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Fall Front Porch Decor

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Easy fall front porch decor ideas using natural elements.

Fall is in full swing which means the front porch has gone under a little transformation (actually a couple of transformations).

I haven’t done a lot of decorating but I did attempt a fall tablescape (a rare occurrence in our house) and glammed up some faux pumpkins. 

Today we’re moving outside to the front porch (where it was 90º yesterday).

pumpkins on front porch

If you’re new to Chatfield Court, and even if you’re not, thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited to share my fall front porch with you today!

I’ve been dragging my feet and not wanting to decorate for fall this year but once I got started on the front porch, it was hard to stop.

I actually ended up changing things around after I had everything set up and photographed.

Yes, I’m crazy like that. Maybe it’s the heat.

front porch fall decor with wicker chairs and blue and white pillows

I still have some of the same things out here that I had out all summer, like the pillows and the throw.

The biggest change is the addition of all of the pumpkins and mums.

front porch fall decor with blue front door and lots of pumpkins and mums spread around

It’s hard to say how long they’ll last in this hot weather we’re having but they look good right now.

I think my mums lasted all of 3 weeks last year so this year I just picked up 4 small ones.

green and orange pumpkin

How can you resist all of the pretty pumpkins that you can find in stores and farmer’s markets now.

Not only can you find the traditional orange but there’s so many other colors available, including beautiful greens and blush colored pumpkins.

pumpkin stacked on another pumpkin with yellow mums on either side
orange pumpkin with burgundy and yellow mums

Of course I had to have sunflowers out here. I love to see them around the cottage in the fall.

Actually, I love to see them anytime of year but they always say fall to me.

pitcher of sunflower and eucalyptus on old wooden table

I made the sunflower wreath in the beginning of the summer and I was going to switch it out but decided to save some time, and money, and kept it out.

So, my first arrangement was with the pumpkins and mums on either side of the door.

front porch fall decor with blue front door, black and white rug and lots of pumpkins and mums spread around

Then I started rearranging and ended up planting the mums in my planter and bringing that back in.

This arrangement is better for getting in and out of the door.

front porch fall decor with a planter filled with mums and pumpkins on a bottom shelf

I love this too.

Now if I can convince the hubs to help me switch out that ugly storm door for the beautiful wood one I have in my door stash, we’d be all set.

Sigh…maybe next fall.

yellow mum and decorative kale in planter
burgundy mum and pumpkins with white dog in background

Thanks for stopping by our fall front porch.

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