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Why I Love Natural Fiber Area Rugs

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Area rugs…I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with them. Whether they’re wool or natural fiber area rugs, I have some mixed feelings about them.

I love that they can add warmth, texture, color and pattern to an otherwise neutral space. They’re also great for softening hardwood floors and they can help anchor a space.

There’s definitely a lot to love but they also have a few small drawbacks.

Besides texture, there's so many reasons to love natural fiber area rugs and tons of different ways to use them when decorating your spaces.

My first “nice” area rug was a beautiful wool rug. I loved the colors and the softness that it brought to my room but I didn’t like the shedding. I vacuumed that rug weekly and waited for the shedding to stop but, sadly, it never did. Not even after 4 years. As a self-proclaimed neat freak it drove me nuts!

Besides the fact that it shed, profusely, I sort of tired of the color and pattern. My style changes often and having a particular color and pattern rug was not a smart choice for me. Lesson learned.

So, instead of buying another expensive wool rug, I researched other options. There’s tons of styles and materials available, but I was drawn to natural fiber area rugs. I loved the fact that it would add texture and warmth to my room and be neutral enough for any decor scheme.

Natural fiber area rugs are inexpensive and add texture and warmth to small living areas.
Natural fiber area rugs add texture and warmth to a guest bedroom.

The two things that worried me about natural fiber rugs were the softness factor and, of course, shedding. I knew that they wouldn’t offer the same softness as a wool area rug, but would it be a deal breaker.

I wouldn’t know until I tried one out.

Natural fiber area rugs add texture and warmth and is a great inexpensive choice for a guest bedroom.

My first natural area rug was a round jute rug that I used under the dining table in our Illinois house. It was inexpensive and the perfect choice for our first try.

Natural fiber area rugs add texture and warmth to a small dining area.

It’s a great rug and has worn well these past 5 years. I did have a small tear in one of the seams but that was an easy fix. The issues that I did have with this rug were that it would pull easily and it shed. Not as bad as my wool rug, but I knew that my next rug had to do better.

A natural fiber area rug adds texture and warmth to a sunroom, plus it's an inexpensive choice compared to wool rugs.

After more research and sample testing between sisal and seagrass, I ordered my next rug, an 8×10 seagrass rug. I like the fact that it was inexpensive (compared to wool), it’s durable, doesn’t pull, it’s stain resistant and, best of all, non-shedding.

Adding texture and warmth to a small living room with a beautiful natural fiber area rug.

It did have a slight grassy odor when it first came but not enough to bother us, and it quickly faded.

I’ve had my rug for 3 years now and I love it just as much as I did when we first got it.

As for the durable and non-shedding claims? Our seagrass rug has performed well on both counts. No shedding and not one stain in 3 years, and the dog has been sick on it several times (sorry, just want to give you all the facts). If something has spilled on it, I just wipe it up and it dries without staining.

If there is one drawback to seagrass is that it isn’t soft, not like wool anyway. It’s not uncomfortable to walk on by any means but it’s not plush. My husband actually enjoys walking on it when he has tired feet. He loves how it feels underfoot.

Another awesome reason to use natural area rugs is that you can layer another rug on top, for added color or interest. I haven’t done this with our seagrass rug but I have done it with the rug in the sunroom and I love the effect.

Add another style dimension to a room by layering a striped rug over a natural fiber area rug.

The rug in the sunroom is the Heathered Chenille Jute Rug that I bought for a steal at The Pottery Barn Outlet. I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s held very up well. It has shed a bit but nothing like my wool rug. There haven’t any spills or dog mishaps on this rug so I can’t report on staining. I’ll keep you posted.

The great thing about this rug though, besides the texture, is that it’s really soft. I love it!

Adding texture, warmth and interest to a sunroom by layering a striped rug over a natural fiber rug.

So, my love/hate relationship with area rugs?

I’m not so sure I would do wool any time soon, but natural fiber area rugs? Yes please!  As a matter of fact, I’m looking to get two more, one for each guest bedroom. I guess you could say I’m hooked.

Do you have natural fiber rugs in your home? What are your thoughts on them?

My thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by the hurricane and devastating flooding.

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