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Simple Fall Table Using Blue and White

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A simple Fall table setting using blue, white and orange. 

So let’s talk fall table decor.

This is a first at Chatfield Court. If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know that we aren’t formal when it comes to setting a table.

I don’t have any fancy china or silver to put out. For us, meals are served simply with our white, everyday dishes and silverware that I’ve had for years

fall place setting with pumpkins

It’s a little nicer than we would normally go (ok, it’s a lot nicer!), but it was fun to do something different.

small round dining table set simply for fall

I wanted to set a pretty table but I didn’t want to go out and buy a bunch of things that would never get used again.

With that in mind I just searched my house and gathered things together to set a festive fall table.

I started with our everyday white plates along with some smaller blue and white plates I had packed away.

The woven placemats, that add a bit of rustic texture, and the napkins are all from a few years ago.

The silverware and glasses also get used everyday.

round dining table set for fall

To add some fall color I decided to use traditional orange pumpkins, and even went a little glam with a few DIY glitter pumpkins.

I just made these myself with some $1.50 pumpkins.

I could have used the Dollar Store pumpkins I transformed with plaid tissue paper a couple years back, but I’m loving the sparkle.

simple fall centerpiece

So, I had a little napkin dilemma…

I could only find 2 in my stash that had an embroidered pumpkin on them. Not good when you’re setting a table for four.

Instead of trying to find more I just pulled out 2 plain napkins in the same ivory color.

Remember, we’re not setting a formal table so I think it’s ok.

fall table setting wtih pumpkins

I wanted to use a few real pumpkins, but couldn’t find them yet, so I bought 3 green pumpkin squash from a local farm stand.

Together with the faux and glam pumpkins and a bit of greenery from my yard, we made a simple fall centerpiece.

The adorable pumpkin cookies were also purchased.

They were so cute and matched my fall table perfectly (plus the hubs loves cookies).

That’s it for the purchases though.

a fall centerpiece
fall table setting

It was so fun to step out of my box and set a pretty table. I may even do it again…someday.

Roger will so happy (especially if it involves cookies).


  1. Lori Nell says:

    This is such a gorgeous fall tablescape. I love blue and orange together!!

  2. Love the blue with all the Fall!

  3. Kim Purvis says:

    Your centerpiece is beautiful! Love the sparkling ones you made too!

  4. Linda Johnston says:

    I love how you used things you had. The low arrangement inside meaning you don’t have move it for meals.

  5. Anita Holland says:

    What a stunning table setting the colours all look so good together. You have a beautiful home.

  6. Michelle Leslie says:

    LOL Kristi, I’d be rushing around the house looking for matching plates and the best napkins my hubby would get would probably be of the paper kind 😀 I do really love your fall tablescape though. It looks homely and like a good place to catch up with old friends

  7. Looks great! I love that you’re showing us how to take our everyday items and ramp them up a few notches with these simple ideas! I may just have to step outside of the box too. But I won’t be surprised if Hubs thinks an alien snatched his wife 🙂

  8. I love this pretty as ever tablescape ! Fall’s colors are so gorgeous and charming too. Hope you visit my Fall tablescape too if you have a chance.

  9. Love the blue and white mixed with Fall! This is beautiful! Nancy

  10. So cute! I put my wreath out and a couple things in the house. I just bought a beautiful mum today for $5 and it’s huge! I’m a little late with decorating since I had other projects I needed to get done and a big project on a rental I have with my son and daughter-in-law. Check my blog for that project coming up!

  11. Kristi, what a gorgeous table, when is dinner? LOL I think you crated such a warm and welcoming table for the season, and it’s great to hear you shopped your home too.

  12. Cookies look delicious!? and those sparkly pumpkins are too cute, combined with the green on that wood slice it makes a striking centerpiece.

  13. LOL..you had me at sparkle! It looks very nice and the colors are pretty. A lot of bloggers are going white and blush for fall, which is pretty, but I always love the rich rusts, oranges, browns and greens of fall. I set two fall tables but we eat on the family room couch most often. I just like the look of pretty tables.

  14. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I think it’s perfect, all your pretty plate and glasses and pumpkins look just like Fall, and those cookies did look pretty tasty!!

  15. So lovely! I will soon be moving into my little in-law, so I am going to pin it for later (hoping it will be sooner ?).

  16. Love it, Kristi! Saved to two boards, and I will feature on TTA next week, if that’s okay with you!

  17. That is such a pretty and simple tablescape, Kristi! We keep things very casual around, too, but I love setting the kitchen table every night for dinner, using Fall things. We have FiestaWare for our everyday dishes…I’m talking lots of different colors. I’m able to have a selection of Fall colors, Christmas colors and Spring/Summer colors. It just makes it so much fun to set the table for the season. The Fall colors are my absolute favorite! We haven’t gotten any pumpkins or gourds around here yet….still so hot they would probably cook and explode! Soon, I hope.

  18. We are total Neanderthals and eat in front of the tv in our laps, unless we have company. I enjoy setting the table and pulling things from around the house to make the table top a little festive for our guests. You did great job on this table top and it looks really nice. The cookies were a nice touch and edible to boot, good call. I always enjoy your money saving ideas tggat are actually doable for someone like me living on Social Security. As much as I enjoy seeing other bloggers work The I magic, there will be no $89 pillows and $1200 little rugs etc for me in my foreseeable future. So Kristi, thanks for keeping it real! ?❤?

  19. jean l anderson says:

    I loved your table, you have an incredible eye. It shows in everything you do. You should paint.
    I loved that you didn’t go buy stuff, that would have been
    easy. Everyone can just go buy stuff. There is one blog that likes to do tablescapes and I keep wanting her
    to show where she stores all that stuff! I can’t imagine what it must look like. Your table stood
    right up there all of the ones I see. It was just like you, lovely.

  20. Great idea to mix faux pumpkins and the squash…..very pretty table.

  21. Your table looks so pretty! I love your wood slice centerpiece and it looks great topped with colorful pumpkins. I’m like you and I like to use what I have rather than going out to buy new things each year. I hope you enjoy a nice meal with your family at your beautifully set table.

  22. What a gorgeous tablescape! I love all the color and I agree that you don’t have to go out and buy a ton of stuff to design a pretty table. Enjoy your week!

  23. Orange and blue is a really pretty color combination and perfect for fall. I love the way you added texture with the neutral woven placemats and the wood slice tray. So festive.

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