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Now that the holidays are over I’m so ready to get my house back in shape. There’s something about putting the Christmas decorations away and cleaning up the house that puts me in the mood to organize so that’s what I did this past weekend. First I worked on bathroom organization and then I moved on to the kitchen (which is a huge job after our year-long kitchen reno). Since I’m still working on the kitchen, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been using to keep my very small bathroom organized (so I don’t lose my mind).

Easy and inexpensive bathroom organization ideas |

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Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

10 Bathroom organization ideas |


We put one of these in our small vanity. I love that it slides out so I can get to my things that are in the back.

Shower Caddy

Bathroom organization ideas |


I don’t like shampoo bottles all over the shower so this is one of the first things I bought when we moved into our house.

Toilet Paper Holder 

A DIY toilet paper holder helps with bathroom organization |

I have a tiny bathroom with limited space under my sink and I needed a place to hang toilet paper to keep it out of the way, so I came up with this cheap and easy idea. Read more about it here.

Magnetic Strip to Hold Bobby Pins and Barrettes

A magnetic strip that holds bobby pins helps with bathroom organization |

I’m sure you’ve seen this idea floating around the internet. It really works and I’m not digging around in the drawer looking for bobby pins.

Bamboo Tray

A bamboo tray used in vanity drawers helps with bathroom organization |


I have two drawers in my vanity and I use a smaller version of this organizer tray in both. It keeps all of our things separated and neat…and it looks good.

Glass Apothecary Jars


Using glass apothecary jars helps with bathroom organization | chatfieldcourt.comI’ve always used jars for cotton swabs and cotton balls and I just added another one to hold our bars of soap. One less thing in the vanity is always good.

Storage Cabinet

Adding a small storage cabinet can help with bathroom organization |

We have 3 small, built in shelves in the bathroom and there’s just enough space under them to put a small storage cabinet to hold some of our toiletries.

Hanging Shelves for Storage (barn wood shelves how-to post here)

Adding shelves in a small bathroom can help with bathroom organization |

We put barn wood shelves in the guest bedroom and, if I had a wall to hang them on, we would put them in the bathroom for extra storage. They look great, it’s an easy project to do and it cost less than $50.

Command Wire Hooks

Using Command hooks can help with bathroom organization |

I am a huge fan of these hooks and I use them all over the house but they’re especially handy in the bathroom. I added one on the inside of each vanity door to hold items that I reach for every day, like my comb and mirror.

Over The Door Rack

An over the door rack can help with bathroom organization |


A lot of people forget that the back of the bathroom door is usable storage space. Using an over the door rack is a great way to hang wet towels and keep clothes off of the floor, especially if you have kids.

And while your busy working on your bathroom organization, it would be a great time to clean your shower curtain. I showed you how I clean mine here.

How to easily clean a vinyl shower curtain in your washing machine. | chatfieldcourt.comThese are just a few ideas that I’ve been using to keep my tiny space organized. Do you have any tips on bathroom organization to share?


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34 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization Ideas

  1. Hi Kristi, hope you had a great holiday. My favorite idea is the first one. I have baskets on the shelves under the sink, the plastic kind that you have to unload and wash regularly. Wire would be much easier to keep from getting dusty. I also like the command hook for hair brush. I am doing that one today. All my rooms are organized except my sewing room, which is my guest room. I have to get it organized because my sister will be visiting in February and the bed is covered with projects. Want to come and help? LOL.

    • I did have a great holiday, thanks for asking Debbie. The wire drawers are very easy to keep clean, I just vacuum them off occasionally. I would love to come help you…I love to organize. 😉

      Hope you have a great week!

  2. When Dennis designed our bathroom he allowed for space on one wall where shelving could be recessed between the studs in the wall. We haven’t yet used this space, but it’s there if we need it. One organization tool that really helped me keep my hair stuff neat and handy in our old apartment was to buy a nice looking tote with pockets and zippers and such where I could store my hair blower, brushes, combs and such and stow it in under the sink inside the cabinet. I like the glass apothecary jars for storage, too. Your idea for storing extra rolls of toilet paper is a neat idea. xo ~ Nancy

    • That’s a great idea Dennis had with the shelving space in your bathroom. He’s one smart cookie. 😉 The toilet paper idea came from a place of desperation…toilet paper to store and no place to put it, ha. It’s actually worked quite well though. Thanks for dropping by Nancy and for sharing some of your bathroom organization tips.

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I am loving these wonderful organizational ideas. Fabulous job! I would love for you to share this at our What’s it Wednesday Linky Party! Fantastic way to start the year with inspiration.


  4. Great ideas! I love the apothecary jars and the barn shelving! I’m in the middle of remodeling (mostly painting and redecorating) my powder room right now. Some great tips here. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Amy. Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. 🙂 It always feels good to refresh a space. I’m glad my post helped to give you ideas. Best of luck with your remodel!

  5. Hi Kristi! Love these ideas…. especially the toilet paper holder, genius!! I just reorganized my linen closet in the bathroom and discovered all kinds of trash to throw away and found more space! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your creativity this year!

    • We had a kitchen remodel that took forever to finish so I feel your pain. I’m glad you were able to get some good storage ideas. Best of luck finishing your remodel. 🙂

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