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Outside (and some inside) Progress

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Outside and some inside progress on our little brick ranch.

I am in the middle of a lot of projects right now and nothing is complete and ready to share, so I thought I would show the progress I am making on my inside projects and on our (extensive) outside to do list.

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com

Starting with the inside, I have been working on painting the 2nd guest bedroom doors and trim. I find myself putting off working in there because I’m not sure what color I want on the walls and I need to put some kind of treatment on the wall with the water damage. Not real sure what I want to do there either. Just waiting for some kind of inspiration to hit. You can check out my (tentative) plan for this room here.

I have also been working on a little project in my living room. I just finished repainting my living room for the second time in 6 months and shared the post with a question about my media cabinet. I wasn’t loving the color with the new wall color and asked for your opinion. The overall consensus was to paint it and that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m almost done painting and I’m waiting on new hardware so I’ll just show you a peek (the pic is from my Iphone so it’s not the best quality).

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com

Moving outside, Mr. C² and I have been very busy. The first and most important thing we did was to fix the roof where a possum had chewed a hole and took up residence.

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com

We also spent $15 and got half a yard of top soil to fix all the holes that a skunk dug in our yard. I pulled all of the bricks up that lined the flowerbed (the previous owners had 3 rows of different bricks bordering the flowerbed) and cleaned out all of the disintegrated weed barrier. We planted a few bushes among the hostas that were already there and used some of the brick we removed to build up the fire pit.

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com
A green yard with a fence

Not all of the grass is grown in but it looks so much better, plus you don’t break your ankle in the holes walking across the yard. 😉 The fence needs to be cleaned and treated but we are making progress.

I also knocked down the roof thing that was screwed onto the fence. I was so excited to do it that I didn’t take a before pic. Trust me when I say it was ugly. I got so sick of looking at it all winter. The wood won’t go to waste because we are going to use it to cover the openings in the deck stairs.

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com

The last project I have been working on is painting the garage door, that’s in really bad shape. It had mold on it and some rot on the bottom. I cleaned off the mold with some bleach and water and caulked all of the cracks. With so many projects to pay for, my hope was to fix it enough to get us one more year before we replace it. I figured to make it look a little better, I would paint it nice color and replace the doorknob, which can be used on a new door once we replace this one.

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com

This is my progress after prep and one coat of paint, BM Stem Green. I am really loving the color and it will be nice to look at from the house. I just wish it was that easy to pick a color for my guest bedroom. 😉 I still need to give the door one more coat and then I’ll scrape, prime and paint the wooden threshold that is a mess too.

Outside (and some inside) Progress | Chatfield Court.com

There’s still a long list we need to tackle outside. We’re planning on cleaning and treating the deck this long holiday weekend so I finally can get my patio furniture out.

Outside To Do List:

  • front porch wrought iron railing needs to be sanded and painted
  • the trim around the front door needs to be painted
  • add a roof over the front door
  • add house numbers
  • paint front door
  • clean up and paint mailbox
  • replace front light with motion light
  • remove all of the juniper bushes around house
  • plant bushes, flowers
  • remove bricks from around fence flowerbed
  • clean up flowerbed (old landscape lights and disintegrated weed cloth need to be removed)
  • plant some perennials in flowerbed
  • remove odd roof attached to fence (used for trash cans, we think)
  • clean and treat fence
  • new sidewalk from garage to house
  • clean up fire pit
  • remove old, pine tree
  • do something with the old shed
  • put rocks or mulch around a/c
  • clean up rocks
  • repair and paint garage door a fun color
  • add a tree swing or bed to large tree
  • trim lilacs
  • replace the driveway, maybe with pavers?
  • clean (and maybe paint) garage walls
  • replace garage roof
  • clean gutters on garage
  • put up lights on garage
  • scrape and paint garage door
  • make and plant a veggie garden
  • clean and refinish deck
  • replace warped boards on deck
  • fix lattice on bottom of deck
  • close off openings under deck to stop critters from living in there
  • paint back door
  • fill holes in yard from skunk damage
  • fix roof from possum damage

Yay! It feels so good to cross things off the list!

Do you ever have trouble picking paint colors? What projects have you been able to cross off your list lately?


  1. You make me feel so much better. We too are moving to a smaller space. Also a different part of our state and not a place I would have chosen. It was my husbands parents home so with that comes conflict on changing things though much change is needed. My list is about as long as yours. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Moving to a new place is never easy. We are in the process of doing it all over again too and will have another long to do list. Best of luck to you on your move, I’m sure you will make your husband’s parent’s house into a lovely home. 🙂

  2. I don’t believe it! I think you list is longer than mine! I guess mine should be shorter since we have lived in our home since 1974, but there is always something to do. I love the door! I actually used the same color, different paint manufacturer, for a small rocker that I picked up at a garage sale last year. I plan on putting it on my front walk. I call it a “walk” because it is barely 4 ft. wide and goes from my garage side man door, in front of my living room window to just pass my front door. It will be on the side of my front door opposite the window side. I plan on painting the man door and my shutters the same color. My house is white. I think it will really make the house “POP”!

    I have all these ideas and ambitions, but it is so hard to get things done when you work full-time, have a part-time business and want to spend as much time as possible with the grandkids! You know, working gets in the way of what I want to do! LOL! Can’t wait for retirement! Just 3 1/2 years to go!

    Love your blog! Keep up the great ideas and good luck with all your projects!


    1. Hi MJ. It is quite the list and I’ve even added a few extras on it. My husband will be thrilled. 😉 You are right in that there is always something to do and not enough time. You sound like one busy lady, I bet you can’t wait for retirement. It sounds like the front of your house is going to look great with your pretty pops of color. Would love to see a pic when you get done. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Your wonderful comment came on a day when I needed a boost, so thank you for that!

      Good luck with your to do list. Have a great holiday weekend.

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