, white back door (that will eventually be replaced) was calling out for paint and we needed to hang some art. 

Painting the door was a really quick and easy fix. You could even call it a thrifty change. I only used 1/4 of a quart of paint and it took about an hour to do.

I ended up using the same paint that I used for the kitchen island makeover, Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron. 

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using thrifted artwork and gray paint for a plain white door.

With the door done it was time to work on the next change…finding something for the one empty wall in the room.

As you can see the room is almost all windows. There is one blank wall though, and it really needed something. I’ve tried several things since we moved in…a standing mirror, a large picture and a wall gallery. Nothing seemed right until I walked into an estate sale and found these beautifully framed botanicals for $10 each.

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using $10 thrifted art and paint for a plain door.

There were 8 botanicals for sale, but they are quite large, so I just ended up picking the four prints I liked best. A great find for  $10 a piece.

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using $10 thrifted artwork and paint for a plain white door.

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using $10 thrifted art, a $15 plant find and paint for a white back door.

One last addition was the Bird of Paradise in the corner. I wanted a large plant for this space but was trying to decide on what kind when this lovely beast found me. She was in rough shape with torn leaves and sitting all alone in our local Home Depot. I asked a salesperson if she was for sale and they ended up selling it to me for $15. Can a plant be a “she”?


It was too good to pass up so she came home with us. Apparently I didn’t think it all the way through though, because I didn’t have a large enough pot for her. I quickly found out that large pots are pretty pricey so I picked the nicest one I could find at a price that I could live with. Not thrifty (even though it was on sale and I used a coupon) but I guess you can’t win them all.

Our new imperfect plant turned out to be the perfect addition to the empty corner. 

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using thrifted artwork, a broken $15 plant and paint for a plain door.

We still need to replace the floor and the back door, and I would like to add beams to the ceiling, but that’s all down the road.

I’m happy with the progress we’ve made in here but anxious for the leaves to come out. The view is so much better when everything is blooming. 

Thrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using $10 thrifted artwork, a $15 plant and paint for a plain back door.

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Sunroom Sources

Hanging light – Lamps Plus

Wall paint color – Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Regal Select, Eggshell

Door paint color – Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, Regal Select, Pearl

Faux fur stool – DIY 

Striped rug – Nordstrom (affiliate link)

Pillow covers – all from HomeGoods

Large planter – West Elm (affiliate link)




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Thrifty Decorating IdeasThrifty ideas for decorating a sunroom using $10 thrifted art, an inexpensive plant and paint for a plain white door.

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Small sunroom decorating ideas…and adding paint and lighting.

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lamps Plus.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

corner of beige sofa with floor lamp and stool with a book and ceramic pineapple on it.

So…the sunroom…

It’s looking so much better today but it certainly didn’t start out that way.

When we first moved in to the cottage last July, we had plans to eventually turn this room into a bathroom and laundry room. It was a dirty, disgusting mess and we both had no desire to be in it. We ended up just piling our boxes on the floor and left it.

After some time and a good cleaning (a really good cleaning) and the removal of the blinds, we started to soften up to the space.

A sunroom makeover before pic of the yellow walls and broken ceiling fan.

Once we added some furniture to the space, we knew that we would keep it as is and just do some improvements.

We are really loving the room now. The great thing about it is that it’s up in the air quite a bit, so it feels like you are in a treehouse. The view is really awesome.

I love to just sit in here in the afternoon with Finn and work on the computer, although I end up looking out the windows most of the time.

Before the sunroom makeover with yellow walls, sectional sofa and ceiling fan.

With a new plan, we came up with several projects that we want to tackle to decorate this space and turn it into a comfortable family room. New paint, lighting, flooring, a back door (a dutch door) and beams on the ceiling are all on the list.

With the powder room addition and bedroom closet happening right now though, I thought I’d do our small sunroom in stages. I wanted to get enough done so it would make an impact without taking a lot of time or money.

So, the first phase of the sunroom makeover began with paint and a new light fixture.

I liked the ceiling fan but the lights never worked right and the fan ticked when it was turned on. It drove me crazy. Turns out we really didn’t need a fan after all, so I went with a pretty iron chandelier to give the room a different feel.

Yellow walls and sectional sofa in the sunroom addition.

In between projects on the powder room, I began painting the walls. There’s 8 windows, a doorway and a vaulted ceiling in this room so it was not a small project. It ended up taking me 5 days to cut in the whole room (and it’s a small space). I love to paint but this was not a fun room to do.

Painting the yellow walls a soft gray during a sunroom makeover.

Once I was done painting, the hubs climbed the ladder and took down the ceiling fan. Not an easy job. He ended up cutting a hole in the ceiling around the mounting bracket, which was spackled into the ceiling.

Ugh…not pretty.

Trying to fix the hole in the vaulted ceiling after taking the ceiling fan down.

With the fan down, we needed a solution for the hole. The beams I want to add will cover it nicely but they aren’t going to happen for a while so we came up with a quick fix.

We built a simple adapter box out of scrap wood and painted it with ceiling paint.

A DIY adapter box to cover the ceiling hole from the fan.

A bit of insulation was added in the hole in the ceiling, then we attached our box and hung the new chandelier.

With the paint and lighting done, we tackled one last electrical project…which was to check the wiring and replace all of the outlets and light switches.

Finally, it was time to put the room back together and decorate. I wanted to try a different layout so we moved the sectional to the other side of the room and laid the rug. This room is really small, and the sectional is pretty big, so we don’t have many styling options. This sofa isn’t ideal for this size of a room, but it’ll do for now.

Tackling phase 1 of a small sunroom makeover using paint and new lighting. Change the look of your room with simple decor ideas.

I’m really liking this new layout. I can sit and see the whole backyard, instead of the driveway and road.

Ideas on doing a small sunroom makeover in stages.

Loving the new light too, and the hubs went ahead and installed a dimmer for me. We didn’t have a working ceiling light in here before so it’s nice to come into this room at night with the lights dimmed.

You can see the adapter box we had to build to hang the light.

Tackling a sunroom makeover in stages and sharing decorating ideas.

The striped rug is the only new addition to the room. Me and my stripes…it’s a true love affair 😉

Remember, this was phase 1. I didn’t even hang anything on the walls yet. I’m going to take my time and look for the perfect pieces. One thing that I’m going to look for is a taller plant for the empty corner. The heating vent is right there though so I’m not sure a live plant will work.

Corner of sunroom with chair and fiddle leaf fig tree.

I’m also going to do a quick makeover on the back door with a coat of paint. That’ll be part of the next phase of this sunroom makeover.

I’ve also been tossing around the idea of woven shades in the windows, thinking that they’d add a bit of warmth and texture to the room. I love the unobstructed view of the trees though so I’m not sure. What do you think?

Working on both rooms has done me in. I’m going to stick with only the powder room for a while. Uh…maybe???

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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