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Easing into Fall Decorating

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I can’t believe that we’re halfway through August. School is starting here this week and, before you know it, we’ll be pulling out the sweaters and jackets. Ugh…not something I’m looking forward to but we might as well make the best of it. And how do we do that??? We think about fall decorating, of course.

I know it seems early so lets not go too crazy. We’ll just ease on into it with 5 of my favorite fall projects from the past few years.

Let’s start with my favorite…the fall basket I made for my front door. I haven’t hung anything on my front door at the new house, so I’ll definitely be addressing that very soon.

An easy to do front door basket for fall. Love this! www.chatfieldcourt.comFall Front Door Basket

There are tons of awesome fall decorating ideas out there, and I highlighted 10 of them back in 2014. This is one of my most popular posts and I can see why. So much talent!

10 favorite DIY fall decor ideas for your home. www.chatfieldcourt.com10 DIY Fall Decor Ideas

picture of outside of house and windows

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I decorated our home simply for fall last year and loved the results. I’m really looking forward to dressing the new house for fall this year.

A simple but pretty fall home tour. www.chatfieldcourt.comFall Home Tour 2015

I never shy away from a quick and easy craft. I mean…how could you not love a faux pumpkin with hydrangeas, right?

So easy! A 10 minute fall decor project using a faux pumpkin and hydrangeas. www.chatfieldcourt.com10 Minute Fall Decor

My fall front porch stoop is another favorite. It was small but I was learning how to make the most of it. We have a covered front porch at the new house and I’m so excited to do this space up for fall.

A small porch decorated for fall with flowers, an olive bucket and lots of pumpkins. www.chatfieldcourt.comDecorating a small porch for fall with flowers, an olive bucket and lots of pumpkins. www.chatfieldcourt.comFall Front Porch

I don’t usually look forward to fall decorating but I didn’t get to decorate for spring or summer this year, because of the move, so I’m excited about it. Don’t worry though, we’ll ease into it. After all, we still have a lot of other house projects to share.

Are you feeling the itch to start your fall decorating?

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  1. I am loving it and this year I am actually looking forward to decorating for the fall. I am not sure why since Florida is hot like hell. LOL, I miss the fall weather up north, but for now I will put up my faux fall leaves and acorns. LOL,

    1. I’m looking forward to decorating this year too, Vanessa. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to decorate for spring or summer. I’ll probably miss fall in Chicago but I know I won’t miss the winter. πŸ˜‰

  2. Your fall projects are beautiful Kristi, you are one talented lady. I am still enjoying the summer and am not really ready for fall quite yet! Ask me again in a few more weeks!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Kristie:
    I think my favorite of your projects is the velveteen pumpkins. I have not thought about decorating for fall yet, here in Florida is stays hot for so long, it’s hard to get in the mood.

    I am doing some fall and Christmas deco mesh wreaths to sell at a craft show in November. I’m also starting to do some decorated Christmas ornaments and some ribbon angels.

    Have a good week. When will you revel your choice of bathroom vanity?


    1. I know what you mean about decorating for fall in the heat. I’ve lived in Florida so I’m no stranger to having hot weather during the fall months, but I didn’t have a blog and I didn’t “have” to decorate for fall. I’m trying to think fall thoughts, though, so I stay in the mood. πŸ˜‰ Sounds like you are busy with the holidays, too. It always seems to come around so quickly, doesn’t it?

      I am so close to finishing phase 1 of the bathroom redo, so I hope to share it next week (fingers crossed). I did hit a slight snag but it won’t hamper my progress.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  4. The basket on the front door is still my favorite, the velvet pumpkins run a close second. My daughters favorite time to decorate I fall. When she built her house she spent just as much time designing the porch for fall decorating. I am heading to the mountains of Alabama for a week, then home to start Fall and Christmas projects for the shop. Have a great week. Debbie

    1. The basket is my favorite too, Debbie. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do for fall but the pressure is on now that I opened my big mouth. ;O Hope you have a fabulous week in the mountains!!!

  5. Hi — Can’t wait to see all that you’ve done for Fall/Autumn. Amazing because you’ve just moved to this “new” house and besides doing home projects, you’re actually decorating. Well done!!! MRM

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