Painting The Master Bedroom Ceiling


Before I broke my foot in the beginning of December, I was able to do most of the painting for the redo in my master bedroom. I started with painting the ceiling, then the trim, and then the walls. Today I’m going to share the details of painting the ceiling. Since I painted the bathroom ceiling BM Gray Owl (the color that I painted the walls), and I didn’t paint the living room ceiling, I wanted to try something different for the ceiling in the master. I have always loved what the fabulous Joan, from For The Love of a House, had done with most of her ceilings, so I thought I would do something different from the usual flat, white-painted ceiling. (Typically a flat or matte paint is used for a ceiling to hide imperfections or to let your walls and furniture stand out).

Here are the before shots of my room, as it was being cleared out to be painted.

Painting The Master Bedroom Ceiling | Painting The Master Bedroom Ceiling | Like the rest of my house, this is a small room and we have some big furniture in here. We have a king size four poster bed, a 3 drawer nightstand, a 2 piece armoire, a chair, a small bench at the foot of the bed, and a leaning mirror, that I just bought because I only had the bathroom mirror to gaze at my lovely self.;) Anyway, that’s a lot going on in such a small room, but we need a king sized bed and we have enough room to walk around and do what we need to do, so it’s all good. In the townhouse we rented prior to this house, we had a really large master and the space was really a waste for us. We just use our room to sleep, so we really don’t need anymore square footage than what we have.

So painting the master bedroom ceiling was first and I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore White Dove in Pearl finish. I have to say that I was a little nervous….you know what they say about putting a glossy sheen on a ceiling…but I really love it. It’s not overly shiny, just enough, it doesn’t scream “look at me!”, and it kind of brightens up the room, which is north facing and can be dark. I really love it and I will probably use it again in another room. 

Painting The Master Bedroom Ceiling | chatfieldcourt.comThis is the only picture I got that you could see the difference with the flat and the new pearl finish. I loved the way it went on too, nice and smooth with just two coats. Did I tell you yet how much I love it?

Next post I’ll tell you about the wall paint and crown molding we installed. Hopefully, I can get this room finished and photographed this week so I can show you how it looks all done.

Would you paint your ceilings with anything other than flat, white paint?


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  1. Tuesday,January 7, 2014 / 7:33 pm

    I love to paint ceilings a color other than white. There are so many different opportunities with color. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Winter Blues Wednesday party going on right now. Hope to see you there.

    • Kristi
      Wednesday,January 8, 2014 / 12:14 am

      Thank you for visiting. I am headed to your blog right now.

  2. Wednesday,January 8, 2014 / 4:06 pm

    We had a pearl finish added to our wall paint in our light blue bedroom and I love the way it picks up the light. This will be a good choice for you in your darkish bedroom! Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    • Kristi
      Wednesday,January 8, 2014 / 5:25 pm

      I agree, it looks so good when it picks up the light. Now I want to use it somewhere else. Thanks so much for reading.

  3. Wednesday,January 8, 2014 / 6:46 pm

    Good for you! I hate painting ceilings. There is nothing like fresh paint and the color you picked is lovely.

    • Kristi
      Wednesday,January 8, 2014 / 10:08 pm

      It is one of the worst jobs, isn’t it? Thanks so much for stopping by.

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