Where to Find Pre-Primed Tongue and Groove Planks

Since we installed tongue and groove planks on the kitchen ceiling during our remodel, I have been getting so many comments and emails asking about the source for the planks, so I thought I would update the post a bit and share the info on where we got ours.

Where we found pre-primed tongue and groove pine planks for our kitchen ceiling. And they didn't break the bank! chatfieldcourt.comBefore we started working on the ceiling I did a lot of research, as per usual for me, on what would be best to use for the kitchen ceiling. The biggest takeaway I got from all that research was to use primed planks and I’m so glad that we followed that advice because, not only did it save our necks and backs, but it also saved us a ton of time.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks installed on the ceiling during a recent kitchen remodel, and where we found them. chatfieldcourt.com

Getting the info online proved to be the easy part because finding it in a store was almost impossible. We went to every store in our area that sold lumber until we walked into our local Home Depot and hit the jackpot.

They had primed tongue and groove pine planks in 8 and 12-foot lengths…exactly what we were hoping to find. For all of you that have been asking, here is what the display looked like in the store.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks. Why we used them for our kitchen ceiling and where to find them. chatfieldcourt.com I’ve heard from several people that the planks that they have been able to find have been very expensive. I thought the ones that we got were very reasonable. We spent about $275 just for the planks for our 13’x 8′ kitchen.

Where to find pre-primed tongue and groove pine planks for a kitchen ceiling. And they won't break the bank! chatfieldcourt.com

Painting it was literally a pain in the neck, but it wasn’t the worst job ever. The whole time we painted, though, we kept saying that we were so happy that we spent the extra money on the pre-primed, and we’re both cheap frugal when it comes to buying stuff like wood or other building supplies that will get painted.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks installed on the kitchen ceiling. chatfieldcourt.com A little extra tidbit…I did find a few spots where a small amount of sap seeped through but I just added an extra coat of paint over it and it looked fine. It may seep through again but, honestly, you can’t tell. I just noticed because…well, I’m weird like that. I would stand there and practically stand on my head to look at spots on the ceiling at different angles and in certain light but a normal person walking in there probably wouldn’t notice. The mister didn’t, but I could shave my eyebrows off and he probably wouldn’t notice. Ok, bad example. Seriously, it wasn’t really an issue, I just wanted to let you know that it could happen.

Pre-primed tongue and groove planks installed on the ceiling during a recent kitchen remodel. chatfieldcourt.com We’re thrilled with the way the ceiling turned out and I would love to do another one in our new house in North Carolina. Fingers crossed.

I hope that this little bit of info helps you out. I would love to hear if you’re able to find any pre-primed tongue and groove planks in your area.

Just a quick house update. Our Illinois house closed, so we’re done with that process, and we’ll be closing on the North Carolina house in 3 weeks. It can’t come soon enough for me. I’m so ready to get my hands dirty (and I’m excited to finally show you pictures of the whole house, inside and outside).

You can find the tutorial on the plank ceiling here…

Tutorial for installing a tongue and groove plank ceiling in the kitchen. chatfieldcourt.com

Tongue and Groove Plank Ceiling Tutorial

Or see the whole remodel reveal here…

From dark to light and bright, a small kitchen remodel reveal. chatfieldcourt.com

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

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12 thoughts on “Where to Find Pre-Primed Tongue and Groove Planks

  1. Thank you for sharing this source! There’s two walls that I would love having shiplap, but the thought of all the work that many go through when making the inexpensive way, makes me exhausted just thinking of it. I would love to get actual planking ,and to have them preprimed would be awesome.

  2. This ceiling looks beautiful! And the pre-primed option is perfect for me because I HATE painting and I’ll pay extra to skip a step. I’d love to invite you to share a few of your gorgeous blog posts at my Inspiration Thursday link party on my blog inthenewhouse.com. We start on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST and party all day Thursday. I hope to see you there!

  3. Yes. I am still working on doing this project but I have to tell you again….yours is the BEST example. I have pinned this a million times and will continue to do so cause I love it that much. Thank you again for sharing.

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