Easy Way to Fix a Hole in Wood (using toothpicks)

When we bought our house in 2013 it was a foreclosure. We got it for a great price but it was stripped of almost everything, including the big things, like the hot water heater and the bathroom vanity, and the little things, like the door stoppers for all the doors. The first time we opened a closet door too quickly and almost went through the wall, I knew that I needed to get some door stoppers in right away or I’d be adding “fix holes in the walls” to my ever-growing list.

An easy way to fix a hole in wood using toothpicks and glue. | chatfieldcourt.com

The holes were already in place so I picked up several door stoppers from Home Depot, figuring it would be an easy fix. Well, it wasn’t that easy. The holes were too big for the new stoppers so, instead of drilling new holes and fixing the old, I filled the holes with glue and toothpicks so that the door stopper had something to “grab” onto.

To do this you will need wooden toothpicks, some wood glue, scissors, a hammer and your door stop.

An easy way to fix a hole in wood using toothpicks and wood glue. | chatfieldcourt.com Put some glue into the hole and start sticking toothpicks in until they are snug and you can’t fit any more.

toothpick trick fixing a hole 5

Either break off or cut the toothpicks sticking out of the hole with scissors (it should be flush with the molding).

toothpick trick fixing a hole 8 Take your hammer and gently tap the toothpicks into the hole just to make sure they are snug.

toothpick trick fixing a hole 6Twist your door stop into the hole and…voila!!! The screw of the door stopper grabs onto the wood of the toothpicks.

Let it dry and you have a new door stopper in a big ol’ hole.

toothpick trick fixing a hole 2

Have you used this trick before?

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