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Easy DIY American Flag Wreath

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How to make an easy DIY American flag wreath for the front door with a handful of inexpensive flags and a hanging basket.

I try to decorate our front door according to the seasons and holidays but sometimes it doesn’t happen.

Just last month I wanted to change the spring front door basket for something patriotic for Memorial Day and never got around to it.

American flag display hanging on front door

I wasn’t going to let the 4th of July come and go without some red, white and blue on the front door so I decided to do an easy American flag display using my trusty hanging basket.

flags and hanging front door basket

This is a quick and easy craft (typical for me) and it only cost $1 a piece for 14 flags.

Supplies for American Flag Front Door Wreath

small American flags laying on wood island

Making a Flag Wreath

As always, with the crafts I do, I went into this without a plan.

I needed a way to keep my flags from moving around so I used floral foam. I cut the foam to size, to fit in the bottom of the basket.

Next I placed the floral foam in the bottom of the basket, making a snug fit.

Then I experimented with the flags, placing them here and there in the basket to see what I wanted to do.

Once I took a look, I decided that I wanted to place them at different levels so you could see them all.

In order to do that, I had to cut down some of the sticks with a utility knife.

It’s a pretty big basket so I ended up using only 13 of the 14 flags.

It took a few minutes to get them placed just so, but the floral foam helped to keep them in place.

American flag display hanging on a front door of a stone house

Once the flags were placed, I tried a red and white ribbon around the basket. It was ok but I decided that simpler was best.

The focus is the flags…as it should be.

American flag display hanging on front door

It’s definitely a large display but I think that if I would have gone any smaller with the flags, they would have gotten lost in the basket.

American flag display hanging on front door

Once 4th of July and Labor Day have passed, I’ll remove the flags and store them away until next year.

That’s why I love this basket. It’s so versatile and easy to change with the seasons.

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Yield: 1 flag wreath

American Flag Front Door Wreath

American flags in hanging basket on front door

How to make a patriotic front door wreath American flag wreath with a large hanging basket and small American flags.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $20


  • hanging basket
  • floral foam
  • 14, 12x18 American flags
  • twine


  • utility knife


  1. Tie jute twine around basket to make a "bow"
  2. Use utility knife to cut floral foam to size
  3. place floral foam in the bottom of hanging basket
  4. Start inserting flags into floral foam
  5. If flags are too long, cut stick with utility knife
  6. /Hang basket when done

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