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7 Great Gray Paint Colors

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Although we haven’t closed on our house yet, I’ve been dreaming about all of the projects I want to do once we move in.

One of the first things that will happen is that I’ll pick paint colors for the rooms.

In our Illinois house, I used gray in all but 2 rooms and loved the way they turned out, so I’m hoping to use them again in our new house.

I know that lighting is different in every house, and I won’t truly know what will work until we’re in and I have paint on the walls, but I have some ideas about what I’ll try.

There are literally thousands out there but here are my picks for 7 great gray paint colors.

Some are favorites that I’ve used and the rest are colors that I always find myself pinning, but they’re all pretty fabulous.

samples of 7 different gray paint colors, and large graphic

Gray Paint Colors

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore

My favorite go-to gray paint color!

I used this color in several rooms in my last house and loved it so it’s definitely a top contender for the new house.

It’s a warm gray that has more yellow in it than blue and worked well with the trim, ceilings and kitchen cabinets that were painted with BM White Dove.

I’ve used it full strength, the original formula, and at 50% strength and loved them both.

Kendall Charcoal Benjamin Moore

Kendall Charcoal is a beautiful and versatile dark gray that works with almost everything.

Balboa Mist Benjamin Moore

This paint color is a soft warm gray that has a slight purple undertone.

Wrought Iron Benjamin Moore 

I love this color and used it on the interior of both my front and back doors in our Illinois house.

It may look black but it’s a gray/brown/black that is less harsh, and it pairs well with BM Gray Owl.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore

This is a pale neutral gray that has warm undertones.

So pretty in this bright and beautiful kitchen.

Hazy Skies Benjamin Moore

I used this pretty gray-green in our Illinois master bedroom.

This room doesn’t get a ton of light so the color is more green than gray.

Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

It’s a soft, warm gray/greige that looks best in a room that gets tons of natural light.

Of course, this is just a (very) small sampling of great grays.

The only way to know what works best in your space is to sample it in your room.

Two important things to remember about paint…it can easily be changed if it doesn’t work and it can make the biggest impact in your room.

It was definitely a game changer in my kitchen.

How to choose the right gray paint color for your home

If I could give you one good tip for choosing a gray paint color for your home it is to try it in your room (don’t only rely on a tiny paint chip).

The way I like to do this is by getting a few pieces of white poster board at the Dollar Store and painting each one with paint samples I picked out.

I use painter’s tape and tape the samples on the walls in the room I want to paint. I keep them there for several days, making sure to check out the color in both daylight and at night.

I also found it important to move the color all around the room.

If you don’t want to go out and buy samples, you could order a few online.

You could also order a few peel and stick paint samples from Samplize.

Samplize will send you a peel and stick paint sample, that you pick out, and send it to you in a few days.

It only costs $5.95, which is very reasonable considering the paper and the test can of paint that you would have to go out and purchase.

So, I have my gray paint samples and I’m ready to go, once we get into the house. The first room up for a change is the master.

What do you think about gray paint?

Do you have a favorite or have you moved on?

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