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I’m so excited to share a project that has been a year in the making, updating our old bathroom doors with new glass door knobs. Living in a 1946 stone cottage has it’s charm but also it’s problems. Well, it has a lot of problems but we’ll just focus on one today…the old doors and door knobs. 

I actually love the old doors. They’re paneled solid wood with original (for the most part) glass door knobs. They’re beautiful but most of them don’t close right, if at all, and some of the glass door knobs are either painted over, falling off or missing pieces. These doors have seen a lot of action in their 70 years and it shows.  

The door that is used the most is the first in line for some attention, the bathroom door. Thankfully it closes but at some point the old glass knob was switched out for a more modern knob, complete with smears of paint.

Updating old doors with new glass door knobs | Chatfield Court Not the look we’re going for. So when Wayfair reached out to me about their Touches of Elegance campaign, I knew it was the perfect campaign for us. We were asked to pick out new door knobs for one room of the house from Nostalgic Warehouse’s beautiful selection. Every door knob in the house needs some kind of attention but the bathroom is used the most so the choice was easy.

Updating old doors with new glass door knobs | Chatfield CourtAlthough the main door closed without an issue, the closet door was another matter. We haven’t been able to close it properly since we moved in and every time you would open the main bathroom door, it would hit the closet door. 

The closet door knob was a real mess. There was old paint all over it and the door frame was in need of repair. I knew it was in bad shape, but I never realized how bad until I started taking pictures. Eeeek!

Updating old doors with new glass door knobs | Chatfield CourtOf course me being me, I couldn’t just remove the old door knobs and replace with the new. Nope…not in this house. I had to do a little makeover on both doors so (A) they would close properly, and (B) so they would look their very best for our beautiful new glass door knobs.

The main door just needed a few spots caulked and a fresh coat of paint (SW Pure White) but the closet door needed a bit more attention. We had to remove it, along with the hinges that had layers and layers of paint on them, so that we could sand down the edges to allow the door to close properly. Apparently, the door had been painted a ton of times over its 70 years and, with each coat, it built up and prevented the door from closing. Luckily some sanding fixed the issue (actually a lot of sanding). It’s not perfect but it’s so much better.

Updating old doors with new glass door knobs | Chatfield CourtWe also had to scrape and paint the closet door frame. OMG, talk about ugly. It was a mess. And yes…at some point the doorway was painted burgundy. 

Updating old doors with new glass door knobs | Chatfield Court

I’ve been dreading this project since we moved in but it was time. I scraped the loose paint and filled all of the holes. The right thing to do would be to strip the frame and start over but it’s a huge job that’s at the bottom of the list. At some point we’ll do it right but, for now, it looks better and it closes. Plus it has that beautiful brass and glass door knob to distract you.

Once the scraping and painting was done, we added the door knob to the main door. I went with Crystal Glass Privacy Door Knob with Studio Plate by Nostalgic Warehouse for the main door. It was an easy install and, in just a few minutes, the door was transformed. No more paint smear on a door knob that didn’t match the era of the house. 

Updating 2 old doors in a 1946 stone cottage bathroom with a lot of elbow grease, a bit of paint and beautiful new glass door knobs. An easy DIY to add vintage charm to your home. | Chatfield Court

Updating 2 old doors in a 1946 stone cottage bathroom with some elbow grease, paint and beautiful new glass door knobs. An easy DIY to add vintage charm to your home. | Chatfield Court

Full disclosure here…
Things didn’t go the way we’d hoped with this project, which happens a lot but, because I’m always honest with you about our projects, I thought it only right to share everything that happened. The good and the bad.

The closet door was a bit more involved. I ordered a passage knob and it ended up not fitting. The door is only 1 1/16″ thick so it was tricky getting something new to fit a thin door. I worked with Nostalgic Warehouse, who went above and beyond to find a solution for me, but we just couldn’t get it to work. It was nothing that they did wrong, it’s just an old door, and an odd size. 

You can see the difference in the thickness of the doors in this photo.

Updating old doors with new glass door knobs | Chatfield Court

In the end we went with the Crystal Glass Double Dummy Door Knob with Studio Plate by Nostalgic Warehouse, which doesn’t have a latch. 

Besides the fact that there isn’t a latch for the door, we had to move plate and glass door knob down a few inches, otherwise the plate would have rested over the panel. Not a good look.

The knob looks beautiful but we still have the holes where the latch and the strike plate go. They aren’t centered with the new placement of the glass door knob, so they will have to get filled in and painted.  

Updating a closet door in a stone cottage bathroom with some elbow grease, paint and beautiful new glass door knobs. A quick and easy DIY to add vintage charm to your home. | Chatfield Court

Updating 2 old doors in a stone cottage bathroom with some elbow grease, paint and beautiful new glass door knobs. A quick and easy DIY to add vintage charm to your home. | Chatfield CourtWe still need to figure out a way to latch the door because it doesn’t close tight on it’s own. Something that will allow us to open and close it easily. I’ll keep you posted on what we end up doing.

The new door knobs though?

Oh my… 

I really love the way they look! I have antique brass scattered throughout the house, including the bathroom, so these glass door knobs fit in beautifully.

Updating old doors in a cottage bathroom with some elbow grease, paint and beautiful new glass door knobs. A quick and easy DIY to add vintage charm to your home. | Chatfield Court

Now I’m anxious to get to all of the other doors. 

After I figure out a way to butter up the hubs. 😉

Updating old doors in a cottage bathroom with some elbow grease, paint and beautiful new glass door knobs. An easy DIY to add vintage charm to your home. | Chatfield Court

Thanks so much for stopping in. I hope you have a great weekend!




Slowly but surely I’m making progress in the bathroom. The painting is done, the vanity is in, the new lights and new mirror are up. We’ve also added a couple of DIY faux floating shelves for some much needed storage.

Add a rustic touch to a small bathroom by installing DIY faux floating shelves over the toilet for much needed storage.

I’d like to give equal time to every project (and stall for time while I finish up the vanity 😉 ), so we’ll focus on the faux floating shelves today.

I wanted something on the wall over the toilet, and I needed some storage (this bathroom is teeny tiny), so shelves were the right call. Budget is always a consideration when I do a project and this one was no different. After looking at several options, we ditched the idea of buying pre-made shelves and went with something we could DIY.

DIY Faux Floating Barn Wood Shelves

I had a couple of scrap pieces of old barn wood leftover from our Illinois kitchen remodel, so we decided to use that. The biggest issue we had was how to attach the wood to the wall so that they would be sturdy enough to hold decor and bathroom necessities.

My first thought was to use shelf brackets but the studs were in odd places behind the sheetrock, and we needed to hit them in order to keep the shelves from falling down. We had no idea what to use so the project stalled until I found these aluminum flat bars. It was the perfect size and it gave us just enough room to add holes so we could attach the shelf to the wall, and hit 2 studs. 

aluminum rod from The Home Depot

The Home Depot

One $12 strip was all we needed for both shelves, making this project come in way under budget. 

aluminum rod from The Home Depot
It probably took us longer to measure everything. We had to be certain we knew where the studs were so we could drill the holes in the strip.

How to make floating shelves…

Once all the measurements were taken and we knew where the studs were, it was time to get the shelves ready to hang.

To attach the aluminum strip to our precut wood, we drilled 3 holes in the strip and 3 holes in the wood, evenly spaced. Then we drilled the 2 holes in the strip that lined up with the studs, so that the screws would hit the studs.

Adding DIY faux floating shelves over the toilet in a small bathroom.

Once all the holes were drilled into the strip, we attached it to the wood. We did this by lining up the 3 holes across the wood with the 3 holes in the strip. Once the strip was attached to the wood, the shelf was ready to be attached to the wall.  

All that measuring (and…let’s be honest…a little bit of arguing) paid off. We were able to get them up, level and secure on the first shot.

It sounds complicated but it wasn’t, and it actually worked very well. I wouldn’t put anything super heavy on the shelf, but they are very sturdy.

Adding DIY faux floating shelves over the toilet in a small bathroom for or much needed storage.

There is just enough space to add a little bit of decor among a few necessities. I also love that the old wood adds some warmth to the room.

You’re also getting a little peek of the vanity, paint and light fixture. I know it’s not much but I have to do something to get you to come back. 😉

How to add a rustic touch to a small bathroom by installing a couple of DIY faux floating shelves over the toilet for much needed storage.

How to add a rustic touch to a small bathroom by installing DIY faux floating shelves over the toilet for much needed storage.

Another busy week here. Hopefully we’ll be getting our new furnace before the end of the week. The temps dipped below freezing last weekend and it was very chilly in the house. 

Hope your week is a good one!

We also added industrial barn wood shelves to a guest bedroom in our Illinois house. It’s one of my most pinned projects on Pinterest.

barn wood shelves pinterest 4DIY Barn Wood Industrial Shelves



Tips and sources for buying an affordable bathroom vanity online. chatfieldcourt.comNow that my small hallway makeover is complete, I’m ready to start on the bathroom. It won’t get a complete makeover just yet but we will be painting the ceiling and walls and installing a new vanity, mirror and sconces.

The bathroom (which is our one and only) has a small, shallow pedestal sink that offered no storage and little space to put all of my necessities when trying to get ready, so I knew that it would need to be changed pretty quickly. I started my search for a new bathroom vanity before we closed on the house so, by the time we signed the papers, I was able to place my order and have it delivered and ready for us to install.

Pedestal sink before new bathroom vanity was installed.

Pedestal sink before the new bathroom vanity was installed. chatfieldcourt.comOf course, I started my search by shopping in our local home improvement stores but I just couldn’t find that perfect vanity. Perfect to me meant painted white, 36″ with drawers and cabinet space and a marble top. I also paid attention to quality and price, looking for a piece that was built with real wood at a reasonable price that didn’t break the bank.

Buying a bathroom vanity online never crossed my mind. I mean…you can’t really see what you’re getting for your money but, when I couldn’t find what I wanted in stores I bit the bullet and began to search online. What I found was surprising. There were tons more online than in the stores and there was every style and price point imaginable available. It was great to find a wide variety but it took me a while to sift through all of the choices, read reviews and find the perfect one.

Since I’ve already done all the research, I thought I’d share some of the sources and vanities I found online that were reasonably priced (and by reasonable I mean between $500-$1000), had good reviews and seemed well made.

See something you like? Click on the vanity name for more info.


Wayfair Beverly 30" vanity

Beverly 30″ by KBC – $849

Wayfair Bella 36" vanity

Bella 36″ – $899

Wayfair Silhouette 30" vanity.

Silhouette 30″ Wall Hung Vanity – $569

There are affiliate links in this post. Please see my Privacy Policy page for more info.

Amazon 46" cottage look Abbeville vanity.

46″ Cottage look Abbeville – $765 (+149 shipping)

Amazon Simpli Home Chelsea 24" vanity.

Simpli Home Chelsea 24″ – $528.29

Amazon 36" vanity from Ellimax.

30″ Vanity by Elimax’s – $799.99

Joss and Main


Joss and Main Tatiana 25.75 vanity.

Tatiana 25.75 – $499.95

Joss and Main Marlene 30" vanity,Marlene 30″ – $682.95

Joss and Main Tuscana vanity.

 Toscana – $615.95

As far as shipping goes, I got my vanity shipped for free (yay!!!), and all but one of my picks have free shipping as well. Also, make sure to carefully check the return policy before you place your order.

So, if you’re in the market and can’t find what you want in a store, you can definitely buy a bathroom vanity online. Just remember to do your homework and know what you’re buying before you press “BUY”.

 We are in the process of installing our vanity now, we ran into some issues that set us back. Can you guess which one out of the list?


Now that the holidays are over I’m so ready to get my house back in shape. There’s something about putting the Christmas decorations away and cleaning up the house that puts me in the mood to organize so that’s what I did this past weekend. First I worked on bathroom organization and then I moved on to the kitchen (which is a huge job after our year-long kitchen reno). Since I’m still working on the kitchen, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been using to keep my very small bathroom organized (so I don’t lose my mind).

Easy and inexpensive bathroom organization ideas |

*Most of the items listed are Amazon affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more info.

Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

10 Bathroom organization ideas |


We put one of these in our small vanity. I love that it slides out so I can get to my things that are in the back.

Shower Caddy

Bathroom organization ideas |


I don’t like shampoo bottles all over the shower so this is one of the first things I bought when we moved into our house.

Toilet Paper Holder 

A DIY toilet paper holder helps with bathroom organization |

I have a tiny bathroom with limited space under my sink and I needed a place to hang toilet paper to keep it out of the way, so I came up with this cheap and easy idea. Read more about it here.

Magnetic Strip to Hold Bobby Pins and Barrettes

A magnetic strip that holds bobby pins helps with bathroom organization |

I’m sure you’ve seen this idea floating around the internet. It really works and I’m not digging around in the drawer looking for bobby pins.

Bamboo Tray

A bamboo tray used in vanity drawers helps with bathroom organization |


I have two drawers in my vanity and I use a smaller version of this organizer tray in both. It keeps all of our things separated and neat…and it looks good.

Glass Apothecary Jars


Using glass apothecary jars helps with bathroom organization | chatfieldcourt.comI’ve always used jars for cotton swabs and cotton balls and I just added another one to hold our bars of soap. One less thing in the vanity is always good.

Storage Cabinet

Adding a small storage cabinet can help with bathroom organization |

We have 3 small, built in shelves in the bathroom and there’s just enough space under them to put a small storage cabinet to hold some of our toiletries.

Hanging Shelves for Storage (barn wood shelves how-to post here)

Adding shelves in a small bathroom can help with bathroom organization |

We put barn wood shelves in the guest bedroom and, if I had a wall to hang them on, we would put them in the bathroom for extra storage. They look great, it’s an easy project to do and it cost less than $50.

Command Wire Hooks

Using Command hooks can help with bathroom organization |

I am a huge fan of these hooks and I use them all over the house but they’re especially handy in the bathroom. I added one on the inside of each vanity door to hold items that I reach for every day, like my comb and mirror.

Over The Door Rack

An over the door rack can help with bathroom organization |


A lot of people forget that the back of the bathroom door is usable storage space. Using an over the door rack is a great way to hang wet towels and keep clothes off of the floor, especially if you have kids.

And while your busy working on your bathroom organization, it would be a great time to clean your shower curtain. I showed you how I clean mine here.

How to easily clean a vinyl shower curtain in your washing machine. |

These are just a few ideas that I’ve been using to keep my tiny space organized. Do you have any tips on bathroom organization to share?