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Decorating for Fall on a Budget – 5 Thrifty Ideas

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Decorating for Fall on a budget with 5 of my favorite DIY thrifty ideas.

Soon it will be time to think of Christmas but fall is still happening here at the cottage.

I haven’t done a lot of decorating this year but the fall front porch is all set, as well as the dining table.

The rest of the house though, has only seen a few fall touches.

So, instead of sharing the bits and pieces of fall I have scattered around, I thought it would be fun to share some of my past thrifty fall decor projects.

collage of thrifty fall DIY projects

How can you decorate for fall cheap?

With these 5 easy fall decorating ideas that you can make.

1.  10 Minute Fall Decor 

This quick craft was so easy to do and, with the addition of flowers, an inexpensive faux pumpkin was transformed into a beautiful centerpiece.

faux pumpkin, razor knife, and small mason jar

2.  Dollar Store Pumpkins

This is one of my favorite fall projects.

I love anything plaid, and blue, for fall so this turned out to be a perfect fall addition to my decor.

Not only was it cute but it was ridiculously cheap because we used Dollar Store pumpkins.

removing stem from faux pumpkin

3.  Easy Fall Centerpiece

This project was a happy accident and I love how it turned out.

Oh and it didn’t cost me a lot to pull it all together (are we seeing a trend here?).

vintage wooden mirror propped up against couch

4.  Mini Pumpkin Makeovers

What do you get when you gather some faux mini pumpkins and all of your paint supplies together?

You get some cool, custom-made mini pumpkins.

paint supplies and mini faux pumpkins on towel on dining table

5.  Rustic Candle Holders

I love to use things found in nature and these birch logs were perfect for this project (and we made them so can use them 2 different ways).

end of a birch log with hole cut in the center

You can also spend zero dollars and go with a few clipped branches from a tree (I’ve done this several times).

I love free!

Fall decorating isn’t about spending a lot of money and decorating every inch of the house.

It’s about adding warmth and coziness to your home as the season changes.

So tell me…how do you decorate for fall on a budget?


  1. Debbie Downs says:

    I recently subscribed to your posts. I really enjoy looking at them but… I hate all the ads in the middle of the posts. I don’t mind them on the side, unless they have movement in them. None of them hold my interest and I find them very annoying. Just thought you’d be interested in some feedback. I know it’s how you make money off the posts but it makes me not want to subscribe..

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for subscribing. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on in-content ads (and doing it in a civil manner). 🙂 I completely understand what you are saying about them. If truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the in-content ones either but… My ads are the only income I get from doing the blog. I’m not making enough for all of the hours I put into it but that income does help with my expenses. That being said, I will definitely take your comment to heart and look at my ads to see if I can improve reader experience. Thank you again for your feedback. I hope you enjoy Chatfield Court.

  2. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I really don’t do much, a few pumpkins,gourds, and leaves i pressed in waxed paper in a book, and some dried flowers and that is all.I need to change out my pillow covers,i have been gone since the eighth and just got back. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thanks Marlene! I kept it light this year too. Before you know it we will be talking Christmas decor. Time definitely moves fast. 🙂

  3. Debbie Halcomb says:

    I used to decorate for the holidays but since downsizing I have gotten rid of everything. I am slowly getting back into decorating though, but inexpensive and simple, easy to store items. My favorite of the 5 are the mini pumpkins followed by the birch candle holders. I haven’t had family over for Thanksgiving in more than a decade. I lost my mind and volunteered this year. Yikes. I will be looking at some of your simple diys for ideas. Love your blog Kristi.

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie! I always appreciate your continued support.

      Wow, I’m so happy to hear that you are hosting Thanksgiving. Good for you! I’m sure it will be nice to send it with family.

  4. I’m not big on interior seasonal decorating (except for Christmas). I don’t enjoy the getting-out-then-having-to-put-away side of it, so I normally confine my fall decor to my small front porch and nearby flower/shrub bed. A fall wreath on the door, an old wicker chair in the corner of the porch for a stuffed scarecrow, a small bale of straw, a couple of pumpkins and bright colored mums nearby in the flower bed.
    At a certain point, freezing temps kill the mums, the pumpkins rot and the straw is used in shelters on my back deck for my feral cats. The wreath, scarecrow and chair are stored in the garage just off the porch, so none of it ever makes it into the house, so no cleanup, and no taking up storage space inside. Definitely not blog-worthy like your ideas, but ease and simplicity are top of the list when you’re 76.

    1. It sounds like you still get into the fall spirit. I’m usually more into fall but I’m just not feeling it this year. When you have a blog the decorating and undecorating can be a drag. Hopefully I snap out of it for the holiday season. It’s coming fast and I decorate early (again,for the blog). Thanks for sharing, Pat. I always enjoy hearing what you all do for the seasons/holidays. 🙂

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