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Rustic Natural Pumpkins

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I have to confess that I’m not much of a shopper. Actually I’m, what I like to call, a quick peruser. If I have to go to a store for something, I’ll walk in and quickly head right to my intended target. Sure I do a quick perusal of my surroundings as I’m headed to my destination, but I rarely slow down to stop and look. If I’m looking for more than one thing, I usually make a list and have a good idea of how to get in and get out quickly with what I need.

Take Target, for instance. Whether I’m going for a birthday card or some makeup, I always head right to home decor and the Smith & Hawken aisle first and do a quick check. That’s what I did last week when I found the cutest rustic natural pumpkins. They actually only had 2 on a shelf that was pretty bare, so I quickly scooped them up and headed to my next target (no pun intended).

This post contains an affiliate link.

Rustic Natural Pumpkins from Target | www.chatfieldcourt.comAren’t they the cutest? If you read my post about adding fall to an old window last Friday, then you may have seen these beauties, but I wanted to share where I got them with you.

Every year, when I decorate for fall, I usually like to use things from nature and make a few easy-to-do decorations, but these were too cute to pass up (and sometimes it’s nice to take the easy way out and buy ready-made).