Our to-do list

Now that we have been the house for a week, I wanted to make a to-do list so we can keep track of what needs to be done. It’s also nice to have a list so you can cross things off as they are completed. This is only a first draft, after only being here for one week, so things may change along the way.kitchenempty

  • new locks on doors
  • A/C installed – this house was a foreclosure and the previous owner took EVERY. SINGLE .APPLIANCE, and the bathroom sink
  • new appliances (refrigerator, washer, dryer)
  • fix roof by chimney, which was leaking into the basement
  • install dehumidifier in basement
  • check all electrical outlets, some are not wired correctly
  • remove all 3 satellite dishes and antenna from roof, patch holes
  • fix bathroom shower lever (can’t turn on water because it hits the plate)…don’t know how old owners took a shower
  • caulk around tub
  • redo bathroom shelves
  • paint bathroom vanity
  • fix bathroom sink faucet, leaking all over bottom of vanity
  • replace kitchen faucet, it had no water pressure because it was all clogged up
  • fix dishwasher connections to the sink, they were not connected properly and leak. Screw dishwasher to counter (it was never connected and leaned forward when you opened the door
  • rebuild the inside of all three bedroom closets…yup, previous owners took all of the rods and shelves in the closets
  • window treatments for all windows
  • motion lights installed on front and back porch and on garage
  • clean clogged gutters
  • scrape and paint front railing
  • remove or fix and treat fence (not sure what I want to do)
  • clean and treat back deck
  • install kitchen cabinet hardware
  • install kitchen light
  • build pantry, no place to put food
  • tile backsplash in kitchen
  • paint in every room…the bank painted every room but it is this pinky beige color (the color of silly putty)
  • remove all of the 60 year old juniper bushes around the house

livingroomemptyThis house was a foreclosure so the bank came in and redid some things.  They installed a new hot water heater, a new heating system and a new kitchen, including a stove and a dishwasher. They didn’t go overboard with the quality and there are no extras like hardware on the cabinets but the house is in pretty good shape otherwise.  It has a roof that was put on a year ago, according to our neighbor, new windows and new tile in the bath and kitchen. All in all, we got a pretty good deal and all of the most expensive items that are in a house are either brand new or a year old.

Do you have a to-do list? How do you tackle it?

Let the games begin!


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