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Update on a DIY Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Pole

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A long overdue update on our DIY squirrel-proof bird feeder pole and how it’s holding up, plus a video.

Three years have passed since I shared the $5 DIY bird feeder pole that I made for our backyard deck. Time flies! (pun intended)

We’ve learned a thing or two since we first installed it so I thought it was time for an update.

cardinal on bird feeder hanging on DIY bird feeder pole

Once our cool new bird feeder pole was installed all was well and we happily watched the birds…until the squirrels came to check out the buffet.

We had to come up with a solution…fast.

How do I stop squirrels from climbing my bird feeder pole?

That’s the million dollar question!

It took them a few days but once they figured out how to get up the pole there was no stopping them. I tried to grease the pole but nothing worked.

Our DIY pole and feeder are out in the open, about 30 feet off the ground, so the only way the squirrels can get to it is by climbing the pole.

We had to find a way to stop them from climbing up and the only thing I could think to try was a squirrel baffle. We had nothing to lose!

I found a see-through plastic baffle at the store so we brought it home and installed it on the bird feeder pole. Then we waited.

The squirrels tried to climb the pole and jump up over the baffle to the feeder so we had to make a few more modifications to the feeder pole.

clear squirrel baffle on bird feeder pole

A bit of PVC pipe did the trick.

Our squirrel-proof bird feeder pole was a success!

For a little while anyway.

The squirrels didn’t come back but the sun did do a number on the baffle. It just ate away at the plastic and the baffle disintegrated.

After a year and a half it was time to find a replacement.

bird sitting on bird feeder

This time we went with a galvanized steel baffle. It was a bit pricey but it will never break down from the sun and won’t rust.

So far, so good. It still looks like new after a year and a half and best of all, no squirrels.

A bit of an expensive lesson but it’s been worth it.

We’ve really enjoyed watching the birds at the feeder, and the squirrels come around to pick up the dropped seeds on the ground.

A win/win for everyone.

Filling the bird feeder

Since the feeder pole is homemade and a bit unique, I made a video to show how easy it is to fill. The feeder stands 30 feet off the ground so we had to get creative.

Make sure you watch the video.

bird landing on bird feeder and large graphic