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Easy Removable Wallpaper Backsplash

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Easy removable wallpaper backsplash for a tiny RV using self-adhesive wallpaper.

We are getting down to the wire with our tiny RV renovation in Minnie. Just a few more projects on the inside and she will be complete.

RV kitchen backsplash and 2 wood shelves

I think…

I hope…

So, most of these last few projects are really about aesthetics…making sure Minnie is looking pretty.

She is  roughly 100 square feet (give or take a square foot), so I can only do a minimal amount of decorating. I’m trying to be meaningful and use things that have an impact, things that I really love.

One place that I knew that I could do that is with the kitchen backsplash.

A little confession…

This is my third attempt at installing a peel and stick backsplash.

My first and second attempts were with peel-n-stick subway tiles, and they just didn’t work.

Not only were they difficult to put up but we weren’t crazy about the way they looked and there was a big issue with the tiles bubbling up. We suspect it was the extreme fluctuation in temps and humidity that caused the issues but we’re not entirely sure. 

I was ready to call it quits so I lived with the bare backsplash for a few months and searched for a something that spoke to me.

I was starting to look into wallpaper when I found this cool product. It’s a self-adhesive removable wallpaper made by a company called Loomwell.

white painted backsplash with butcher block countertop in RV kitchen

Just a note that this is not a sponsored post. I paid for my own product so my experience and opinions are definitely my own.

Let’s talk pros and cons of this removable wallpaper.


  • self-adhesive
  • removable 
  • beautiful designs
  • easy to install


  • pricey

As you can see, the only real con for this project is the price.

If you are doing a large area, the price can be steep. We have a small backsplash area so I only needed 3 panels (and I had a lot leftover) with a total cost of $80.

Not cheap by any means but if it worked, it was worth it to me.

So I measured the backsplash area in the RV, placed my order and impatiently waited for my panels to arrive.

Once they came I anxiously installed them on the kitchen backsplash.

Supplies to hang a removable wallpaper backsplash

Installing the kitchen backsplash wallpaper

The first thing I did was to make sure that the panels would fit.

I used a bit of painter’s tape to help me out and placed each panel on the wall where it would go, making sure to match up the design.

removable wallpaper panels laying on butcher block countertop in RV

When I was sure of the placement of the panels, I prepped the backsplash area for installation and removed the window trim.

We haven’t used the kitchen to cook in yet so our backsplash is pretty clean.

top view of removable wallpaper used for RV kitchen backsplash

Next, I took my first panel, held it up to the wall again (I was paranoid that I would make a costly mistake), and cut it to fit the wall (starting in the corner).

I used a tape measure, utility knife and level to get my edges nice and straight.

After I cut the panel, I peeled the backing off halfway and started to adhere it to the wall.

I went slowly and used the smoothing tool that they provided in my order.

peeling the back off of the removable wallpaper panels for a kitchen backsplash

The first panel went on quickly and smoothly and it was easy to readjust to get a perfect fit. I loved how it looked. 

I moved on to the second panel and did the same.

Dry-fitting one more time, measuring and cutting the panel. This one went under and around the window so I had to trim a bit away once I installed it.

I did the same with the third and final panel, making sure I matched up the designs of the panels.

folding up the backing of a panel of removable wallpaper

With all three wallpaper panels installed, I stepped back and checked my work.

I loved the way it look and the interest that it added, but I felt like the wall needed more.

I would have loved to remove the molding that goes across the wall but the gap between the pieces of wallboard is just too great so I had to work around it. 

There was enough of the panels left to do another row above the molding so I did a quick dry-fit, making sure to match up the designs, and installed the rest of the wallpaper panels.

I started in the corner again and followed the same steps that I did for the bottom row. 

This time I was able to put all three panels up in record time. I reinstalled the window molding and stood back to check out the final product.

side view of removable kitchen backsplash wallpaper and faucet

I love how it turned out!

Is peel and stick easy to remove?


The great thing about this product is that I can easily remove it when I want a change. I just have to carefully peel it away from the wall.

Now that the RV kitchen backsplash problem is solved, I’m back to finishing the trim and painting. A final reveal is coming soon….I promise.

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Yield: 1 fabulous kitchen backsplash

Easy Removable Kitchen Backsplash

Easy Removable Kitchen Backsplash

How to install an easy RV kitchen backsplash with removable wallpaper. It takes minutes to apply this wallpaper and turn a plain kitchen backsplash into a showstopper.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $80


  • removable wallpaper panels
  • smoothing tool (included in order)


  • level
  • tape measure
  • sharp razor knife
  • cutting surface


  1. clean surface thoroughly
  2. lay out wallpaper to determine placement, make sure the pattern matches up
  3. use a sharp razor knife and level to cut paper to size
  4. carefully peel corner of paper and fold back half of paper backing
  5. install first panel of wallpaper, starting at a corner
  6. use the smoothing tool to carefully smooth wallpaper panel
  7. move onto next panel
  8. measure, cut and apply

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