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Christmas Cottage Home Tour

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A little stone Christmas cottage home tour with tons of Christmas decor ideas for decorating your own home for the holidays.

Decorating for Christmas is serious business in our house.

All of the decorations are hauled out of the basement the first week of November and the madness begins.

There’s boxes and greenery and ornaments all over the cottage for a good 10 days before I’m satisfied with the look I’m going for.

But you have to live with a mess in order to enjoy the pretty, right?

dining room console with mini lighted Christmas tree and lamp

So this year’s decorating spree was a bit different than in year’s past.

Earlier this year I switched the living room and dining room so it was like I had 2 new spaces to figure out and decorate.

So how did it turn out? Let’s start the Christmas decor tour in the entryway.

Christmas Entryway Ideas

If you’ve visited with us before then you know our entryway is small but mighty. It’s really the hardest working space in our home.

How can I decorate my Christmas entrance?

I always go with simple holiday decor in our small space entryway.

The antique pine chest gets into the holiday spirit with a lighted Christmas tree and a pair of reindeer, while the mirror gets a treatment of faux garland (this is where I like to get mine).

entryway with console and bench decorated for Christmas

The coat hooks are usually filled with winter coats, hats and dog leashes so a simple preserved boxwood wreath and jumbo jingle bells are enough to add some festive charm.

bells and wreath hanging on coat hook

My favorite things to spread around the cottage are candles. I think I have at least one on every surface.

So easy to do and nothing adds a cozy holiday vibe like a flickering softly scented candle. These have been my favorites lately.

lighted candle and brass colored reindeer on console

Christmas Dining Room

This was my favorite space to decorate this year!

It was the first time decorating the dining room in its new location and it was so fun figuring it all out.

I started with the star of the show (no pun intended), the Christmas tree! It’s the first Christmas in our cottage that I was able to set the tree up in the front window so I was very excited.

dining room and entryway decorated for Christmas

This year I went with a green and navy theme with touches of gold and tried to spread it throughout the cottage.

As for the tree, it was decorated simply, as per usual for me.

It’s a good thing too, because it was tough to find any kind of Christmas decor in our area, and I started looking in September.

Because I couldn’t find the Christmas decor for the tree that I wanted, almost everything I used was from my stash. Which really isn’t a bad thing.

Besides the glass ornaments, feather picks and glass icicles that I reused, I tucked in a few felt poinsettias, that I bought way back in September. They are so cute!

Christmas tree in front dining room window

I also gave ribbon another shot.

A couple Christmases ago I tried tucking ribbon in the tree and it turned out to be a disaster. I thought I’d try again this year and I really like the way it turned out.

I probably could have used more but I like that it weaves in and out of the tree and fills in some of the bare spots.

The gifts under the tree were wrapped in the one roll of green plaid wrapping paper that I was able to find.

They were topped off with a pretty dark green velvet ribbon (the reason I went with green this year).

view of Christmas tree through greenery

The fireplace was another fun spot to decorate. A week before I started decorating I decided to paint the whole wall and fireplace with Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.

fireplace decorated for Christmas with garland, stockings and a wreath

I also added vinyl tile stickers to the fireplace hearth to jazz it up a bit.

The paint barely had time to dry before I arranged my collection of mercury Christmas trees on the mantle and hung the garland and stockings.

The new paint color certainly adds a dramatic touch to our Christmas dining room and I’m really loving it.

mercury glass Christmas tree on fireplace mantle

Christmas Cottage Living Room

The “new” living room, that looks into the kitchen, is definitely a cozy spot.

I was able to add a couple of lighted alpine trees and navy velvet pillows, bringing the green and navy theme from the Christmas tree into this space.

It may be small but moving the living room was the best decision ever. I only wish I had done it sooner.

small living room with cream sofa and navy pillows

Cottage Christmas Kitchen

Moving into the kitchen, which is usually decorated simply for the holidays, the first thing you notice is the big window.

Because it’s the focal point in this space, it always gets the Christmas royal treatment (like the year I made a DIY magnolia leaf garland and hung it up).

view of kitchen window with wreaths hung on it

This year I went with wreaths hung with navy velvet ribbon and a wooden rocking horse.

kitchen windowsill with wood rocking forse and window wreaths

The kitchen island is a fun spot to add some Christmas color. A candle, of course, a small tree and antlers are all that was needed.

The views outside are the main attraction in this space anyway.

candle plant and small tree on board on kitchen island

I’ve collected quite a few ceramic houses so I spread them around the kitchen, with several on the shelves as well as by the kitchen window.

white ceramic houses on wood shelf

Christmas in the Sunroom

Rounding off our Christmas home tour is our sunroom with it’s beautiful treetop views.

Our Japanese maple tree is the best decoration for the holidays. Each December the leaves change to a beautiful vibrant red.

It’s the perfect Christmas touch to our indoor holiday decor provided by Mother Nature herself.

As usual I hung a wreath in each window, 8 in total, with the same green velvet ribbon I used in the dining room. Check out my genius trick for hanging indoor wreaths.

sunroom decorated for Christmas with wreaths hanging in windows

A pompom throw and a couple of green velvet pillows make this sunny space feel Christmas cozy.

This room is small so decor is kept to a minimum but I was able to add a small tree with dried orange slice ornaments and a family of reindeer.

3 metal reindeer on wood bench

We are really enjoying our little Christmas cottage this year. Well actually we were enjoying it until I had to pack everything away.

We sold our house and will be moving right after New Year’s so this will be our last Christmas in our wee stone cottage. I’ll catch you up on all the details soon.

In the meantime… happy holidays to you from Roger and me!!!