Make a New Wood Crate Look Old – Dog Toybox

I know that we are in the middle of a kitchen reno and I should be busy with kitchen projects, but I’m easily distracted and when an idea pops in my head I’m off to the races. Case in point…Finn’s messy basket of toys.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | It’s been overflowing for quite some time and I knew that I needed something larger but I didn’t know what to use. When I saw this wood crate on sale for $10 at Target, I knew that, with a little bit of work, it would make a great doggie toy box.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | chatfieldcourt.comI didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on the crate so I went for simplicity. wheels and some washed on paint. The first thing I did was add wheels. (When you do something like this you want to make sure you drill pilot holes for the screws so the wood doesn’t split.)

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | chatfieldcourt.comNext was paint. I was going to stain this but I started experimenting with some paint on a paint stick and found a color and technique I liked so I went with paint. I used some leftovers I had in the basement, SW Iron Ore mixed in Behr paint.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | chatfieldcourt.comTo apply it I used an old sock and some water. I dipped the sock in the water and then the paint, only getting a small amount. Then I just wiped it on the crate working with the grain of the wood.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | I went really light with the color and if I felt a spot was too dark, I simply dipped the sock in the water and rubbed the dark spot until I was happy with the color. I worked my way inside and then outside and even did the bottom (underside). It dried very quickly and in about 45 minutes, I was done.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | chatfieldcourt.comI couldn’t leave well enough alone though, and had to add a doggie touch to one side, so I printed a dog bone picture, cut it out and used it as a stencil. I wanted it to blend so I just used some of the Iron Ore and sanded it a little after it dried. I’m not crazy about the bone with the gap in the crate, but I can turn it around to the plain side. I do love the effect of the paint wash though.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old | chatfieldcourt.comMake a New Wood Crate Look Old | chatfieldcourt.comNow Finn has a new box for his toys and it only cost about $15. This turned out to be the kind of project I enjoy doing most…quick, easy and cheap. Now I need to find another one to do. 😉

Done any quick, easy and cheap projects lately?

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old |

I’ve had a tough time this week getting back on schedule after coming home from our little vacay but I’m hoping to get a post together to share some of our Disney fun next week.

Make a New Wood Crate Look Old |

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12 thoughts on “Make a New Wood Crate Look Old – Dog Toybox

    • Thanks Shirley. Oooo, furniture shuffling is one of my favorite things to do. Can’t wait to see what new things your shuffling and refreshing.

  1. Seems like you were hard;y gone and now you’re back. Like your crate.I have some wood folding screens I want to use on the back porch to block the sun. They need something done with them and this gave me an idea other than painting them. I also need some small storage on the back porch and this crate would be perfect. Thanks for sharing you idea. Debbie

    • I know Debbie, 5 days is not long enough for a vacation. 😉 I’ll take what I can get though. I’m glad that my project gave you some ideas for your project. If you try the paint technique, I would love to hear how it turned out.

    • And it’s an awesome mantra to have. 😉 I wish all my projects could be quick, like painting the kitchen cabinets. Ugh, they’re gonna be the death of me. Thanks so much for stopping in Kim.

    • I was surprised how great it looked, not like paint at all. I know that if you try it you’ll do something fabulous. Your projects always look great. 🙂

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