I’m not sure if I’m more excited about spending less than $50 for our hallway redo or the fact that I’ve completed the first space in our new house, but it’s definitely a happy day here. I didn’t think I would be able to do anything until my feet were completely healed but this little hallway redo was easy and it was enough of a change that it satisfied my need to redo a room…for the moment anyway. Throw in the fact that it didn’t break the bank and you have the perfect project (and one happy hubs, because he’s always thrilled when a project doesn’t cost a lot).

A small hallway redo using gray paint, some farmhouse decor and lots of family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

Here is where we started…

This is looking toward the master bedroom, with the bathroom on the right and the living room and dining room to the left. Most of the house was painted with SW Navajo White and it looks yellow in almost every room, which isn’t bad but it’s really not my style.

new house reveal 12

Looking from the master to the guest bedroom.

new house reveal 2There were a couple of huge holes in the walls from a smoke detector that was mounted in the middle of the wall (who does that?) and an old alarm system that didn’t work, so they were removed and the walls were patched. We, and when I say “we” I mean me, also wanted to change the vintage ceiling light for something bigger that would light up this dim space.

The ceiling and trim were painted by the previous owners right before they put the house on the market in May, so I didn’t need to touch them. Once the walls were prepped, it was time for the good stuff…paint. I stuck with a light gray for this space and chose Benjamin Moore Horizon, a beautiful gray/blue. It was my first time using this color and I love how it turned out.

Looking toward the master.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, a bit of farmhouse decor and family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

I hung family photos in the hallway in our last house in Illinois and knew that I would probably do it here as well. This is really the only space in the house where I can put all of my favorites together. It’s my happy space filled with great memories of our girls.

Looking from the master to the very messy guest bedroom.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, some farmhouse decor and family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

We removed the old light and put up the brass fixture that I had in my entryway in our last house. It was a great find from ReStore and I snagged it for $20. I’m adding some brass touches to the bathroom so I thought that repeating it in the hallway would tie the two spaces together.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, some farmhouse decor and lots of family photos. chatfieldcourt.com

I was slightly nervous about hanging so much in this small space but I really love it.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, a bit of farmhouse decor and some family photos. chatfieldcourt.comI switched some of the photos and frames around but everything I used I already had. The only purchase was the paint, and I have half of it left to do another space.

A small hallway redo using gray paint, a bit of farmhouse decor and lots of family photos. chatfieldcourt.comJust finishing this space, and having family photos out so that we can see them every day, has really made our new house feel like home. I’m excited to start the next project.

What’s new with you? Have you finished any projects lately?


Looking for hallway decorating ideas and inspiration? Check out this post.

small hallway decorating ideas 2

Small Hallway Decorating Ideas



Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comLast week I shared the reveal of my 2nd guest bedroom makeover. I overloaded it with photos so now I thought I’d share some of the details on the decor I used and the platform bed that Mr. C¬≤ built for me. This is what the bed looked like before paint and bedding.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comAnd this is after…

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comGuest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comDidn’t he do a great job? I was the lucky one that got to fill holes, sand, prime and paint this baby and let me tell you…painting MDF is a huge P.A.I.N. It just soaks up the paint, which raises the grain, so I ended up doing a lot of sanding. I used the same color paint that I used on the rest of the trim and doors in this room, BM White Dove, and we ended up spending about $200, which includes the wood and wheels. It’s definitely a solid piece of furniture that can easily be taken apart, in case we move,  and it allowed us to use the expensive futon mattress that we already had.

I had a hard time finding baskets that were big enough to sit in the bed cubbies without looking lost but I found these at Ballard’s and, compared to some that I saw, they were well made at a good price (more than I thought I would have to spend on baskets though).

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.com

The pillow covers on the bed are all new. The large white euro shams and the red velvet I bought at Pottery Barn, the cream and tan pillows were an Etsy purchase, as was the crocheted pillow cover. I’m so glad that I went with the pop of red…I really love it with the wall color, BM Palest Pistachio, and the other light colors I used.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comI knew I wanted to use brass accents in this room so when I saw this brass lamp in Home Goods months ago, I brought it home. I wrestled with the idea of wall sconces or a standing lamp because I knew that I wouldn’t have room for night stands (and lamps). I ended up with a standing lamp because it’s easier to move around with the bed. If I want to move the bed to the window wall, the lamp can go with it.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comThe *red wall pic and the *steer pic on the barn wood shelves I made were all bought on *Minted. It was the first time I ordered anything from them and, I just have to say, I was really impressed. From the website to the packaging of my items, I had a great experience and loved everything I got. I would definitely recommend them and will be buying from them again. All of the other items on the shelves were things I already had.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.com


I had several comments about my armoire, a piece I’ve not shown on the blog before. I bought it at a little shop in Georgia when we lived there (about 8 years ago). It’s got antique hardware with an old key and lock and it’s made out of reclaimed pine. My husband tries to convince me to get rid of it every time we move (he hates it) but I love it so it will come with me where ever I go. ūüėČ

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comI’ve already shown you my hanging light that got repainted. I’m so glad that I went for the change because it blends so well with the room now.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comI’ve also shown you my red chalk paint cabinet redo (it’s how my pop of red came about).

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comAnd finally my planked wall. It’s subtle but it adds just a bit of texture to the room. It’s such an easy, inexpensive project and hope to do it in another room.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.comThat’s my whole room. Seven long months of work but we are loving how it turned out. I’m still working on accessories and I would like to get a small rug, but this room is a wrap. Now it’s on to the kitchen, and the husband is not very happy to be there. He is going to have to help me out some and he’s not looking forward to it. We I have lots of things planned and I’ll be sharing all of that very soon. This is the room that needs the most work so I’m excited to get started.

Come back tomorrow and check out a fun, green and super easy recipe I want to share with you (and it’s not salad ūüėČ ). It’s something we use to have all the time at gatherings when I was growing up and I always remember it on Thanksgiving. Do you have any recipes from your childhood that you always make for Thanksgiving dinner?

  • walls – BM Palest Pistachio
  • trim, doors – BM White Dove
  • ceiling – BM White Dove
  • platform bed – made by us
  • red velvet pillows – Pottery Barn
  • white Euro shams – Pottery Barn
  • cream, tan pillow covers – Etsy
  • barn wood shelves – made by us
  • steer picture – *Minted
  • red wall with ampersand – *Minted
  • large bottles on armoire – Ballard’s
  • brass standing lamp – Home Goods
  • red cabinet – painted in Americana Decor chalk
  • hanging light fixture – made by me

*affiliate links used. see disclosure.

Guest Bedroom Redo Info | chatfieldcourt.com



It’s finally done…my 2nd guest bedroom makeover is complete and I’m so excited to share it with you.

A pretty guest bedroom reveal including a fabulous DIY platform bed with tons of storage and barn wood shelves. | chatfieldcourt.com My first post on this room was way back in April when I told you about my plans and shared a mood board. Wow, 7 months…I can’t believe it took me that long to complete. I guess after 16 months, 4 room redos and tons of projects, this house redo business is starting to slow me down. We did do quite a bit of work in here though. I fixed the water damaged wall, installed a plank wall, installed crown molding, painted the ceiling, walls, doors (there are 3 in this room did I tell you that yet?? ūüėČ ) and trim, installed a new ceiling light, changed all the door hardware, redid a small cabinet with chalk paint, installed barn wood industrial shelves AND we built a platform bed. Phew…that’s a whole lot of work for such a small¬†room.

Guest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comWe have three bedrooms in this house and this is the 2nd guest bedroom. Just like the other rooms, this room is pretty small with 3 doors and 3 windows. The door on the right, closest to the window, opens to the kitchen so we usually keep it open and use this room as a walk through to the bathroom and other bedrooms.

Ok no more yakking, here is the reveal. I had so much fun putting the room together to take pictures so I’ve loaded up the post¬†and you will see some decor change in a few of them. Enjoy…

This is nearly the same angle as the before pic. I have nothing on the wall to the left of the door to the kitchen because the door is always open.

Guest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.com

Guest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comGuest Bedroom #2 Reveal | Chatfield Court.comI think I’ve shown you every nook and cranny. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I think the bed looks even better than I imagined.

Next post I’ll give you details and product sources. If you have any questions about anything you see, please leave a comment. I always read and answer every comment I receive. ūüôā Thanks so much for sticking with me through the last¬†7 months and with this pic-tastic post.

Check out a few of the projects we did in this room.

Adding barn wood shelves, using plumbing parts, in a guest bedroom. | chatfieldcourt.com

Barn Wood Shelves


I know I keep saying that I’m done with the living/dining/entryway that I just painted, for the 2nd time, but I guess I can’t leave well enough alone. I see something that doesn’t look quite right and I have to¬†change it…as in right now.

Entryway Updates upholstered bench and turquoise front door | chatfieldcourt.com

Let’s take a look back to right after we moved in last June before anything was painted. This was the only picture I could find (those packages are my first set of living room blinds) but you can see the white front door, white closet door, swine colored walls and green marble on the half wall.

Entryway Updates before | chatfieldcourt.comThe first thing I did was to paint the door a lovely shade of blue, Ben Moore Blue Lake. I also added a bench to put on our shoes, some carpet squares and a coat rack made with an old piece of wood and 3 numbered hooks.

Entryway Updates turquoise front door | chatfieldcourt.comThe inside of the door was plain, no molding, so I decided to try to paint “faux” molding to give it a little style, I explained how I did it here. I also painted the walls¬†with¬†Ben Moore Thunder.

Entryway Updates | Chatfield Court.comThis was how I left the space for a few months, but the white closet door bothered me. There was just too much going on with the blue door, in such a small space, so I decided to paint it the same color as the walls. We also built and painted a wooden cap to cover the green marble on the half wall. Things are starting to shape up!

Entryway Updates | Chatfield Court.com

After the really long winter we just had, and because this North facing room gets no direct sunlight, I found that the paint color on the walls was just too dark. I decided to change the color and go for something lighter so I painted them Ben Moore Gray Owl at 50% strength.

Entryway Updates | Chatfield Court.comI was loving the lighter and brighter color but I felt that I needed to add a little something to the wall where the coat rack hangs and I’ve also been wanting to paint the bench that was all dinged up. I like my silver deer head but he was looking a little lonely, so after searching for something to hang with him, and not finding anything I liked that would fit in the small wall space, I decided to make my own art. I had several small frames that I spray painted black and I added maps highlighting the towns in the states that we have lived in…New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida.

Entryway Updates | Chatfield Court.comI also gave Mr. lonely silver deer a makeover using oil rubbed bronze and some gold spray paint (love the shiny gold). I ended up spending about $12 to buy two cans of spray paint to do these updates, since I already had the deer head and frames and I printed the maps. Big changes in a small space for not a lot of money.

Entryway Updates | Chatfield Court.comThere are still a few things I would like¬†to change down the road, like changing out the storm door and I really want to get a new front door that has some windows to lighten up¬†this area. I’m thinking that I want to put a cushion on the bench too, it gets dinged up easily from Finn’s leash and the car keys, but that can wait a while.

Update: I finally upholstered the bench and this is what the entryway looks like today. You can check out my tutorial on upholstering the bench here.

Entryway Updates upholstered bench | chatfieldcourt.com

Do you ever just look at something in your house and think that you have to change it…like now? Tell me I’m not the only one.

Thanks so much for stopping by.