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Genius Way to Hang Wreaths on Inside Windows

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A genius way to hang wreaths on inside windows with a curtain rod for the holidays or for any holiday or season.

I love to hang wreaths in our 8 sunroom windows for the holidays but had a hard time keeping them up.

Every year during the holidays I get so many questions and emails about my method for hanging Christmas wreaths on our windows.

small sunroom decorated for Christmas with a red plaid rug and window wreaths

For double hung windows it would be easy to pull down the top window and hang the wreath, with a piece of ribbon.

Unfortunately the windows we have in the sunroom are either crank out or solid so this method doesn’t work.

Christmas wreaths hanging in windows with blue velvet ribbon

It started with an idea…

The first Christmas that we lived in the cottage I had the idea to hang wreaths in the windows.

The plan was keep it simple and use a thumbtack.

I found out in a hurry that a little thumbtack was no match for the window frames.

They have some kind of vinyl coating on them so sticking anything in them, like a thumbtack, is a difficult task.

I didn’t want to overcomplicate things so after thinking on it a few days I came up with a solution…spring tension curtain rods.

wreath hanging in window with red checked ribbon

Yes, you can see them when you’re really looking for them but they blend well into the woodwork.

I experimented with the round rods first but found the the rods that have a flat back worked best.

The flat back allows you to push the tension rod all the way to the window so that it’s more difficult to see.

How do you hang window wreaths?

What you need:

wreath, ribbon and tension rod on a butcher block

How to tie a ribbon on a wreath

The first step was to cut the ribbon (cutting each piece before I start so that they are all the same length).

Once the ribbon is cut to size I strung it through the wreath and tied a knot in the end of it.

You could even tie a bow if that’s the look you are going for. Whatever method you choose you need to make sure the knot is tight.

tying red checked ribbon to hang a wreath

Next, slip the tension rod through the knotted ribbon and hang the wreath.

My choice of tension rod in this application is an adjustable spring rod that requires you to use a screw driver.

They seemed to be the sturdiest, which is good if your wreath is a little weighty.

back side view of spring tension rod

Hanging the wreaths

To install I just push the rod all the way to the top of the window and all the way back.

That’s it!

Now you know my wreath hanging secret!

So easy to do without damaging the window or trim.

small sunroom decorated for Christmas with a red plaid rug and window wreaths

When the season is over I simply take them down and store them in my Christmas boxes until next year.

They are ready to go if I decide to hang wreaths again.

plants in the corner of a sunroom with wreaths on the windows

What’s your solution for hanging wreaths in your windows?

Take a tour of the sunroom dressed for Christmas…