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New House, New Plans

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It’s been a long 3 months filled with drama, a handful of moving trucks and plenty of sleepless nights worrying if everything was going to work out, but we are finally and officially in our new house in North Carolina. We closed on May 31, but we had a month left on our apartment lease, so we spent the time cleaning the house and getting it ready for all of our belongings. I had grand plans to get some painting and other little odd jobs crossed off the list, but a fall down the decks stairs a few days after our closing left me with a broken foot and two sprained ankles, which put a halt to all of my plans. Not the best start but we are in our house and that’s all that matters.

So, in my last post I shared a video tour of our new house and today I thought I’d share some of the plans we have to make it ours.

Moving into a new house is exciting but can be overwhelming. Making a list of projects and focusing on just a few priorities makes the transition easier. www.chatfieldcourt.com

The first time I walked into the house, when it was for sale, I immediately saw us living there. I could picture where my furniture would go, how the bathroom would look when we redid it and how new paint would change the look of every room. After moving in though, reality quickly set in and I realized how much there is to do to make it into the home of our dreams. As the hubs likes to remind me, at least once a day, “we have the rest of our lives to fix it up”, but it’s hard to remember that in all of the chaos and boxes. Sigh…

My fall has slowed me down to a crawl so I haven’t done any big projects but, besides unpacking boxes, I have worked on a small painting project and I’ve also started on a little something for the front porch, so I’ll be sharing those soon.

 Spray paint project for the front porch. www.chatfieldcourt.com

The hubs has been busy getting gas lines hooked up to the house. We brought our gas dryer with us from Illinois and we’ll be getting a gas furnace, to replace the ancient oil burner, and since the house has never been hooked up to gas, it was something that needed to be done right away. We’re doing all of the work ourselves, as usual, and, although it’s a big job, we’re saving a lot of money by doing it ourselves.

A kitchen with a green island

So, now that I’ve caught you up on what we’re working on right now, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the grand plans we have for our stone cottage.

Let’s start in the bedrooms.

All 3 rooms will all get new paint and crown molding, and, since the switches and outlets need work (in the whole house) they will likely get replaced. We’ll add new lighting/ceiling fans in each room and new window treatments for the master (the blinds will likely stay in the guest bedrooms for now).

New house, new plans for the master bedroom. chatfiedcourt.com

The poorly built bookcase will be removed in the blue guest room .

New house, new plans for the blue guest bedroom. chatfiedcourt.com

All of the original door knobs and hinges need some major work. They have been painted over so many times and not one door will close properly.

New house, new plans to fix all of the original doorknobs. chatfiedcourt.com

Our tiny hallway needs to be patched in several places and painted. A new light is also on the list.

This space seemed like something I could tackle right now so this is where I’m starting.

New house, new plans for the small hallway. chatfiedcourt.com

The bathroom will be completely redone…new tile, new vanity, new lighting, new mirror, some shelving and new paint. The vanity, mirror and lighting will be done soon, because the sink is awful, but the rest is not a priority.

New house, new plans for the small bathroom. chatfiedcourt.com

The living room will, of course, get new paint and a new beefier mantle that will hold our tv. We will replace the door that goes into the basement and the front door. I have been scouring thrift shops and ReStores looking for old doors (and I’ve accumulated quite the collection) and I’m hoping that the front door can get done sooner rather than later. We also need to create an entryway with coat hooks and shoe storage.

New house, new plans for the living room. chatfiedcourt.com

The dining area, which is connected to the kitchen, will get a new light (that I bought on our trip to the beach), new paint and a window treatment for the old casement window. Some former owner was crazy for ceiling hooks, and every room has at least one, so they all need to go and every ceiling will have to be patched and painted. Who said that owning a house isn’t fun?!?

New house, new plans for the dining area. chatfiedcourt.com

The kitchen will get a total remodel with new cabinets, countertops, flooring, sink lighting and appliances. Everything in this space is old and was never taken care of. The only thing that will stay in here is the island, but it will get a little makeover.

New house, new plans for the kitchen. chatfiedcourt.com

The sunroom, which was an addition on the house 10 years ago, will get a redo as well. The plan right now is to eventually turn this space into a bathroom, laundry room and mudroom. Things may change, of course, but we really need a second bathroom and this is the only space.

For now, it will get a good cleaning, new paint and all of the blinds will be removed. A new dutch door will also be hung, from my growing door collection. 😉

New house, new plans for the sunroom. chatfiedcourt.com

We also need to replace the oil burning furnace and 25-year-old air conditioner. Two huge projects, with big price tags, but we knew all of that coming into the house.

Phew, did you make it through? It’s all a bit overwhelming but I try not to focus on the long list and just do what I can each day. That’s all you can ask for, right? What about you…what projects have you worked on lately?

If you missed my last post and want to see the video of the new house, you can check it out you can check it out, here.



  1. Since I joined your site I’ve seen your work, so I know that you will pull everything together, and it will be breathtaking. Congrats on your new home. Sorry to hear about your fall and the breakages you sustained. Hope you will be up and about, completely healed soon. Thanks for the tour, and can’t wait to see your renovation.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Ivory. We are excited to get started (and a little overwhelmed) and looking forward to the process and sharing our progress. Thanks for following along, I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  2. Marie-Helene Belanger says:

    That green island kitchen is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the makeover…

    1. Thank you! I’m working on it right now, along with 10 other things πŸ˜‰ , and can’t wait to share it.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do to your house. It seems like the house is in pretty good shape from the looks of things in the pictures. I think maybe the pictures must be a bit deceiving. We are in the midst of a kitchen renovation we are doing ourselves. The cabinets are almost done, and from there we need to install new countertops with a new sink.

    1. Thanks, Melanie. You are right, the pics are a bit deceiving. The house is 70+ years old and hasn’t been taken care of, which is such a shame. It will take a while, but I hope we can shine her back up.

      A kitchen reno…how exciting! It’s so great that you’re doing it yourselves. Kudos to you!!! Would love to see pics when you’re done. πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Kristi, So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope that you are moving around a little better now. The house is absolutely charming. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. My garden is thriving, the deck is done and I can finally enjoy it. I have not done any other projects this summer. Been too busy selling homes. Hopefully in the fall I will get some painting done and flooring replaced in the upstairs of my home. Give my best to the Hubs!

    1. Thanks, Tara. We’re excited about the house and looking forward to fixing it up. So glad that your deck and garden are done and thriving. You have such a great spot out there and I know that you’ll enjoy it. Hope you and Don are well. Our best to you both.

  5. It sounds like a lot of work but very exciting. I love older homes and would love to be able to fix up one to my specifications. Unfortunately I do not have the skills or a husband any more to take that on. I found the perfect little house in one of the areas I want to be in but after seeing all the work and money it would take I realized it was way over my head. Still counting on the right house at the right time to turn up. Praying you get back to full health soon. Debbie

    1. It does sound like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Sometimes I wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into but it’s too late now. πŸ˜‰ It’s good to be busy, though, and we’ll definitely be busy for a good, long time.

      I’m sorry that the house fell through but the right one will come, at the right time. I just know it. Hang in there!

  6. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    I love your new home!! I really like that you have such a wide window in the kitchen & that kitchen island is awesome. It looks like it has some fun potential. Hope you are healing well & able to get around to do some of the little things. Keep us informed! And your husband is right, you have the rest of your lifetime to fix, adjust & love your new home!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I’m trying to enjoy the process and the house. We both feel very lucky to have found it and we’re excited to see it all fixed up.

      Thanks too, for your well wishes. I am getting better each day and look forward to getting rid of my “lead” boot. πŸ˜‰

  7. Your new home is lovely Kristi, I am sure that any improvements you make are just going to make it even better! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the process!!

    1. Thanks, Kim. I’m really trying to enjoy the process this time. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it slow. πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow – that is quite a list, and here I am whining and feeling overwhelmed because I have two rooms which need painting. I love being able to follow along and see how a house becomes a home, very exciting. Hoping you have a speedy recovery and that it is smooth sailing for you as you begin your renovations.

    1. Ha, don’t worry, Liz, there’s whining going on here at times too. πŸ˜‰ I’m trying to take my time and enjoy the process this time around. I moved through our last house so quickly and nearly killed myself doing it. Slow and steady this time but I am excited to get started.

  9. Oh Kristi, it is so exciting. I went thru a remodel last year to move into my ‘older’ home. You mentioned a ‘beach’ visit, was it to a NC beach, if so which one? I live 20 minutes from Atlantic Beach (close to Morehead City/Beaufort – town names you might recognize). If you are ever in the area please email me and let me know. I would love to visit with you and your husband. I pray for your continued healing. I know that you are excited to get your ‘projects’ accomplished so that you and your husband can enjoy your ‘stone cottage’.
    Patricia (NC Coast)

    1. Thanks so much, Patricia. We are excited and ready to get to work. It sounds like you’ve been through this too so you know what it’s like…exciting but exhausting. πŸ˜‰

      We did visit the coast last month and loved it. We stayed in Arapahoe and took the ferry over and ate lunch in Beaufort. We really enjoyed our visit and can’t wait to go back. If/when we do visit, I’ll be sure to let you know. It would be great to visit with you.

      Thanks, Patricia, for stopping in and commenting and for your prayers. I’m getting better every day.

  10. Deborah Yeary says:

    Wow you guys must be young and energetic! LOL I love the house and the way you listed what you want to do in each room sounds like a plan. It must be difficult to choose your MIP, most important project, check out Jackie Hernandez of Teal and lime, I took one of her courses, she has great tips for choosing projects and home decor. I can’t wait to see your progress.

    1. It depends on what you consider young but we do like to keep busy. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by and for the tip about Jackie’s course. I’ll definitely check it out.

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