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Fixing Broken Lattice Under a Deck

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Fixing broken lattice under a deck the easy way with a piece scrap deck lattice.

We’re busy fixing up the back yard and the list of projects is endless.

lattice under a deck with pots of flowers

Most of the things we need to do are quick little fixes but it all adds up.

One of those little fixes that we just tackled ended up being easier, and cheaper than we thought it would.  We had to fix the broken lattice under the deck.

broken lattice under deck

It’s been broken since we moved in last year.

There’s screening under the lattice to deter critters so it didn’t serve any purpose other than aesthetics,  but it was just one of those things that had to be done.

We weren’t sure how we were going to fix it without taking a big piece of it off and buying a new sheet, and then Roger (aka the garbage picker) spotted two pieces sitting in front of a house for garbage pick up.

The pieces were weathered, just like our deck, but otherwise in perfect condition so we brought them home.

found lattice panels on the ground

Really, this project couldn’t have been any easier.

First, we carefully removed all of the broken lattice pieces. Then he removed the old staples that held the pieces together.

using tool to remove nails from lattice

We also ended up stapling down some of the screening to the deck where it was gaping while the lattice was off and we could get to it.

Next, we used a screwdriver and a hammer to remove some of the pieces of wood from the good piece of lattice.

removing pieces of  wood from lattice panel

Then we removed the staples and fit the new piece into the lattice on the deck.

How to attach the lattice to the deck

Roger used a couple of small nails to attach the new pieces of lattice to the deck.

new wood on deck lattice

Once all of the pieces were in place, we took a small saw and cut down the pies that were too long.

trimming deck lattice with a hand saw

This week I’ll clean it up (the same we clean the wood fence). Then I’ll apply some of the sealant we applied to the rest of the deck to protect the new lattice pieces.

That’s it.

Like I said, really easy. The best part of this project, besides the fact that it’s done, is that it was FREE!

nailing deck lattice panel

Can’t beat that.

You can still see spots where the grass needs to grow in from our sidewalk redo, and the deck was never taken care of and is not the best looking, but it’s livable for a year or so.

We’re getting there and we can at least cross another project off the list.

Have you ever found any treasures in the trash? Deck lattice is not a treasure, I know, but it was free!

broken lattice around a deck and new lattice