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DIY Acorn Garland

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How to create a DIY acorn garland with felted balls for your Christmas tree or to use with your holiday decor. This is an easy and thrifty craft that you can make using acorns from your yard.

It’s hard to believe but it’s that time of year again.

For the past two weeks I’ve been busy creating holiday crafts, baking and decorating the cottage for the holidays. 

So, let’s get the party started with our first Christmas craft…a DIY felted acorn garland.

It’s super easy to make and thrifty to boot (just like my DIY magnolia leaf garland and DIY light bulb garland from a few years ago).

felted green acorn garland on cutting board

Make sure you check out the full tutorial in the how-to card near the end of the post (you can even print it to use later).

Supplies for DIY acorn garland

supplies to make felted acorn garland including felted wool balls, acorns, drill, hot glue gun and twine

This thrifty project started with the thousands of acorns that drop each fall from our oak trees.

Every year I’ve wanted to use them for something and this is the perfect project.

How to make an acorn garland

So, after gathering a couple of handfuls of acorns I brought them in and laid them out to dry.

Once they were dry I removed the tops and used my drill to put a hole on either side of the stem so that I could string them up.

Just make sure that the holes in the acorn tops are slightly bigger than the string or twine that you use.

I used about 15 acorn tops for each garland but you can make whatever size you want.

drilling holes in acorn top

Once the holes were drilled, I prepared the twine.

I had a hard time getting the twine to go in the holes (because the hole and string were close in size) so I put a dab of glue on the scrap wood and rolled the end of the twine in it.

Just enough to get the end wet. I let the glue dry and it was ready to thread. 

twine on block of wood

To thread the acorn tops I stuck the glued end of the twine into one hole and out the other for all 15 acorn tops.

I spaced them roughly 3 inches apart and tied a knotted loop at each end of the twine.

threading acorn top with twine

After all of the acorn tops were threaded, I used my hot glue gun to attach the felted wool balls.

I had felted balls in my stash but you could make your own and save even more money. 

applying hot glue to acorn top

That’s it…simple felted acorn garland!

Easy, peasy (and so cute)!

All that’s left to do is to hang them. 

white and green felted acorns
white felted acorn garland laying at the base of a potted faux tree

They were really easy to make so I went ahead and made two (one white and one green), and a few extra loose ones to add to my holiday decor. 

Roger is partial to the green, and he loves the double acorn. He doesn’t get excited about all of my projects but he really liked this one. Go figure. 

overview of felted green acorn garland on cutting board

I was hoping to use up more than 30 acorns from our yard but…

I guess we’ll still need to pull out the rakes. 

Have you thought about your Christmas decor yet?

felted green acorn garland on cutting board with large graphic
Yield: 1 felted acorn garland

DIY Felted Acorn Garland

white and green felted acorns

Hot to make felted acorn garland to use as Christmas decor. This easy and thrifty DIY project uses acorns found in the yard and felted wool.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • 20 mm felted balls
  • Acorn tops
  • Twine/string


  • Drill or Dremel
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Lay acorn tops out to dry
  2. Use drill or Dremel to add two holes in acorn top to thread string/twine through
  3. Cut length of string/twine
  4. Thread string/twine through holes in acorn tops*
  5. Space acorn tops evenly on string/twine**
  6. Use hot glue to attach felt balls to acorn top
  7. Tie knotted loop in each end of string/twine
  8. Hang your felted acorn garland


* The twine I used had loose strings on the ends, making them hard to thread through the holes. I used a dab of glue on the ends to stiffen the strings. Let dry and thread.

**I used 15 acorn tops for each garland and spaced them roughly 3 inches apart.

Did you make this project?

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