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RV Christmas Decorations

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Come take a tour of our RV Christmas decorations complete with wreaths, trees and twinkling lights.

When we started our cargo trailer conversion in 2017, decorating for Christmas was never on my radar.

There were always so many projects to worry about…to complete.

This year our tiny RV is in a good place project-wise, so I pulled out the Christmas decor.

view of RV sink and faux Christmas trees on wood counter

We don’t have any plans to camp over the holiday but that doesn’t mean Minnie can’t get her Christmas on.  

I recently shared our cargo trailer reveal and all the details of the work that went into turning it into a tiny RV.

We’ve taken several trips this year, while we were still building it, and it’s been fun getting back into the camping lifestyle.

gray cargo trailer in driveway

We bought the trailer way back in 2017 but this is the first year that it’s been done enough to decorate it for Christmas.

It’s only 112 square feet (3x smaller than your typical hotel room) so I wasn’t able to add a ton of decor or a full sized tree.

I tried my best to make it look and feel festive without making it look like Christmas threw up.

So let’s get to the RV Christmas decorations…

view of kitchen and bed decorated for Christmas in RV

I didn’t want to put a lot of money into it, since it’s a weekend travel trailer, so I mostly decorated with things I already had.

The wooden Christmas tree in the corner of the kitchen was a recent find, but everything else was recycled.

Since I went with a navy, white and silver Christmas decor in the cottage, I chose to go with natural elements and dark green in the RV. 

Christmas decor in corner of RV kitchen

I grouped mini Christmas trees together on one end of the countertop and added a few strands of battery-operated lights.

They are really inexpensive and so easy to use all over the house, or in this case…RV.

I like to make sure that I get the ones with a timer, that way I don’t have to worry about turning them on and off.

faux Christmas trees on counter in RV

The shelves that we built from the leftover countertop, are the perfect spot to add twinkle lights and wreaths.

They’re sharing the space with our dishes and glasses. I love having our every day dishes within easy reach when we’re camping.

wood shelves in RV decorated for Christmas with wreaths and twinkle lights

We are lucky enough to have a king-sized bed in the RV so I made sure to add some Christmas cheer to it.

I added forest green velvet pillows and a fun lumbar pillow.

I also tossed on a faux fur throw and my DIY acorn garland to give this side of the trailer a fun seasonal vibe.

Christmas pillows on bed with faux fur throw
closeup of faux Christmas trees and tiny ornaments

Like I said, we built Minnie for weekend, warm weather getaways so there aren’t any plans to take her out during the holidays.

If we get a break in the weather though, that could all change. That’s the great thing about having an RV.

You can take your mobile home away from home out at a moment’s notice.

view of RV bed dressed for Christmas

It’s always a challenge decorating a tiny space, especially for a holiday, so I hope this gave you some ideas. 

Now I want to go out there, turn the twinkle lights on and read a book. Hmmm, I may just have to give it a try. 

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  1. Minnie looks mighty cute all decorated for Christmas, you really should try that—the twinkle light and a reading break.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat! I have already spent some alone time in our Christmas Minnie and it’s so festive with the candles burning and the lights twinkling. xo

  2. You got me at king-size bed 😵 woohoo! How awesome is that?! Great to have the space for sleeping comfortably. Congrats! I love your Christmas cheer!

    1. I know, right? We talked about cutting it down to a queen but I’m glad we stuck to the plan. We are most comfortable in a king. Thanks so much for checking out our cargo trailer dressed for the holidays. 🙂

  3. Minnie looks great—just a touch of Christmas makes her festive for the holidays. Love that wood tree !!

    1. I couldn’t add a lot but I did want to do something. Love how festive it feels with the candles lit and the lights twinkling.

  4. Michelle C. says:

    I think it’s perfect! Not too much or too loud for the space-just right.

  5. Hi Kristi, Well I have to say Ms. Minnie is looking so festive and pretty being decorated for the holidays! So, yes, yes, yes, grab a book, magazine and a nice beverage and enjoy some additional time in Minnie. Have a very happy Thanksgiving my friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Kaycee! I hope you had a great holiday weekend! I’ve already spent a little time with a magazine in our little Christmas jewel box and hoping to do it again. I love how festive it is. xo

  6. Okay. There’s no doubt about it. You are THE premier small space decorator of blogland – not too much but just enough. As if this space wasn’t cute enough before, now it is like a little fairy tale hideaway. Minnie must feel so special sitting out there all dressed up and included in the Holidays. Great job, Kristi, as always.

    1. Awww, that’s so sweet! Thanks so much, Pat! Decorating such a small space was really tough but I love how it turned out. Now it has just enough Christmas in it and feels so festive. Happy holidays to you my friend!!! xo

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