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DIY Bird Feeder Pole for Under $5

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How to easily make your own DIY bird feeder pole from an inexpensive piece of EMT pipe.

I’ve wanted a bird feeder for our back deck ever since we moved into the cottage so I could do some bird watching.

bird feeder hanging from DIY bird feeder pole

The hubs wasn’t interested in having one (he didn’t want to spend $$ on a feeder and food).

So, instead of waiting for him to change his mind, I went out and got supplies myself.

Supplies to make a bird feeder pole for under $5

Bird Feeder Pole DIY

The bird feeder and all of my other supplies were easily found at the hardware store but I wasn’t crazy about the bird feeder poles that they offered.

They were all pretty short and skimpy, plus they cost more than I wanted to spend.

picture of outside of house and windows

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It took me a hot second to decide that I needed to find something else to make my own pole, and spend less money, so I searched the aisles.

It didn’t take long to find exactly what I needed in the electrical section, a 10′ piece of ¾” EMT conduit.

I could make the perfect DIY bird feeder pole with it and it was super affordable at just under $5.

One issue though, was that the conduit was straight and I needed a bend in it so I could hang my bird feeder.

No problem. You can easily do this with a conduit bender.

pipe bender to make DIY bird feeder pole

Once I was home with my new bird feeder and pole, I quickly got to work hanging it.

First I drilled a hole in the curved end for my hook.

drilling hole in EMT pipe to make DIY bird feeder pole

Next, I used a spade bit to drill a hole in the deck railing, making it just large enough to fit the pipe in.

drilling hole in deck rail to make DIY bird feeder pole

I snaked my conduit, or feeder pole, into the hole and added 2 screws at the bottom to secure it to the deck.

pipe in hole in deck rail for DIY bird feeder pole

I hung the hook in the hole I drilled at the end of the conduit, and hung the filled bird feeder on that.

Easy peasy…and less money than a regular bird feeder pole.

Not only was my bird feeder going to feed my feathered friends, but I was going to be able to see them up close and right outside our window.

I was worried about the birds wanting to come so close to the house but, when I came back to the yard after putting my tools away, I already had a visitor.

Less than 5 minutes after it was up!

bird feeder with cardinal on it hanging from DIY bird feeder pole

I really enjoy watching all of the different birds come to visit and trying to identify them all. Roger has also been enjoying it, just like I knew he would.

And then there were squirrels…

It didn’t take long for the squirrels to come calling so we scrambled to find a solution.

It took us three tries but we finally found a way to stop the squirrels from climbing the bird feeder pole.

Now my feathered friends can eat uninterrupted and not be bothered by those nagging squirrels.

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