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Dining Room Christmas Decor in Navy

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Dining room Christmas decor in navy, silver and velvet. It’s one of my favorite holiday decor color combos and looks beautiful with a flocked Christmas tree.

I’ve been wanting to change up my holiday decor and use something other than the traditional red and green colors I usually use. 

Navy blue is one of my favorite colors, as you can see throughout our cottage, and I’ve always wanted to try it out for the holidays.

This year I finally went for it and I’m really loving the way it looks. 

Last year I went with a natural rustic Christmas tree using dried oranges and cranberries.

cottage dining room decorated in navy for Christmas

I loved how easy it was to put together and the way it looked. This year we went in a completely different direction.

So let’s look around the cottage dining room and check out our navy Christmas decor.

Christmas tree decorated in navy

The first thing you notice in our dining room is that our Christmas tree sits in the corner, instead of the living room.

We have an older home, which is small, so the only place to have a big tree is the dining room.

It took me a while to get used to it but I’ve grown to accept and love it. 

If you’ve visited us during the holidays before then you might also notice that the tree has changed.

I usually put my fuller green tree in this corner but this year I switched it out for the slimmer flocked tree that I had in the sunroom last year.

It’s a beautiful tree but I think I prefer the look of the fuller, green tree.

The navy does look pretty against the flocking, though. 

blue jar with bottle brush tree with flocked Christmas tree in background

I’ve been collecting navy ornaments the last several years in hopes of creating a blue Christmas look.

Most were found on clearance after the holidays, which is the best time to get them.

The navy velvet ribbon was one of my only purchases for the tree, besides the crystal snowflake ornaments, so I didn’t spend a lot putting this tree together.

The ribbon wasn’t easy to find so when I finally did locate it, I bought a lot.

Probably more than I’ll ever need, but it’s a good excuse to decorate with navy again.

Christmas presents wrapped in velvet ribbon under flocked Christmas tree

As for the rest of my Christmas decor, I kept it simple.

For the natural wood buffet I used a big glass jar filled with leftover navy and silver ornaments and grouped together a couple of faux lighted mini Christmas trees.

All of the wreaths that I hung around the cottage were tied with the beautiful velvet navy ribbon, that I apparently have stock in.

That gorgeous velvet ribbon is my favorite thing this season (can you tell?). I love it with the green.

dining room buffet with glass jar full of ornaments and grouping of faux mini Christmas trees

I brought out some of the DIY dried orange ornaments that I made last year and hung them on a mini tree on our kitchen island.

A grouping of beeswax candles adds a soft, warm glow at night (and who can resist that subtle, natural scent).

grouping of beeswax candles on kitchen island with navy Christmas tree in the background

I have to say that I was nervous about using navy because I was afraid it wouldn’t look like Christmas without the red and green.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Navy Christmas tree in corner of cottage dining room with presents underneath

The cottage looks festive and it’s truly my style. I just wish that I would have done it sooner. 

closeup view of navy Christmas tree decor and large crystal snowflake ornament

The dining room chair covers and navy velvet pillow covers blended in well with our holiday theme this year, which meant less work decorating.

It also meant that I could use things that I already had so I didn’t have to go out and buy new just for the holidays.

They might not scream Christmas but they fit in with the tree decor. 

The holidays are expensive enough without having to go out and buy new decor every time you want to change out your colors.  

navy Christmas tree in corner of dining room

Happy holidays!

black and white puppy laying in front of Christmas tree