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Painting a Bathroom Vanity

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One part of my bathroom is finally done…the bathroom vanity! It’s only taken me 2 weeks to do it but it’s done. (I did go out of town for 6 of those days) I have to say, I don’t know how all of you who have painted your kitchen cabinets do it. I was contemplating painting mine, and I have a rather small kitchen, but no way.

Not now…changed my mind. It’s not that it’s a hard job, it’s just time consuming. I have doors and tape and paint and caulk and everything from the vanity everywhere, and after 2 weeks, I’ve had enough. It doesn’t help that my bathroom is teeny, tiny and I could hardly paint the side of the vanity because I kept getting the brush stuck on the toilet bowl.

So, here it is before…

Painting My Bathroom Vanity | Chatfield Court.com

It’s your standard builder’s special, oak vanity with veneer sides, and it’s ok but I was not a fan of the color.

I first sanded everything with a medium grit sanding block and then painted on 2 coats of a bonding primer. Then I caulked all the little gaps and painted 2 coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove . I used a roller on the sides and columns and I used a brush on everything else. There were several gaps on the vanity that needed to be caulked, this is the side of the false drawer before caulk

Painting My Bathroom Vanity | Chatfield Court.com

And this is after. Amazing what a little caulk can do (check out some of my tips on caulking).

picture of outside of house and windows

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And the bathroom vanity after…

Painting My Bathroom Vanity | Chatfield Court.com

I love how it turned out.

I eventually want to replace this with something taller, my husband and I are tall, but this will work for now. I’m just glad I did this before I started the kitchen. It would take me months to finish that job.;)

Next up is priming and painting the woodwork, installing some missing woodwork and painting the walls. I finally found a color that I think will look great and I’m so excited to see it up on the walls.

Painting My Bathroom Vanity | Chatfield Court.com

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